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Special: Daiso Japanese two dollar store make up look! (mini reviews)

Beauty products at Daiso! Here in Singapore Daiso is a very popular value store from Japan where everything is $2 Singapore dollars! From food, ceramics, gardening equipment, household needs, crafts and even beauty products and accessories they seem to have almost everything! I'm pretty sure that everyone visits daiso for certain things much like my family regularly purchases large packs of wet wipes and small charcoal purifiers!

In terms of beauty goods, they're very well known for their sponge detergent which is a fabulous brush cleaner as well as other cheap products which aren't half bad. So far I've only ever bought make up sponges, false lashes and the liquid cleaner so I decided to go ahead and all the products I'll need for a complete face of make up to try!

Continue below my look and mini reviews!
Special: Daiso Japanese two dollar store make up products and look!
A receipt from one of my purchases! I couldn't find all the products I wanted at one outlet so I visited two to get all the things I needed for a complete look!
Daiso beauty products! Primer, stick foundation, liquid foundation, cream eyeshadow pencil, mascara, pencil eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, lip gloss, lipstick, mosaic blush, quad eyeshadow and pressed powder!
Daiso Smooth Base face primer! Not worth purchasing, it didn't feel or do much!
This primer was almost scentless but had the tiniest alkaline hint. It felt very milky and light and left my face feeling very soft but not siliconey or velvety or anything different than just slapping on some regular moisturizer. I couldn't tell at all if this prolonged my make up and also applying the foundation from them on top of this primer didn't seem to make a difference. I had horrendous patchiness even with this primer so I'm just going to say don't get it, it's not worth it!

Daiso Liquid Foundation Ever Bilena in shade Light Ecru! The shade was perfect for me and the texture felt good but this foundation does not layer well, can get super patchy and felt much heavier than most of my foundations. I wouldn't buy this unless you're super desperate, match one of the two shades and don't have sensitive skin!
There are only two shades, this being the lightest, the other looking more pink tone but not much darker. It feels fine, not oily or strange and it even has a good medium to solid coverage. I had two issues with this foundation, both of which are big issues. First being that it doesn't layer well and the second layer applied with fingers or a sponge caused the initial layer to come completely off! I had to spend so much time just blending and layering and going over to get it to be even. Secondly, this foundation although not very thick in texture left my face feeling heavy and cakey. Don't get this...really you're better off not trying this!

Before and after! My bare face versus wearing Daiso's liquid foundation in light ecru! The shade was a great match but the process to get it looking even was so long and troublesome! Unless you're curious just to check this out, I wouldn't recommend anyone buying this!
Daiso Ever Bilena Two Way foundation powder in Light Ecru! Great color match for NC20, it's very light textured and is a great setting powder as well as one for touching up throughout the day!

This compact is small in size and amount and if I'm not wrong there was only two shades just like the foundations. This shade Light Ecru is a very neutral shade best for those who are fair in skintone. I love how its super light weight and isn't cakey or powdery at all. This makes a great setting powder for all over the face or if you're oilier just for touching up or for the areas on the face that aren't so oily like the cheeks. This product is totally worth picking up and using!

Daiso Ever Bilena stick foundation in Ecru! I did not get the same shade as the other because it wasn't available and the other shade was lighter but very pink toned!
This foundation stick was quite exciting, although once I realize how beige and orangey this shade was I decided it would still be suitable under my eyes to counteract darkness. I've not tried many stick foundations but having tried one from Shiseido I had an idea of how it should apply ideally. This had a very oily feeling and the shade would match NC25-30 ideally. The coverage was medium to full and it seemed to sit on top of the skin instead of blending in and feeling like part of the skin. I found that it was a pretty decent product for the under eye area when set with powder but the texture and feeling of this was terrible! Not a worthy product to try or pick up!

Daiso Fine Eyebrow retractable pencil in Brown! Daiso is known for their different brow pencils most which tend to be sold out for months at a time! I was looking for a pencil one which my friend loves but it was sold out so I picked this up in a natural brown shade!
This pencil has a great natural brown shade, it'd be even better if you had hair that was dark brown but works well with black hair if used not too heavily and then brushed through. You don't get much product in this retractable form but it is very convenient. The texture of this is hard like many eyebrow products and you can get some very good fine strokes for those drawing in hair like strokes with finer/sparser brows. This pencil is only okay as I find it a bit difficult to get the product to apply onto my brows and also you can pay a bit more with other brands for more product and color choice! Skip this one, it's worth trying but you can get better for just slightly more!

