Thursday, 31 December 2015

Blue to Green gradient eyes and lunch at Spruce Phoenix Park!

New friends, food and fun! This post is actually very very late as the gorgeous lunch session you're about to see took places several months back in May. It was to be the first of many more meet ups with my lovely girlfriend who I got to know from work. It's an unlikely thing for a personality like myself to come across any girls who are similar in the sense that I can literally talk non-stop (except when I'm eating and no present) especially when it comes to topics and opinions that jive with me. This lovely gal I met through my work place and since this first proper meet up outside of work, we've formed a good friendship also with two other gal pals at work and all four of us try to meet up with each other whenever we can!

Here we met up with another ex-colleague at his new work place at the time, Spruce restaurant which is a very well to do eatery that has a few outlets in Singapore. Their menu is small, of great quality and the ambience is just fantastic! Of course we also had great conversation which at the time I hadn't had a in LONG ASS WHILE!

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Blue to Green gradient eyes and lunch at Spruce!

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Review: 4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!

Get colorful with the Impressionists palette! When I was in Bangkok some time ago I made it a point as I always do to check out the make up stores! I always check out the supermarkets, small free standing shops and drugstores as they carry so many more brands and so much more variety than Singapore's drugstores! A store that I totally recommend and am dying to visit again is Beautrium which is where I got this gorgeous palette! They carry drugstore brands from America, Japan, Europe, Thailand and more! 

There were three variations of this palette in store and at the time I wasn't looking for neutrals so I ignored the all neutral one and also wasn't interested in the neutral/colorful palette so I picked this bright one up as I didn't have that many colorful shades in my collection and the swatches were to die for!

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4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Special: First proper Halloween Trick or Treating with the Boyfriend's family!

Halloween 2015 Special! Yes, I know Halloween has long come and past but I didn't get around to writing up my post until now! The photos are all from the 31st itself when I joined my boyfriend, his brother and dad on their first trick or treating around a neighborhood in north Singapore that has its roads closed off every year for about the last decade in Singapore just for on October 31! It's the only place in Singapore where you can actually go trick or treating as if your kids showed up at any random homes around Singapore on Halloween day, nobody will have candy, treats or anything to give you because it's not something practiced here at all!

I've gone trick or treating only once ever in my life before this and it was at an apartment compound I stayed at where many of the residents agreed to give out treats. For this occasion I knew I wanted to do a special make up look and after a quick search for inspiration I settled on a ventriloquist doll look!

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Halloween special! My ventriloquist doll make up and proper trick or treating!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Review: Honey Color Neo Cosmo and Beaucon lenses! (brown, hazel, green, gray)

Colored contact lenses! I'm pretty sure that although it's quite obvious in my FOTDs and make up looks that I wear clear regular contacts, it's not often that you'll see me wearing colored contacts on the blog. The same goes for in real life, I don't wear them often although there was a time when I was younger that I did wear colored contacts on a daily basis! In the middle of last year I did a haul of 4 pairs of colors lenses when there was a big sale, all of natural looking designs from the website called "Honey Color" and if I'm not wrong their stock of products are based in Malaysia.

I've always loved 'natural' looking colored contacts, especially hazels and greens. I've even worn bright turquoise colored lenses before which I do miss and may purchase again in the near future! Since I never made the haul post last year, here it is together with my review of all four pairs!

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 Honey Color Neo Cosmo and Beaucon lenses! (brown, hazel, green, gray)

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Deepen purple taupe smokey eyes using Urban Decay's Smoked palette!

Purple taupe smokey eyes! Whenever I hear "smokey" I either think of meat like BBQ or grilled meats or make up looks! I mean, I literally can't help thinking of eyeshadow looks! I tend to always go for a brown smokey eye but recently have been practicing my black smokey eye which has been going really well. However I wouldn't do such a dark look often for daily wear and even for special occasions I prefer something with more complexity like what I did in this post!

I used the shades from my favorite Urban Decay Smoked palette and created this purple toned taupe smokey eye look! Not your typical brown, gray or black smokey look but just as gorgeous and super wearable for any occasion! Check out my review of the Urban Decay Smoked Palette here!

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Deepen purple taupe smokey eyes using Urban Decay's Smoked palette!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Thai food at Nakhon Kitchen, desserts at Hatter Street and Chinatown!

Food and friends! I'm sure many of you would agree that nothing is better than food and friends! The older I get I realize how precious time is and as it turns out, when ever the opportunity does come to meet up/catch up with friends it's usually done over a meal or some coffee. Some months ago in the summer before schools and university normally begins my boyfriend and I met up with an old favorite teacher of ours and a friend from school who was visiting Singapore! 

We meet up and went to have a delicious thai meal at a place that I'd heard so much about but never visited yet! Nakhon Kitchen is known for affordable and super authentic thai food and it did not disappoint! It was so great just to be able to chat non-stop about the going ons, asking each other how we've been doing and what's been going on as it's been years since we all were in the same space!

