Thursday, 19 November 2015

Food Post: All things eaten at home and out during September! (Indian, sichuan chinese, chocolate chip cookies)

All types of delicious food! Yet again, I present to everyone shots of meals I ate from September! I've been  a bit behind on my food posts but here we are! I've been making an effort to not only eat things I haven't eaten in a while but also trying out places I usually don't eat at! My boyfriend and I had some delicious sichuan chinese food, local indian food as well as gorgeous home baked goodies!

If you're currently hungry or craving a snack, do be warned! This post is full of home made meals, close up shots and mouth watering yummies! I eat everything from the healthy, the normal and the terrible for you so look forward to a bit of everything!

Continue below for the food post!
Things eaten at home and out during September! Indian, sichuan, local singapore food)
Home made meals! A hawaiian pizza topped with cherry tomatos, smoked salmon and cheddar cheese, rice with broccoli and japanese chicken curry, claypot rice with stewed raddishes and kai lan, a spinach pizza with pineapple and sausage meat!
The much awaited and very very popular cereal ebi burger with sweet potato fries at McDonald's!
I ordered the double cereal ebi burger, the prawns were so chewy and moist, the outsides of the patties crisp and the mayo sauce tasty and just a bit spicy! Perfect with those fries!
Yummy indonesian food at Ayam Penyet president! My boyfriend and I shared a fried chicken set, grilled beef set and a fried tofu omelette! These are some of our favorite dishes!
Cookies and cream ice cream from Andersen's for dessert!
The gorgeous product from our jambu fruit tree! Also known as rose apple! They were so sweet and juicy!
So many of the fruits fell of the tree or had worms in them so the few that were gorgeous like this one made my family so happy! Glossy, scarlet and delicious!
Hot pot at home! Kimchi soup, the pot was filled with pork ribs, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, noodles and fishballs!
Singapore's delicious hawker center and food court meals! The best char kway teow, my favorite dry ban mian noodles, char sui wanton noodles and a chicken rice and gizzard set!
Giant crispy and puffy deep fried onion rings and beers at Brewerkz at Clark Quay with my gal pal!
Steamed english bread pudding with caramel sauce, fresh berries and vanilla bean ice cream!
A bowl of everyone's favorite mince meat noodles! I love my noodles without soup with pieces of fried pork lard, pork liver and chilli!
My boyfriend had the most juicy, succulent plate of rice with roast pork belly, duck and char sui!
Lunch I made for my boyfriend and myself! Juicy breaded deep fried pork tonkatsu with fresh cabbage and carrot salad!
A yummy set meal with my mom at Lao Beijing! Wheat noodles with a dry meat sauce, a melon soup, tofu and vegetable, xiao long bao and deep fried battered prawns with wasibi mayo!
Late night supper after work with my boyfriend! I had my favorite lava cake and vanilla ice cream and he had a creme brulee!
We both had a thin crust tortilla carnivore pizza, I ended up putting lots of chilli flakes on mine and I also handed over two slices since my boyfriends' so skinny!
One of my favorite restaurants at Chinatown that my boyfriend and I love to visit for proper chinese food from China! This outlet has sticks of different types and parts of meats/vegetables grilled over charcoal and coated in cumin, chilli and spices!
Another restaurant at chinatown that we like to visit is this one (funny name isn't it?!) this one is just next to the one I showed above!
Yang Chow fried rice! Super dry, tasty and piping hot from the wok!
Fried 'splay chop', pork ribs in smaller pieces deep fried and then stir fried with coriander, onions, chillis, cumin and other spices! So damn tasty and delicious!
A big plate heaped with stir fried duo miao bean sprouts! Crunchy, sweet and cooked just right!
Delicious appetizer of tripe, coriander, carrots, spring onion with a vinegar, sesame oil and chilli dressing!
The star dish! Sticks of charcoal grilled meats covered in cumin, chilli and spices! Pork intestines (super crisp and melt in your mouth), chicken hearts, duck kidney and beef tendons! We love these to death!
A meal for the whole family! Pizzas from Sarpino's! The Hawaiian, chicken terriyaki and midnight express pizzas! Love their thick crusts!
Corned beef! My boyfriend covered a piece we bought from the supermarket in black pepper and herbs and then we sous vide the chunk for 2 days!
Literally the best chocolate cake I've ever made! Got the recipe from a small chocolate cake recipe book! The cake is covered by a liquid chocolate and butter glaze that hardens in the fridge into a shell, at room temperature just after applying it, the finish is wet and glossy!
A nice slice of my chocolate cake! Put into the microwave for about 20 seconds and this cake is like eating a fudge and it has a coffee hint in the flavor despite there being no coffee!
Making chewy chocolate chip cookies! My boyfriend's favorite recipe to follow is Alton's Brown! Love having cookies to munch on at home! Plan to make more cookies soon!
A super filling but yummy indian meal I had with the boyfriend! I had a masala dosai, he had a lamb briyani and we shared an egg prata! Absolutely loved the sour, crisp dosai with the tasty curried potato! The iced coffee my boyfriend had was very well made and I had lime juice!

What have been some of your favorites meals from last month?
Do you love Indian and Sichuan food like me?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. OMG, I'm glad I just had my dinner , otherwise my stomach would go crazy seeing all those yummy food!! the chocolate cake looks really moist and rich and of course delicious! you and Lingga will make the most foodie couple, esp that both of you seem to be very good cooks ^^

  2. I have never seen rose apples in my life, but I need to admit that they look gorgeous! :) I would love to try them out~

  3. Everything looks super great (LIKE ALWAYS!!! Sooo jealous of what kind of food you can get) but I got super interested in the McDonalds meal hahaha Their fries are my favorite but we don't get the sweet potato fries or the burger

  4. WOW :O
    This has to be the yummiest looking blog post I have seen in a LONG time :D
    Im so hungry now that I can´t begin to explain how hungry I am :D
    I have never seen (or heard of) Rose apples before.. they look so adorable and they look like they are really really yummy :)




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