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Rave Review: NYX Butter Gloss in shades Vanilla Cream Pie, Cupcake & Raspberry Tart!

NYX Butter Glosses! They've been out forever and I'm so jealous of the ladies who have collected half of them or even ALL of them! NYX is finally being sold in Singapore but at Sephora and at travelling booths in malls. But I much rather avoid seeing all the other make up so I won't end up with more than I meant to buy!

I bought these from an online shop called 'Shopping district' which sells products from brands like NYX, Cover Girl, Wet n Wild and even Maybelline and L'oreal but basically products that can't be found locally in Singapore. At the time I bought these the newer shades had just become available on their site and it was so hard just to pick three to start with!

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NYX Butter Gloss in shades Vanilla Cream Pie, Cupcake & Raspberry Tart!
NYX Butter Gloss in shades Vanilla Cream Pie, Cupcake & Raspberry Tart!
 Packaging & Product!

Right off I totally love the packaging! At first I thought the tube was colored plastic but on super close inspection they are actually clear tubes and they've made the caps of the wands to match exactly the color of the product was is great! I love color matching products in terms of packaging, it's more fun than the typical plain packaging! 

Super straightforward and cutesy with the little heart on the fron, the applicator is pretty sweet as it draws out enough product at one time for applying to half the lips. Not too much or too little product draws out and the cap doesn't seem to be prone to leaking product after I've used them a few times.

The gloss itself was a miracle to my always slightly dry lips. I had just put all my faith into all the reviews of this product and since every single person said that the formula was so smooth and moist I decided to go ahead and buy 3 at once!

All the hype is true! These glosses are so silky soft and smooth and as if you took a YSL rouge volupte lipstick and turned it into a gloss! They glide on, smell yummy and are pigmented and glossy, yet I'm not worried about them bleeding because they stay in place with just the right amount of tackiness.

 NYX Butter Gloss
Even on dried out lips like mine which is half of the time, they completely smooth out my lips and keep them super plum for at least 3 hours before I need major touching up. I'm always one who checks constantly so it doesn't bother me to touch up or check all the time as it's my nature.

I'm in love with these three I have and totally will be going after more since they have so many colors and are selling for only $10 SGD! Maybelline, L'oreal and Revlon glosses start at $16 SGD onwards, usually selling for $18-20 so I'm probably going to buy all of these shades up eventually! No shame!

Swatches of NYX Butter Gloss in shades Vanilla Cream Pie, Cupcake & Raspberry Tart!
My bare lips! I suffer from lips that always tend to be dry and they peel a lot no matter what type of product I use!
What they look like half of the time! So I'm always looking for sheer and moist lippies!
 NYX Butter Gloss in shade Vanilla Cream Pie
 NYX Butter Gloss in shade Vanilla Cream Pie
Vanilla Cream Pie is a gorgeous medium rose pink but worn sheerly it's a great light pink that works really well with my yellow tone complexion! I've got no pink glosses like this and it's love! I had to browse so many swatches of the paler shades to decide which one would show up and look good instead of being pasty or not showing up at all!

Bare face and wearing NYX Butter Gloss in shade Vanilla Cream Pie! The perfect light pink!
 NYX Butter Gloss in shade Cupcake!
 NYX Butter Gloss in shade Cupcake!
I knew I wanted cupcake when I saw this on a blog post with all their newer shades just released recently! It's the most perfect neon hot pink that's still deep instead of being a very bright hot pink. It's so beautiful, makes you look bright and awake and your teeth whiter! I had yet again no shade like this in my gloss collection and I've LOVED this!

Bare face and wearing NYX Butter Gloss in shade Cupcake! The perfect hot neon rose!
 NYX Butter Gloss in shade Raspberry Tart! The tube is clear! That's the color of the gloss!
 NYX Butter Gloss in shade Raspberry Tart!
Finally I picked up this heart shattering purple looking gloss! It's so vibrant an fun and I have never owned any gloss even close to purple! I actually have very few lipglosses. However when I saw that these swatched quite blue tone fuschia and berry like I knew this was the deep shade I wanted! I'd totally wear this with a smokey brown eye or over a hot pink lipstick!

Bare face and wearing NYX Butter Gloss in shade Raspberry Tart!
Wearing NYX Butter Gloss Vanilla Cream Pie!
Wearing NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake!
NYX Butter Gloss in shades Vanilla Cream Pie, Cupcake & Raspberry Tart!
Paid: $10 SGD each or about $7.90 USD 

( You can buy this online at Shopping District.net, at Smoochiezz beauty booths or at Sephora!)

Recommend:YES! Buy them ALL! Go and do it! If you love silky smooth and moist glosses!

Repurchase: YES! I NEED to get more shades or I might die! They are the saving grace for my always slightly dry lips that also have a tendency to peel! The formula of these are perfect for sensitive or dryer lips. It smooths over the skin and looks flawless!

Bottom line: So moist, glossy, even and lovely! I love the medium pigmentation and it smells lovely too! For someone with peely dryer lips this has been amazing and has not made my lips worst or peel more. I totally need a red, peach a nude brown and a deeper berry shade form them!

Do you have of these NYX butter glosses?
What shade do you want?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I have a couple of these and I agree 100%, WORTH THE HYPE Definitely need to work on expanding my collection! Also, I thought it was so interesting that they sell NYX products at the Singapore Sephora! Definitely not a brand you would find in US Sephoras


  2. I am in love with butter glosses. I own basically all of them minus like two I think :D I love it!

  3. Need to get my hands on butter glosses! I have so many products in my collection as is...so this may have to wait. Great review you have here!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  4. OMG OMG <3 <3 <3 they are soooooo gorgeous <3 <3 great colours :))) now I need them too *lol*

  5. I love the names, but they don't seem to match the shades so much, lol. Oh well - I forgive food names always.

  6. Daaamn, these looks good! I really like the Vanilla Cream Pie - such a lovely, soft pink.

  7. I have peach cobbler and strawberry shortcake which I love!! NYX Butter glosses are def one of the best drugstore lip gloss I've tried!
    Cupcake turns out surprisingly not purple on the lips! what a pretty shade <3

  8. I'm glad you are enjoying them as much as I am! The shades you picked up look glorious - especially that purple!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  9. That purple... <3 !! Btw your skin looks amazing, I'm jealous!

  10. First and second shade look really great but I don't like purple lipgloss that much ;)

  11. Your lips are incredible! I have 3 of these and I love them sooooooo much! I so want to get my hands on more, as they're so stunning! xxx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  12. WAIT....I THOUGHT THE PACKAGING WAS COLOURED PLASTIC FOR YEARS NOW. I'VE BEEN LIVING A LIE!!! Ouuu, you definitely make me want to try one of these now! I've never been much of a lip product person, but you've convinced me on this one! Cupcake looks amazing on you!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ

  13. I love Vanilla Cream Pie! I have just picked these up myself and the smoothness is amazing! The colours you chose look perfect on your lips!

  14. We have NYX counters here but there are no butter glosses available! wth
    I am so getting the shade cupcake! :D





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