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Delicious thai food at Nakhon Kitchen! Nothing better than good food and old friends!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Review: Laneige Moisture New Essential Care Trial Set! (6 piece mini sized)

Laneige Moisture New Essential Care Trial! Laneige has been a very mainstream korean brand in Asia and in the last few years has gotten plenty of attention in other countries too! I remember using the water sleeping pack a year before Laneige even was sold in Singapore at all as my mom purchased it in-flight! For those unaware, almost every year around year end Laneige carries a set of mini sized products from their moisture line. In the past I'd bought a set for a beauty blogger friend but it was a larger set where a few of the products were much larger than those in this set.

For those who are keen on trying products from this line, do jump on the opportunity if you manage to spot this set! It's an amazing value for money and you get quite a few products to try out instead of just 3 or 4 products like many small sets.

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Laneige Moisture New Essential Care Trial Set! (Cleanser, skin refiner, balancing emulsion, water bank essence, water sleeping pack, water bank moisture cream)

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Review: Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!

BB & CC Powder Foundation! For those who haven't been to Bangkok, it's basically affordable pressed powder heaven! When I do visit Bangkok, I buy at least 6 pressed powder foundations as they are so cheap compared to Singapore at around 100-250 Thai Baht which is around $4-10 Singapore dollars. Considering that my holy grail and most favorite refillable 9 gram pan of powder from ZA cost $18 SGD the prices of the powders in Thailand are just irresistible! I'm somehow who always sets my liquid foundations or has a powder on my face since Singapore is so hot and humid.

Whilst shopping around in Bangkok, I picked up pressed powders mostly from local Thai brands, one being Natriv. Luckily for me all the local brands sell 2-3 shades when it comes to powder and I always manage to easily buy powders to match my complexion.

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Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Special: Daiso Japanese two dollar store make up look! (mini reviews)

Beauty products at Daiso! Here in Singapore Daiso is a very popular value store from Japan where everything is $2 Singapore dollars! From food, ceramics, gardening equipment, household needs, crafts and even beauty products and accessories they seem to have almost everything! I'm pretty sure that everyone visits daiso for certain things much like my family regularly purchases large packs of wet wipes and small charcoal purifiers!

In terms of beauty goods, they're very well known for their sponge detergent which is a fabulous brush cleaner as well as other cheap products which aren't half bad. So far I've only ever bought make up sponges, false lashes and the liquid cleaner so I decided to go ahead and all the products I'll need for a complete face of make up to try!

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Special: Daiso Japanese two dollar store make up products and look!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Holiday Special: Day 7and 8 in Bali, Indonesia! (April 2015)

Balinese cuisine and beautiful Ubud! For those who have followed this is the final installment in my Bali holiday travels posts! There are four other installments before this one of my various days in Bali earlier this year when I went on holiday with my boyfriend. Our one week holiday on the gorgeous Island was split between staying mostly in the busy tourist packed Kuta area and then the quiet more culturally rich center of the Island Ubud.

Ubud is much further inland but still has plenty for tourist to visit, experience and enjoy. Bali is a huge Island and I really do wish we had a few more days to explore and visit more! There is so much rich tradition, history and places to visit, let along delicious amazing local food which we manged to try a bit of while in Ubud!

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Day 7and 8 in Bali, Indonesia! Balinese cuisine at Ibu Oka and Bebek Bengil! (April 2015)

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Food Post: All things eaten at home and out during September! (Indian, sichuan chinese, chocolate chip cookies)

All types of delicious food! Yet again, I present to everyone shots of meals I ate from September! I've been  a bit behind on my food posts but here we are! I've been making an effort to not only eat things I haven't eaten in a while but also trying out places I usually don't eat at! My boyfriend and I had some delicious sichuan chinese food, local indian food as well as gorgeous home baked goodies!

If you're currently hungry or craving a snack, do be warned! This post is full of home made meals, close up shots and mouth watering yummies! I eat everything from the healthy, the normal and the terrible for you so look forward to a bit of everything!

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Things eaten at home and out during September! Indian, sichuan, local singapore food)

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Peacock feather inspired makeup and a Korean dinner with ex-classmates!

Peacock eyes and delicious Korean fried chicken! For those who didn't know, I love love the color scheme of peacock feathers and mermaid's tails! I love jewel tones especially when it comes to blues, purples and teals! If I could I'd wear those colors all the time on my eyes but since I can't I do pull them out on special occasions or times when I've got the extra time to invest in a fancier eye look! 

On this occasion I met up with some ex-classmates for the biggest gathering we've had since we all went our own ways last year! Our class compromised of just under twenty people but quite a few of them are either always very busy with work or aren't in the country. We all visited an ex-classmates' newly opened restaurant here in Singapore called, "Twins". His twin brother and himself are korean and their place has a menu of various korean style fried chicken and other popular dishes!