Daiso Eyeliner Pencil in Black! Just like the brow pencil this was the only black pencil eyeliner in stock! They usually have at least two or three versions to choose from and I didn't want to get a liquid one (and they also didn't have any in stock again!)
This pencil is a regular size and has a great creamy texture. No pulling or tugging and on initial swatches it's a decent black color although it's not as black as I like. Everything seemed okay until I applied this over my eyeshadows. This pencil is just a midtone gray color! The pigmentation and formula does not allow for layer it till it's black. I layered but it still remained gray and also some what patchy. This eyeliner is not worth getting if you plan to use it on top of shadows or if you've got oily lids or want it to last for long periods of time.

Daiso Shiny Eye Shadow cream stick in a brown shade! I thought since they had a cream shadow I'd give it a go as a base for my look!
Daiso Shiny Eye Shadow cream stick in a brown shade! The color is exactly as the shade on the knob of the product which is a light neutral bronze shade. Everything was fine about this product except that it seemed lightly greasy!
Despite the color of this product being lovely and the product applying very easily the slight greasiness of it makes it an issue. I used powder eyeshadows on top of this base but only within a few hours my eyeshadows creased like crazy! This product isn't worth your time, skip it!

Daiso Colorful Eyeshadow in no 3 Brown! There several variations of small eyeshadow quads at Daiso! From trios, to quads, quints and skinny palettes of 6 shades! Out of the selection at the outlet I was at, I picked up this palette for how wearable the colors are!
Wearing Daiso's colorful eyeshadow quad in no 3 Brown! The shadows are decently pigmented, the shimmer very fine and pretty and the shades in this quad work very well together!

These shadows from this quad are all very consistently smooth, decently pigmented and very easy to work with. All four shades look gorgeous on top of a base and the darkest brown surprisingly is very deep in person as well as the cream and the bronze being nicely pigmented. The only shade that was a bit too sheer for my liking was the pink shade. Overall I think this quad is so worth $2. Slap on a base and daiso's eyeshadows are really not a bad investment!

Daiso Mosaic blush! There were 2 variations of this four shade blush and I choose the more pinky toned one! Combined this gives a gorgeous flush pink color and the finish is a pretty satin glow.

This product overall was really great, I was expected mediocre but the soft texture and good pigmentation with the pretty satin finish made this blush a joy! Blending all the four shades together results in a very pretty classic pink shade that's very natural looking on the skin. I think you really can't go wrong with Daiso's blushes and I've also heard from friends that their single blushes are great! Totally worth checking out!

Daiso Mascara! (volume formula) They had several versions of mascaras but I had a feeling that they'd all be about the same and I WAS RIGHT! Right out of the tube, this mascara has the smell of an a-typical cheap, crappy, plasticky mascara!
I'd already assumed that this mascara would probably be crap AND I WAS RIGHT! The formula of the mascara itself is like a thick sloppy and smooth liquid plastic! It smells like cheap plastic which many mascaras do smell like but not only does this smell but it's absolutely a no show in the performance department. Due to the waxy, plastic like formula, it literally does not adhere onto the lashes at all! You can coat and layer your lashes again and again but I just get this wet looking coat but no more length, no more thickness and basically no results! Not worth your time, skip this!

Daiso Rouge Gel in Pink! There were only 2 options for lipglosses with wands and I loved the look of this color which reminds me of what a cheap Las Vegas hooker might wear! Unfortunately this was a  complete dud!
Basically the formulation of this gloss is really yucky. It's like a thick liquid plastic and you need at least 4-5 applications after pumping the wand into the tube several times in order to have just enough product to apply on your top and bottom lip. This has a very cheap plastic smell but it's not very strong, the main issue was how it's so thick, sticky and just had a yucky feeling on the lips. The color isn't too bad and is lightly pigmented with fine shimmer. This gloss isn't worth trying!

