Saturday, 8 August 2015

Food Post: Things baked at home for June 2015! (strawberry shortcake, rainbow cookies)

Cakes and cookies! Most of you probably don't know but I finally got a stand mixer two months back! It was one of the cheapest at the appliances section and I figured that since I will not be planning to make anything fancy or complicated I didn't want my family to pay several hundred dollars. The month of June was a super fruitful one with the help of my boyfriend of course! Together we made some really yummy baked items!

Believe me when I say this was the first time I've NOT had to cream butter and sugar or whip cream by hand as we've never owned any kind of mixer, hand or stand! Even the most simple bakery tasks had to be done by hand and so now things are so much easier and faster!

Continue below for all the yummies!
Things baked at home for June! Strawberry shortcake, chocolate chip cookies, rainbow cookies, salted caramel chocolate cake!
The two layers for my strawberry shortcake! The one on the left was perfect but the one on the right collapsed in the center and was dented in! I really need to get more aluminum pans as I don't have any doubles of my pans and the different materials effect how the cake bakes.
Covering the first layer with whipped cream that has gelatine and sliced strawberries!
My completed assembled strawberry shortcake! After putting the second layer of cake on top, I spread the gelatine infused whipped cream and placed the cake in the fridge so the cream set, then I placed the strawberries on top!
My first ever strawberry shortcake! The texture of the cake was so light and fluffy but my whole family agrees that the cake was too sweet. I really like the whole combination of the cream and strawberries and hope to make this cake again and more successfully!
The balls of chocolate chip batter! These cookies ended up pretty big so now I make them half the size! Loved watched them spreading when baking in the oven!
The finished cookies! I used Martha Stewart's recipe for these cookies! They were nice and firm but chewy all the way through. They were almost perfect but were a touch too sweet but everyone else who I gave one to said it was just right! I plan to bake different cookie recipes every time until I find the one I love the most!
Martha's recipe gave me nice chunky cookies that were firm and chewy! They had a texture those pepperidge farm large cookies and not so much the cakey texture that some have.
Soft funfetti rainbow sprinkle cookies! I followed a recipe on a baking blog site and I've tried other recipes before but these although very yummy were TOO soft!
I had stacked them in a box before they were completely cooled so the cookies stuck to each other a bit! I really loved how these crumbled like a solid cake in your mouth. The flavor was really good, not too strong or sweet. I want to make these again but in smaller pieces and I'll bake them for longer!
A chocolate cake frosted with chocolate butter cream and with a salted caramel cream in the middle! The cake turned out amazing, solid, even with a great bite and a good dark chocolate flavor. The salted caramel buttercream also was such a good pairing too and I was so glad my boyfriend helped me make it!
I actually made two cakes like this and this was the one I kept at home! The other was smaller though and was for a girlfriend's belated birthday! I had bought premade pink frosting for writing on the cake but ended up not using it so I decided to use it on my cake at home!
The cake was absolutely delicious, one of the best chocolate cakes I've baked! Also the salted caramel and the chocolate buttercream was so good! I'm never buying premade tube frosting again, it just taste so artificial and terrible compared to home made ones!
Last but not least, we slowly savored this bottle of sangiovese rose wine from Yalumba which I picked up at Singapore airport some months ago. It's one of the smoothest roses I've tried. Not a favorite but very fruity, fresh and it wasn't very dry like many roses.

What have you been baking at home?
Cakes or cookies?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. ohhh my!!!! yummy yummy! u need to share your recipes with us please!!!!! :)

  2. So many yummy treats!! and all home made, you and Lingga are both so good at cooking and baking ^^
    My sister bakes a lot too, mostly for her online bakeshop, so I get to have yummy cakes every day LOL, good for the soul, not good for my weight xD

  3. I LOVE to bake! But my stand mixer is with S right now, so I haven't baked in ages. I also LOVE sangiovese roses. One of my favorites comes from a winery in Washington state in the US - it's amazing.

  4. OMG did you say salted caramel? I am SO in! I haven't baked anything forever! I usually want to bake only in autumn for some strange reason. For the moment, I am more interested in figuring out what infused water I'm going to make for the next day (not because I believe it detoxes or helps me lose weight, but because I am less tempted to drink soda when I have infused water in the fridge).

  5. Oh wow, you're feeding your boyfriend well, Sharlynn! Hahaha! You'll make a very good wife next time :D

  6. Oh God, so many delicious dishes here. You both are so talented dear, I love cakes and the way you decorated them. Happy Monday honey, kisses <3

  7. Boyfriend is so lucky, your creations look absolutely sinful o_o no wonder you have a good eye for food finds!

  8. I am drooling just by looking at your photos! Love those cakes you've made, and the cookies seems so delicious! I have baked cookies once, and they turned out really hard >.< after that I never ever bake again haha




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