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Peacock feather inspired eyelook and trying out Twins korean fried chicken with ex-classmates!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Rave Review: Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711, OR313 & VI305!

Creamy, colorful, shimmery perfection! I've become a huge user and fan of cream shadows from all walks of price point! I've tried the inexpensive ones from maybelline, other asian brands, Kiko and now I've had the chance to own several from Shiseido! These bad boys were on my radar for some time, they were not a must-buy but when I was on holiday last year in Bandung, Indonesia with my boyfriend we were in a big mall and when I realized that these were cheaper I just had to get two...and then I went back and got one more!

If you're a fan of creamy, smooth, fine shimmer and you love waterproof eyeshadow do continue below for the swatches and my review! Check my holiday in Bandung Indonesia (check out here) and the beauty, skincare and food items I hauled from the trip (check out here)!

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Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711 (blue), OR313 (peach) & VI305 (purple)!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Review: Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!

Skin Balancing Compact! For all those ladies who have viewed many of my make up looks or the beauty hauls where I've purchased powders like a crack addict, it'd be no surprise how much I love powders! Given that Singapore is so humid and hot and you're bound to break a sweat or two or a thousand in a day even if you're just inside a building, to me it's crucial to have a powder for touching up and for setting my base!

The purchase of this powder was made at Sasa last year after I had received a $30 voucher for purchasing skincare or cosmetics from certain brands in their store for my birthday month. I took the time looking around the shop but nothing really stood out so I decided it's not a bad idea to get a powder since I go through them very quickly!

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Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Special: Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! (2015)

Happy Halloween everyone! For those who are in America and Canada I'm sure that Halloween is quite a big deal as well as a tradition and fun occasion for families! I only knew about this celebration growing up because I had many American teachers at the International Schools I attended. Halloween isn't anywhere as relevant in Asia in general and if you go knocking on people's door for candy probably 9/10 people will not have any treats to give to trick-o-treaters!

Halloween and all the knick knacks that go with it such as costumes, accessories, themed treats and events are now much more common in Asia but recently I'm most impressed by the gals on youtube who do amazingly artistic make up looks for the occasion! I was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra look and decided to go just go all out and create my version of a Cleopatra look!

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Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! Blue eyes, gold pop and dramatic eyeliner!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Rave Review: MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!

Bring me that Love Joy! When I was younger I was under the impression that in order to say that you had "good make up" you had to have make up from MAC cosmetics! I'm not saying now that they're not good but I still don't own anything much from them just because buying MAC here isn't very convenient and is quite costly. I used to own a few single shadows but that was a long time ago and since then I've been wanting to try their bases however this mineralize blush and another in the shade 'gentle' (my review here) were purchases I made last year at the Singapore Airport!

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MAC's Mineralize Blush in Love Joy!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Food Post: What I ate during for the month of August! (local Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Tacos)

Yummy, Nommy, Food! Everything delicious or that looks delicious usually tempts me in someway or another but I'll admit I've always been a sucker for savory foods more so than sweet treats! Those who have been following me for a while or who have seen my 'food posts' or posts of days out will know that I love taking photos food. I don't photograph everything though, I find it pointless to photograph everything I eat as not everything is worth documenting or sharing (but I know some people who do!!).

This food post is quite delayed as it's for the month of August! I had so many great food days in August from eating local chinese food at a new coffeeshop near my home, Thai food, really good Japanese, home made tacos, frozen pizzas and more!

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Chinese from Crystal Jade: Braise beef noodle soup, mushrooms and broccoli, sweet and sour pork, charsiew noodle soup and har gao dumplings! Everything was great but we wished the portions were bigger!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Review: Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise!

Gateau Framboise on your eyes! For those who have been reading my reviews for a while, it's no surprise that I've had a love with Canmake's single blushes for years. It's hard to resist the girly, young and princess vibes that the brand gives off in general and even now I'm a fan. I've also tried their trio eyeshadow in the past as well as most recently their "Strong Eyes Liner" which was really good and I'm still currently using.

This eyeshadow palette was kindly provided to me by a local company which has an online shop called 'T-Supply Company" , they carry a modest range of make up products, accessories as well as health supplements! If you reside in Singapore do check them out as there will be a discount code I'll be sharing in this review!

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 Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Mega Empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! (Jan to July 2015)

Super empties time! Many of us beauty crazed ladies find a certain sense of pleasure when we hit pan, finish up and throw out a product! I've really been doing a really good job the last year making sure to use up products before buying new ones to add to my collection. Today's post is a compilation of beauty and skincare products which I've either used up or cleared out. I've got so much in this post so do expect the same amount of empties that some people might throw out in a few years!

Feel free to scroll through my post just to see what I've thrown out! I don't expect people to read everything I've written when it comes to a mega empties post but if you are keen on how I felt about the individual products I have very briefs notes below!

