Thursday, 31 December 2015

Blue to Green gradient eyes and lunch at Spruce Phoenix Park!

New friends, food and fun! This post is actually very very late as the gorgeous lunch session you're about to see took places several months back in May. It was to be the first of many more meet ups with my lovely girlfriend who I got to know from work. It's an unlikely thing for a personality like myself to come across any girls who are similar in the sense that I can literally talk non-stop (except when I'm eating and no present) especially when it comes to topics and opinions that jive with me. This lovely gal I met through my work place and since this first proper meet up outside of work, we've formed a good friendship also with two other gal pals at work and all four of us try to meet up with each other whenever we can!

Here we met up with another ex-colleague at his new work place at the time, Spruce restaurant which is a very well to do eatery that has a few outlets in Singapore. Their menu is small, of great quality and the ambience is just fantastic! Of course we also had great conversation which at the time I hadn't had a in LONG ASS WHILE!

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Blue to Green gradient eyes and lunch at Spruce!

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Review: 4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!

Get colorful with the Impressionists palette! When I was in Bangkok some time ago I made it a point as I always do to check out the make up stores! I always check out the supermarkets, small free standing shops and drugstores as they carry so many more brands and so much more variety than Singapore's drugstores! A store that I totally recommend and am dying to visit again is Beautrium which is where I got this gorgeous palette! They carry drugstore brands from America, Japan, Europe, Thailand and more! 

There were three variations of this palette in store and at the time I wasn't looking for neutrals so I ignored the all neutral one and also wasn't interested in the neutral/colorful palette so I picked this bright one up as I didn't have that many colorful shades in my collection and the swatches were to die for!

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4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Special: First proper Halloween Trick or Treating with the Boyfriend's family!

Halloween 2015 Special! Yes, I know Halloween has long come and past but I didn't get around to writing up my post until now! The photos are all from the 31st itself when I joined my boyfriend, his brother and dad on their first trick or treating around a neighborhood in north Singapore that has its roads closed off every year for about the last decade in Singapore just for on October 31! It's the only place in Singapore where you can actually go trick or treating as if your kids showed up at any random homes around Singapore on Halloween day, nobody will have candy, treats or anything to give you because it's not something practiced here at all!

I've gone trick or treating only once ever in my life before this and it was at an apartment compound I stayed at where many of the residents agreed to give out treats. For this occasion I knew I wanted to do a special make up look and after a quick search for inspiration I settled on a ventriloquist doll look!

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Halloween special! My ventriloquist doll make up and proper trick or treating!

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Review: Honey Color Neo Cosmo and Beaucon lenses! (brown, hazel, green, gray)

Colored contact lenses! I'm pretty sure that although it's quite obvious in my FOTDs and make up looks that I wear clear regular contacts, it's not often that you'll see me wearing colored contacts on the blog. The same goes for in real life, I don't wear them often although there was a time when I was younger that I did wear colored contacts on a daily basis! In the middle of last year I did a haul of 4 pairs of colors lenses when there was a big sale, all of natural looking designs from the website called "Honey Color" and if I'm not wrong their stock of products are based in Malaysia.

I've always loved 'natural' looking colored contacts, especially hazels and greens. I've even worn bright turquoise colored lenses before which I do miss and may purchase again in the near future! Since I never made the haul post last year, here it is together with my review of all four pairs!

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 Honey Color Neo Cosmo and Beaucon lenses! (brown, hazel, green, gray)

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Deepen purple taupe smokey eyes using Urban Decay's Smoked palette!

Purple taupe smokey eyes! Whenever I hear "smokey" I either think of meat like BBQ or grilled meats or make up looks! I mean, I literally can't help thinking of eyeshadow looks! I tend to always go for a brown smokey eye but recently have been practicing my black smokey eye which has been going really well. However I wouldn't do such a dark look often for daily wear and even for special occasions I prefer something with more complexity like what I did in this post!

I used the shades from my favorite Urban Decay Smoked palette and created this purple toned taupe smokey eye look! Not your typical brown, gray or black smokey look but just as gorgeous and super wearable for any occasion! Check out my review of the Urban Decay Smoked Palette here!

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Deepen purple taupe smokey eyes using Urban Decay's Smoked palette!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Thai food at Nakhon Kitchen, desserts at Hatter Street and Chinatown!

Food and friends! I'm sure many of you would agree that nothing is better than food and friends! The older I get I realize how precious time is and as it turns out, when ever the opportunity does come to meet up/catch up with friends it's usually done over a meal or some coffee. Some months ago in the summer before schools and university normally begins my boyfriend and I met up with an old favorite teacher of ours and a friend from school who was visiting Singapore! 

We meet up and went to have a delicious thai meal at a place that I'd heard so much about but never visited yet! Nakhon Kitchen is known for affordable and super authentic thai food and it did not disappoint! It was so great just to be able to chat non-stop about the going ons, asking each other how we've been doing and what's been going on as it's been years since we all were in the same space!

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Delicious thai food at Nakhon Kitchen! Nothing better than good food and old friends!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Review: Laneige Moisture New Essential Care Trial Set! (6 piece mini sized)

Laneige Moisture New Essential Care Trial! Laneige has been a very mainstream korean brand in Asia and in the last few years has gotten plenty of attention in other countries too! I remember using the water sleeping pack a year before Laneige even was sold in Singapore at all as my mom purchased it in-flight! For those unaware, almost every year around year end Laneige carries a set of mini sized products from their moisture line. In the past I'd bought a set for a beauty blogger friend but it was a larger set where a few of the products were much larger than those in this set.

For those who are keen on trying products from this line, do jump on the opportunity if you manage to spot this set! It's an amazing value for money and you get quite a few products to try out instead of just 3 or 4 products like many small sets.

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Laneige Moisture New Essential Care Trial Set! (Cleanser, skin refiner, balancing emulsion, water bank essence, water sleeping pack, water bank moisture cream)

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Review: Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!

BB & CC Powder Foundation! For those who haven't been to Bangkok, it's basically affordable pressed powder heaven! When I do visit Bangkok, I buy at least 6 pressed powder foundations as they are so cheap compared to Singapore at around 100-250 Thai Baht which is around $4-10 Singapore dollars. Considering that my holy grail and most favorite refillable 9 gram pan of powder from ZA cost $18 SGD the prices of the powders in Thailand are just irresistible! I'm somehow who always sets my liquid foundations or has a powder on my face since Singapore is so hot and humid.

Whilst shopping around in Bangkok, I picked up pressed powders mostly from local Thai brands, one being Natriv. Luckily for me all the local brands sell 2-3 shades when it comes to powder and I always manage to easily buy powders to match my complexion.

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Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!
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