In the photo beneath, I'm wearing the lipgloss over a lipstick from Daiso! I completely forgot to include it but it was a pink shade and it's lovely! The lipstick had a good medium texture, it feels lightweight on the lips, isn't greasy or waxy and the color is a lovely rose shade. There's a tiny little bit of shimmer in the lipstick but it's nothing that can be felt or really seen from afar. If you do want a quick and cheap lipstick it's totally worth picking up one from Daiso!

Wearing the pink lipstick and lipgloss from Daiso!
My all daiso make up look! From afar everything looks pretty decent and pretty looking! Really love how the blush and lip color looks out of the whole look!
The products that were just terrible! Daiso's pencil eyeliner, lipgloss, mascara and liquid foundation! Just YUCKY!
Exactly how I feel about these four products!
Here are the four products I really loved from Daiso! The lipstick, pressed powder, blush, eyeshadow quad and also number five are false lashes!
Here are the four products that were really good! The lipstick, pressed powder, mosaic blush and quad eyeshadow! Do check these out and the other versions of these products!
Paid: $26 SGD or about $18 USD (Total cost for all 13 items @ $2 each)

This is an insane price considering many drugstore make up items are $15-25 a piece! However, those shopping beauty at Daiso must be picky as not everything's worth it!

Recommend: Yes and no! Not all the products I tried out are worth your time! As I covered, the products I most recommend are the lipstick, pressed powder, blush and eyeshadows!

Repurchase: NOPE. Despite the good products being decent, I'm not keen on anymore make up items from Daiso as I've got many things on my wish list!

Bottom line: Daiso is full of all kinds of beauty products! It's totally worth your time just browsing through and picking up a few things to try out as they really are super duper cheap! I do however think it's best not to buy your liquid foundations, mascaras or eyeliners from Daiso but everything else is worth a shot!

What do you like picking up at the $2 store?
Tried any beauty products from Daiso?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Great post, Sharlynn! I always visit Daiso every time I am in Singapore, but never pay attention to their make up line.. I usually just buy random miscellaneous items. LOL
    The eye shadow quad looks pretty! Thanks for doing this, so we know which item to avoid. ^^

  2. Wow, it's incredible that even though there were a handful of bad products (such a shame) you made the look work!! You look adorable!

  3. Awesome post! While I've been curious about Daiso makeup I've never given it a go because it's very hit or miss and even though it's super cheap - I'm trying to streamline my collection! Haha :P

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. The eye shadows look pretty! Aw, sorry some of the products didn't work out. Lovely look!

  5. Haha thank you for this post! I've always been curious about Daiso makeup as I like the skincare but now I know it's not worth it! I'll keep my money for snacks instead ;)

  6. Hi Sharlynn,

    Love your post!!! It is awesome! I do wonder too if these cheap Diaso beauty products and nice to know that some do! And of course don't some... LOL!

    You are so cute with your expression. You go girl!!!


  7. I love Daiso! But I've always been very wary of their skincare and makeup products - they're so cheap and I'm scared they would make me break out! I'm glad you were able to find some things that worked for you though!

  8. $2!!! How affordable ♥ wish we have a $2 Daiso store too :) I love Daiso products and most of the time I buy from eBay, the prices are affordable but not as cheap as $2, I'm totally jelly hehe.

  9. Wow Sharlynn, this post must have taken ages to put together and I really appreciate it! To be honest I don't really trust Daiso makeup products (especially foundations and lip products) except for their eyelashes and brush cleanser which are bomb. I would definitely think that blushes and eyeshadows would be much easier to manufacture textures that suit a lot of skin tones, whereas foundation would be quite tricky to do well and cheaply.

    When I'm in Singapore for CNY, I will pick up a Daiso blush ^^!

  10. hahaha what a great idea for a post! I always wondered what the Daiso beauty products were like.
    Thanks for this post!

    chloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

  11. get the brown eyeliner. I like that its pigmented yet subtle. I used this as alternative from my urban decay 24/7 eyeliner. but, it does smudge. so i just use it to blend and have a smoky look, gradient it, maybe set it with a nice eyeshadow. i use it for my nose contour also to have a quick type of contour, thanks to it beinf very blendable. but don't think to use it as an eyeliner. it won't stay. it will it you dont sweat as much as u do. bahahaha.

  12. This was a very well written blog. Bravo!




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