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Mega empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! (Maybelline, Biore, Innisfree, Clean&Clear, Daiso, Bourjois, Canmake, Urban Decay, Aqua label)

Friday, 16 October 2015

Rave Review: Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!

Les 4 Ombres Tisse Rivoli! Oh you guys have no clue how happy I've been with this high end baby in my claws! I've ever only owned high end eyeshadows through palettes from duty free but never just a palette which I've been craving forever! I always tend to hold off buying anything so that I can actually make the most informed decision in terms of which colors I want as I tend to look at swatches and WANT EVERYTHING! Chanel's quads were no exception, I wasn't sure which one to go for until I swatched them in person at the airport and Sephora.

I decided to go with the gorgeous neutral quad tisse rivoli as I was so impressed by the dimensions of the colors in person and felt that I could never get sick of reaching out for these four shades. Although I'm someone who really likes colors I realized neutrals would be used more and I want to use my high end products and not let me sit in storage!

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Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Haul: Clothes and my Birthday drugstore haul! (New Look, H&M, Zara)

Repurchases, pretty clothes and new bits! I'm very happy to report that for the last few months I've really held back on shopping for clothes, make up and skincare! The most major purchases I've made are from the last month (august being my birthday month) where I got some new clothing bits from here and there as well as a nice big shop at my favorite drugstore Watsons here in Singapore!

I always look forward every year to a big shop at Watsons during August as being my birthday month, my first purchase will get lots of extra points which I like to save up and spend later! This year's Watsons shop compromised of mainly repurchases and back ups with a few new items!

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Clothes and my Birthday drugstore haul! (New Look, H&M, Zara, Watsons)

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Review: Maybelline Pure BB Mineral BB Compact in 02 Natural!

Mineral BB Compact! Here in Asia we do get some interesting versions and releases of products that are asia exclusive although we get about 1/10 of the permanent products that the big drugstore brands carry and sell in the US/UK/Australia. Most everyone by now has either heard of, tried or owns BB creams and products.

 Maybelline in Asia has released various BB type products from powders, cream foundation, stick foundation and gels! When this cream compact was released more than a year ago I jumped at the chance to try it as I'd never own a compact cream foundation before and thought I'd give it a shot.

Continue below for the review of the BB compact!
Maybelline Pure BB Mineral BB Compact in 02 Natural!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Rave Review: Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!

Get your Blush On! Blush, rouge, color for the cheeks...whatever you call this stuff of magic, I LOVE blush and never thought when I was younger that I be such a blush fiend and addict! Those who are familiar with my make up looks would know how much I love my rouge and how I like to sculpt my face with blush instead of contour or highlight. Here I bring to my blog literally one of the best blush buys I've ever made. Purchase while on holiday with my boyfriend in his hometown Bandung, Indonesia, this palette has full sized blushes and cost the equivalent of one blush in Singapore!

I've always been jealous of how my neighboring countries like Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia all have lots of local make up and skincare brands. This brand which I came across 'Make Over' has an amazing range of brightly colored eyehsadows and lots of range in all their other categories of make up! I just couldn't resist walking into their stand alone store and browse leading to this!

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Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sheer tropical fruit inspired eye! (lime green, orange, lilac, cranberry)

Light, bright and tropical! I'm definitely one who enjoys playing with color and I like everything from bright to bold to dark to fun! Some time ago I wanted something green and orange but also wanted it to be wearable for the daytime and so I ended up creating this easy to wear colorful look. For me, there never is a wrong time to wear colors on the eyes, it's really up to how you apply them which makes them more suited for day or night. My entire eye look is done with shimmery shadows but I've used shadows with a nice fine shimmer so that it doesn't look too shimmery/chunky in the day time.

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Sheer tropical fruit inspired eye! (lime green, orange, lilac, cranberry)

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Rave Review: Peripera Summer Sunny Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner Kit!

Summer Sunny Pencil Gel Liner! Anyone who has issues with eyeliner lasting even an hour in their waterline will understand my problems with eyeliners! I love eyeliner in the waterline but I rarely wear any as my waterline tends to be super watery and I tear up all the time when on public transport or when I yawn. I'm not crying but my eyes just tear up so regularly...whether I'm wearing contact lenses or not, make up or eyes refuse to keep dry! Therefore I've had quite a tough time buying eyeliners, even Urban Decay's eyeliners don't last more than an hour in my waterline on good days without fading at least a third off!

The best luck I have with eyeliners have been from asian brands and are gel eyeliners, not just simply a regular pencil eyeliner. My holy grail eyeliner that actually lasts or fades off without any smudging is from Clio so I figured I'd give this set from the korean brand Peripera which I found online from my favorite seller Best Price Breezy at!

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Peripera Summer Sunny Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner Kit!
(champagne gold, jade green, glitz blue, night purple, sparkle black)

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Special: Second Beauty Blogger meet up with Pam from Jade in the Palace!

