Thursday, 24 September 2015

Special: Second Beauty Blogger meet up with Pam from Jade in the Palace!

Beauty Blogger meet up! For all you guys who have been with me and my blog for a while you might have seen that a few years back Pam from Jade in the Palace came to visit Singapore and we managed to meet up! From before our first meet up till now, we both frequent each others blogs and I can say are beauty blogger buddies in person! She's a lovely person and actually the only other beauty blogger I've met in person!  (Check out our first meet up here!)

She had a very short trip yet again to Singapore just a few months back and we spent an evening together in town! I accompanied Pam to some shops and we went looking for some products she was keen on finding. Unfortunately we didn't find them all but she had already done most of her shopping earlier. We ended up having breakfast for dinner at Wild Honey restaurant which is a really popular spot in Orchard Road!

Continue below for our lovely meet up!
Beauty Blogger meet up in Singapore with Pam from Jade in the Palace!
My signature 'flawless' looking shimmery neutral eye using my newest and favorite neutral palette tisse rivoli from Chanel!
My signature 'flawless' looking neutral eye using Chanel's tisse rivoli!
My completed make up look! My fringe was still pretty new and getting quite long!
On my cheeks was Marc Jacob's shameless bold blush in rebellious, an absolutely stunning bright pink raspberry that has the most amazing glowy finish in person!
My blush close up, I used the smallest tap and the blush has this amazing lit from within quality. On my lips was NARS lipstick in Funny Face, a straight up blue toned hot fuchsia pink!
Products used: Shu uemura poreraser UV mousse, ZA true white foundation, ZA perfect fit two way powder, Canmake powder eyebrow, theBalm mary lou manizer, Marc Jacobs shameless bold blush, Sleek contour kit, Maybelline color tattoo, Chanel les 4 ombre eyeshadow quad, Kiss me heroine eyeliner, Art Deco brow gel, Lancome  virtuose mascara, Kiss me heroine long & curl mascara, NARS lipstick
After about an hour checking out several shops and window shopping for me we made our way to Wild Honey restaurant located inside Mandarin Gallery! You are greeted to a cozy hipster-ish entrance! We actually hadn't decided on whether we were going to eat there or at a Japanese place but I ended up bringing us in and we ended up having dinner and our long chat there!
Inside the space looks extremely cozy and quite like a modern country home. There's a long curved bar space for customers facing an open cold kitchen and drinks making area!
We ended up on seating against the wall with windows looking out onto the city below. As you can see the interior is very warm and comfortable looking and hipster-ish with a communal table in the center!
One side of the menu at Wild Honey restaurant! They are famous for the all day breakfast dishes which are filling enough for breakfast/lunch or dinner! They have other 'breakfast' options like salads, cereals, sweet crepes/waffles and also sandwiches for those looking for something more conventional!
Pam ordered the very popular English breakfast which was a gorgeous full plate of scrambled eggs, grilled mushrooms, potato, mushroom, pork sausage, bacon, a pot of baked beans and toasted brioche bread!
I ordered the Parisienne breakfast which was surprisingly so damn good and also something new to me! I had savory stuffed french toast with sunny side up eggs, toasted brioche, hollandaise sauce (which was rather sweet than acidic but so good), rocket salad and vine tomatos!
The English and Parisienne breakfasts at Wild Honey restaurant! Our dinners were so instagram-able, filling and tasty!
After our mains I was keen on dessert although Pam was rather full so I went ahead and ordered Wild Honey's slice of their warm chocolate brownie served with home made vanilla ice cream! It was absolutely gorgeous and gooey and perfection to any dark chocolate lover!
The chocolate brownie, super dense, moist, slightly gooey, sweet and fragrant! Absolutely fantastic and I'd totally go back for it!
Pam and I in our cozy sofa corner inside Wild Honey restaurant! We had a beauty swap earlier in the day as she had coincidentally won my last giveaway so I gave her the prize for that as well as extra items I picked up just for her! She passed me a lovely bunch of products including some items I would have never thought of picking up for myself!
Taken with Pam's phone, uploaded on her IG account! It was because of her telling me that I NEEDED to get on instagram, that the very next day I set up an account and since have not looked back! Can't believe it took me this long now! Thanks again for getting me started Pam!! *insert laughing crying face*

I can safely say that we had a great evening! It's not a common thing to do, beauty meet ups for me and I'm so glad that we've done so when the opportunity came. Pam and I have quite a bit in common with certain beauty issues so we have plenty to chat about in that field besides just getting to know each other of course. We spent our time chatting about what we've been up to, how things are and just talking about lots of things in between. I'm always grateful to have a beauty crazy friend as I have too few here in Singapore! 

It's not a common thing for the average girls here to wear make up let alone own a basic collection of products so it's not that I'm picky but I have just almost no friends who are as interested in beauty products as me. Overall it was a great evening spent, as we ended up staying and chatting for longer than we had planned! Luckily Pam was staying at a hotel near by further down Orchard road and I directed her to take a short bus ride to cut down on the walking as it was the end of the day, she had heavy bags and had been walking around all day! 

Have you had a beauty blogger meet up before? 
If not, is there anyone you'd like to meet?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. It looks like you had fun! Such a lovely look as well :)
    She is Mary

  2. the canadian beauty blogging network puts on meetups now and then and i've met some other bloggers through blog events! its great to be able to connect with people that care about the same thing as you.
    dude, that food looks AWESOME. i would totally eat up the english breakfast.

  3. Wahhh so exciting! I love meeting bloggers in real!
    Happy you read you had a nice one with Jade c:
    Always fun having long chats at restaurants!
    Xx Ice Pandora

  4. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! Love your flawless makeup Sharlynn! The bright lip colour suits you so well!

  5. Oh Sharlynn, this is such a lovely post *__*
    I had great time spending with you, we definitely need to re do it! I hope I will have the chance to visit Singapore again next year or maybe you to Berlin or to Jakarta ( once I'm back for good next year ^^).
    Thank you for the goodies you gave me, I've tried them all and the Cathy Doll pencil eye liner is the bomb!! it's sooooo soft yet so pigmented and doesn't smudge at all. I'll track it down on eBay to try other shades ^^

  6. Hull, I've never had a beauty blog meetup before! It sounds like a fun experience though, and I love your makeup looks! (The food looks amazing too btw..) Pam's top is so colourful i LOVE IT.
    Junniku blog!

  7. Such a cute night! You look stunning in that lipstick, and I love the fringe on you! It's always fun to meet up with beauty bloggers, I think, especially ones that we've become friends with online :D

  8. How cute!!! You two looked adorable!!! :) glad it was fun and yummy :)

  9. Oh I must go and check out Pam's blog too! What a sweet post! It's so cool that we can make good friends through blogging, and have friends all over the world too!

    I would love to meet you one day as I travel to Singapore at least every 2 years to see my family. I will probably be there next year for CNY! I mentioned before I met Alene from Singapore when she came to Perth and that was great! I would also love to meet up with Laven, Hao and my fellow Bnt girls :)

    Also that food. You kill me every time D:

  10. Awh so cute you girls! I hope one day I'll get to meet you too!

    chloĆ©⎪ status.chlo




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