Beauty Blogger meet up! For all you guys who have been with me and my blog for a while you might have seen that a few years back Pam from Jade in the Palace came to visit Singapore and we managed to meet up! From before our first meet up till now, we both frequent each others blogs and I can say are beauty blogger buddies in person! She's a lovely person and actually the only other beauty blogger I've met in person!  (Check out our first meet up here!)

She had a very short trip yet again to Singapore just a few months back and we spent an evening together in town! I accompanied Pam to some shops and we went looking for some products she was keen on finding. Unfortunately we didn't find them all but she had already done most of her shopping earlier. We ended up having breakfast for dinner at Wild Honey restaurant which is a really popular spot in Orchard Road!

Continue below for our lovely meet up!
Beauty Blogger meet up in Singapore with Pam from Jade in the Palace!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Summer Skincare 2015: Products I'm using right now!

Summertime skincare! Yes, I know..."summer" technically is way over and many of you may be living in places where you're currently enjoying fall or autumn weather! However over here in sunny little Singapore we experience hot, humid, sunny weather all year round. Currently temperatures are usually 27-36 C and humidity is above 50% so it usually feels warmer than the actual temperature! I will never stop complaining about how hot and humid it gets because that's literally the main reason why many ladies don't wear or don't wear much make up here as we perspire like crazy and tend to have oilier skin in this climate!

Here I have an overview of the skincare/hair care products that I've been using the last few months and am currently using! For the most part my skincare stays pretty much the same all year round. I don't have any major changes due to the climate and my skin needs being the same most of the time.

Continue below for my skincare overview!
Summer Skincare 2015: Products I'm using right now!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Review: Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!

Whip out that Cheek Stick! Today I'm bringing the first of several reviews I have on products from the Japanese brand Addiction by Ayako. It's a much lesser known brand which I have had the privilege of trying and owning thanks to my best friend who's living in Japan currently and she sent  items to me that I asked her to help me get! I'm really not a lipstick lover and neither have I tried more than 2 cream blushes so far however I was totally intrigued by the cheek stick product which is for both the lips and cheeks despite looking soley like a lipstick!

My best friend helped my order this item from a local japanese website, if you are keen on any Addiction products check out as they carry a great range of drugstore to high end products some of which are difficult to find outside of Japan. All prices include world wide shipping!

Continue below for the review!
Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mini Haul: Innisfree and Anna Sui!

Mini K-beauty haul with Innisfree! After months of really having my beauty and skincare shopping under tight control the two months have seen some lovely hauls in the beauty/skincare department as there have been great summer time sales and my birthday was in August (and of course I was entitled to some shopping)! In this post I bring a small haul from the very affordable korean brand Innisfree which has multiple free standing stores here in Singapore.

I went into Innisfree with the goal of buying hydrogel masks if they had any and a new milky type of moisturizing lotion to replace the ones I've been using from Hada Labo and Aqua Label for years as I feel ready to try something different! Unfortunately (but actually NOT so unfortunately) I ended up getting a few more extra things, a nice freebie set and later in the day I finally bought something I've been lusting after for years!

Continue below for my lovely haul!
Mini Haul: Innisfree and Anna Sui! (hydro gel masks, mineral shadows, lotion, Anna Sui blush)

Friday, 11 September 2015

Holiday Special: Day 6 The Mulia & Rock Bar in Bali, Indonesia! (April 2015)

Sunday at The Mulia and Rock Bar by Ayana Resort! The next installment of my gorgeous vacation in Bali is here! Today I bring to my blog day 6 of my holiday which I took with my boyfriend at the end of April. Like any smart traveler, I did plenty of research and decided that I wanted us to indulge in a fancy hotel brunch since we had a Sunday on the island. Also after being told that I HAD TO visit the rock bar, I googled it and told my boyfriend it was on our 'must do' list whilst in Bali!

I have absolutely no regrets having to book a driver to bring us more than an hour and a half all the way to The Mulia Resort to have their famous Sunday brunch at the Soleil restaurant. Despite the variety of food being half the size of Sunday brunches at similar hotels in Singapore like the Ritz Carlton, the quality and most important level of service and attentiveness was beyond any experience back in Singapore! The Rock Bar too was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I wish we could be teleported back on days where I want somewhere to chill, think about life and having awesome cocktails and finger food. 

Continue below to check the beauty and deliciousness!
Day 6 of my holiday in Bali Indonesia! Beautiful brunch at The Mulia Resort and an afternoon at the famous Rock Bar at Ayana Resort!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Rave Review: Catrice Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue!

Sunrose Avenue we go! Those who have read my blush reviews may know that I've reviewed quite a few of the single defining blushes from Catrice. This brand, a european drugstore brand became avalible a few years ago and sells such a wide and amazingly range of products for half of the price of regular drugstore names in Singapore like Maybelline, revlon and so on. I've fallen madly in love with these blushes given their price, colors and quality.

This shade was the last shade I added to my collection of a total of 5 single blushes from Catrice. The moment I swatched this shade I knew it was going to be to love! Those keen on seeing my Catrice blush collection (check out here!)

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Catrice Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Food Post: Meals eaten for June 2015! (ox tail soup, mee rebus, BBQ)

Grilled prawns, mee rebus and soup buntut! June was not just an amazingly fruitful baking month when I managed to bake a few lovely cakes and cookies with my new stand mixer...I also got plenty of cooking done with my boyfriend! The majority of the meals I share tend to be ones that I've either made for the family or made with le boyfriend! June was a delicious month trying out some new dishes both at home and outside.

June was a month where my appetite for many favorites got satiated! From trying a new burger place, to a yummy fried katsu lunch, a meal at chinatown and some delicious home made meals!

Continue below for my delicious month!
Meals eaten for June 2015! (ox tail soup, mee rebus, beef wraps, japanese tonkatsu, home BBQ)

Friday, 28 August 2015

Review: Little Lady Rich Black Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Black!

Rich Black Liquid Eyeliner? Liquid eyeliner is a total staple when I do eye make up. For those who have been reading my blog for a while or those who have seen my make up looks, I almost always am sporting liquid eyeliner! I've been testing this particular one for more than three months now and unlike other new ones I've tried in the last year this one has been giving me a lot of trouble!

My favorite liquid pen eyeliner which I consistently repurchase or have a back up of is Kiss Me Heroine's Smooth Liquid Liner Eyeliner! What I look for in a liquid eyeliner is ease of use, solid black color, fast drying and a formula that will lasts through the humidity and heat!

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Little Lady Rich Black Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Black!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Special: My 21st Birthday! (korean BBQ, pusheen cake, dim sum)

Happy birthday to me! My birthday was earlier this month on the 3rd of August and it was monday! I did my primary 'celebrations' by spending time with the family the day before my actual birthday on Sunday which was also the day I picked up my much awaited custom cake! I really would have loved having a party or get together with friends but besides being generally harder to get friends together as we get older, it's even harder for me as 99% of my friends from school are all over the world as I didn't study and live in Singapore growing up. 

Being a TCK or Third Culture Kid makes having many long term friendships or reunions rare although it doesn't hurt at all when people come and go. We're so used to short term friends and moving around! Having moved back to Singapore in 2010 I have awesome friends from school and colleagues from work but a party wasn't on my planner this year due to so many things going on.

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My 21st birthday celebrations with family!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Tag: 15 weird facts tag!

Bring out that inner weirdo people! Today I bring to my blog yet another fun tag! I've been browsing other people's blogs just looking for tags and this one seemed like an easy enough to answer and light hearted one! My so called 'weird' answers actually aren't very weird or strange actually so please don't be too dissappointed! You're definitely not going to find out that I have a second vagina, like eating candle wax or that I can balance bananas on my nose!

I really hope everyone enjoys my answers to this tag and I've listed all the questions at the end so do feel free to copy and paste and do this tag too!

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I was trying to find a more fun or interesting first photo but searching 'weirdo' or 'weird people' in google images is really....not productive. (Link to source here)

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Review: Cathy Doll Gluta Arbutin Peeling Gel Ocean Salt Essence!

Scrub up with Ocean Salt Essence! For those who didn't know or didn't see my travel posts, when I went to Bangkok back in January of this year I headed straight to my favorite korean beauty shop Karmart! They stock a few popular korean brands as well as the Thai brand 'Cathy Doll' which has many of their products produced in Korea! I'm absolutely a lover of Cathy Doll as they carry so many interesting skincare products, everything which is so damn affordable!

Karmart has now expanded their online store from just being for thailand to websites several region countries (check out their site here). To check out their full range on their Thai webstore just click 'continue' without choosing a country. The Singapore site has a very small range of products but I'd totally recommend checking it out or the local shops listed carrying their products! The best of course would be to buy when visiting Bangkok!
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Cathy Doll Gluta Arbutin Peeling Gel Ocean Salt Essence!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Monday funday pot luck lunch with the girls!

Pot luck lunch with the girls! The last few years of my life have lacked gatherings and meals with friends and when my colleagues from my work decided to unanimously to gather for a lunch back in June we all agreed on doing a pot luck! It was such a nice day spending girl time for the first time in a while and despite being such a sociable and friendly person I've rarely gone out with friends! We all looked so forward to the lunch and boy was it a great day spent with some of the loveliest girls I've come to know!

Besides being our first gathering, it was also a mini belated birthday celebration and I made it a point to bake a chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting in the middle which was the birthday girl's favorite flavor! The cake was a first for me but with the help of my boyfriend it turned out amazing!!

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Monday funday featuring a pot luck lunch with the girls!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Poreless White Cake Powder in 03 Natural!

Smooth BB Silk Poreless powder! Maybelline in Asia does come up with quite a few interesting products that cater to asian beauty trends/ideals. From eyeliner for highlighter the inner corners of the eyes, to only waterproof mascaras to asian style false lashes and lots of BB products like foundations, creams and powders! This powder is not yet sold in Singapore and I bought this while on holiday last year in Bandung, Indonesia at a pharmacy. 

Indonesia carries a larger range of products from all of the regular drugstore brands as well as many of their own local brands of skincare/beauty which I had so much fun browsing! This powder caught my eye as it was so silky smooth when I tested it in store and being a powder fiend I had to get it!

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Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Silk Poreless White Cake Powder in 03 Natural!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Review: White Formula Intense Brightening Toner with Tranexamic Acid!

Need an 'Intense Brightening Toner'? For the majority of ladies having 'good' skin is important and when I say 'good' in Asia it usually refers to skin that's smooth and light in color. Another huge thing is skin that lacks pigmentation spots and scars which is of no surprise to me! Growing up the ladies in my family were always using skincare and people in the media usually had great fair complexions!

'Tranexamic Acid' has been an ingredient used in several asian brands which I've used that is meant to prevent melanin production and hence preventing new unwanted hyper pigmentation. Since I'm a huge user of toners and I do want to prevent pigmentation spots I decided to give this a go!

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White Formula Intense Brightening Toner with Tranexamic Acid!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Food Post: Things baked at home for June 2015! (strawberry shortcake, rainbow cookies)

Cakes and cookies! Most of you probably don't know but I finally got a stand mixer two months back! It was one of the cheapest at the appliances section and I figured that since I will not be planning to make anything fancy or complicated I didn't want my family to pay several hundred dollars. The month of June was a super fruitful one with the help of my boyfriend of course! Together we made some really yummy baked items!

Believe me when I say this was the first time I've NOT had to cream butter and sugar or whip cream by hand as we've never owned any kind of mixer, hand or stand! Even the most simple bakery tasks had to be done by hand and so now things are so much easier and faster!

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Things baked at home for June! Strawberry shortcake, chocolate chip cookies, rainbow cookies, salted caramel chocolate cake!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup!

Get your 'Naked Skin' on! I've wanted to try this foundation from Urban Decay since it came out several years ago. I just love the packaging and the range and tones of colors they had. Since my skin has been pretty much clear with the rare blemish now and again the last few years I had no worries getting this as it's a base known to be best worn on skin that doesn't need much coverage. I mean, I guess it's called "Naked" for a reason!

This was part of my first Sephora beauty haul back at the end of last year! (See the haul here) Items in Sephora in Singapore tend to be quite marked up and hence it's taken me this long to buy things from them despite being okay with dropping a ton of money in the pharmacy for make up all the time!
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Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup in shade 3.0!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Special: Geylang Serai Hari Raya Baazar 2015! (Food, drink, snacks, shopping)

Belated Happy Hari Raya Puasa! That's what the locals in Singapore say to celebrate the end of ramadan month or their religious fasting month! The end of ramadan was on friday 17th July. Having visited this very popular large temporary bazaar located next to Paya Lebar MRT station a few times the last two years I decided this year to visit a couple times to cover all the delicious food on offer!

In the past I made visits to this bazaar market but only at night and with friends. This year I made it a point to go several times in order to eat everything they had to offer as there are new stalls every year! As the market is only open during the fasting month, one week in, there was already news and photos on social media circulating of the new stalls and food items sold this year! I was super excited and this year's bazaar was really a treat!

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Visiting the annual Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar! Ramly burgers, coconut ice cream, churros, chilli fries, durian, thai food and so much more!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Coffee and cake meet up and dinner in Chinatown!

Coffee, cake and catching up! Back a few years ago when my family and I returned to Singapore permanently after having lived in several countries in asia I arrived back at my home city without any childhood friends or adult friends at all. School wasn't easy at first but being at the age I was at I knew I had to get on with things as it was my last two years of highschool. The best and most important person I got to know through highschool is my now boyfriend of 3 years. 

Close behind was this teacher we meet up with some weeks ago. He was my boyfriend's teacher and friend for some years and I didn't even have any classes with him however he was one of the most 'human', friendly, honest and kind soul in the school we attended which was full of people but few who were willing to be genuine. Due to the time I spent with my then friend (now boyfriend) at school, I met and got to know this teacher and now he's still a friend we can talk to and confide in!

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Meeting up with an ex-teacher over coffee and cake! Plus a dinner in Chinatown!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 04 Rose Tweed!

Rouge Edition pour les lèvres!  For those who aren't familiar with any french, that means 'Rouge Edition for the lips'. In french however 'rouge' means red but also can be mean lipstick in french too. Bourjois is a very long established brand with many great products. They don't have the largest range of products and neither do they have the most variety but many of their products are top notch or totally worth trying!

Bourjois has had many lip products, most which are raved about but this was my first lipstick from them! I was swatching various neutral looking shades from their lipstick ranges and settled on this as I thought the creamy pink tone would make for a great easy to wear lip color!

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Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 04 Rose Tweed!

Monday, 27 July 2015

10 Things: Beauty products I have repurchased again and again!

Things I repurchase again and again! All beauty lovers tend to have an honest curiosity when it comes to what other gal pals use. I've found myself many times in the past and still now browsing "top" beauty products lists or wanting to know what are "must haves" for some girls or "holy grails" as those products get their place on lists like that for being at least good right? Today I bring you 10 beauty products that I have purchased many times over and truly love!

On my blog I've created a series called "10 Things", check out other posts from this series like my Beauty Mistakes, Things I love Eating, All round Pet Peeves and Things I wish I knew about Make up as a Teen!

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10 Things: Beauty products I have repurchased again and again!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Home made hot and sour soup, meat pie and tiramisu!

Soup, a pie and tiramisu! For many months my boyfriend has had cravings for hot and sour chinese soup and finally the other month I cooked the soup for my entire family to enjoy at home! It's actually super easy to make and you can decide what ingredients to add besides the basics! Also I brought a mince meat filling which my boyfriend and I stewed for hours with wine and stock to make a fresh pie for my boyfriend's family as well as a tiramisu for dessert!

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Home made chinese hot and sour soup, fried tofu skin appetizer, mince meat pie and tiramisu!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Holiday Special: Day 5 in Bali, Indonesia! (April 2015)

Casual Brunch, retreat to Ubud and Babi Guling! Today I bring you day 5 from my week long holiday in Bali! Day 5 was a relaxing day much like the previous day except that we moved from our beach side hotel in Kuta to our Villa room in Ubud which I booked through Airbnb! Ubud which is known as the cultural and arts center of Bali, it also is much more peaceful and so easy to get around on foot. 

We were also very satisfied with the accommodation we booked as the compound looked like a lush jungle and was gorgeous. Despite being a far from Ubud's center by foot, we had transport which took about 10 minutes one way from our accommodation that would send/pick us up as long as we told them 30 minutes in advance.

Check out my (first two days here) where we visited the beach and (day 3 and 4 here) where we went snorkeling and had a seafood dinner on the beach! For those keen on my travel post when I visited (Krabi, Thailand see here!)

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Holiday Special: Day 5 in Bali, Indonesia! (April 2015)

Friday, 17 July 2015

Review: Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black!

Line your eyes with Canmake! Those who have been reading my blog for any length of time would know that I almost always line my eyes with liquid pen eyeliner for my signature cat winged liner for my eye make up. I've come to love how it looks on me and so it's pretty much something I almost never leave out of my make up routine. I'm always have two eyeliners open, one which is my current holy grail from Kiss me heroine and another from a new brand I'm trying out.

Today's eyeliner was kindly provided to me by a local company which has an online shop called 'T-Supply Company" which carries a modest range of make up products, accessories as well as health supplements! Those in Singapore should check them out as there will be a discount code I'll be sharing with readers at the end of this review!

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Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Warm purple eyes using 1028 and Nars shadows! (Vietnamese snacks, chinatown dinner)

First look using Nars dual intensity shadow! For those who have had the privilege to own high end products, Nars is a familiar name! Known for their blushes, lip pencils, sheer glow foundation and now their dual intensity eyeshadows and audacious lipsticks! I've yet to buy anything from nars despite the brand becoming available in Singapore in recent years. The products are really marked up, with many items more expensive than similar items from Dior or Lancome. 

During my time in Bangkok's cosmetic duty free back in January I took the opportunity to purchase a dual intensity single eyeshadow and a lipstick from Nars! I never leave Bangkok's duty free section without less than $200 of products! I totally don't regret the splurges at all as they've all been great!

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Warm purple eyes using 1028 Brownie Eyes palette and Nars Phoebe eyeshadows!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Review: Natriv BB Gluta Snail Powder in C2!

BB Gluta Snail Powder! For those who have never been to Thailand, Bangkok is my favorite stop for food and beauty products amongst many other great, affordable and accessible things to do and get there! The average full sized pressed powder from the convenience stores, drugstores and beauty stores that hold 7-12g of product cost usually around 100-250 Thai Baht which is a crazy cheap price of about $4-10 Singapore dollars. The last few years when I've visited Bangkok I stock up on at least 5 powders all from their local brands!

The thing about their local powders are that they are affordable, super pretty, come in usually 2 shades at most and are great for setting make up with. The 9g refill to my favorite powder in Singapore by the brand ZA cost $18 Singapore dollars normally. Do the math. I wish I lived in Bangkok half the time! For the food, beauty and awesome markets and shopping! 

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Natriv BB Gluta Snail Powder in C2!
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