Sunday, 25 October 2015

Food Post: What I ate during for the month of August! (local Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Tacos)

Yummy, Nommy, Food! Everything delicious or that looks delicious usually tempts me in someway or another but I'll admit I've always been a sucker for savory foods more so than sweet treats! Those who have been following me for a while or who have seen my 'food posts' or posts of days out will know that I love taking photos food. I don't photograph everything though, I find it pointless to photograph everything I eat as not everything is worth documenting or sharing (but I know some people who do!!).

This food post is quite delayed as it's for the month of August! I had so many great food days in August from eating local chinese food at a new coffeeshop near my home, Thai food, really good Japanese, home made tacos, frozen pizzas and more!

Continue below for all the delicious food!
Chinese from Crystal Jade: Braise beef noodle soup, mushrooms and broccoli, sweet and sour pork, charsiew noodle soup and har gao dumplings! Everything was great but we wished the portions were bigger!
Home made breaded chicken tenders, japanese chicken curry, udon noodle stir fry and takeaway chicken rice! Singapore's famous 'chicken rice' is a favorite for both locals and tourist, love the fragrance and taste of the rice!
Home made breakfast (turkey bacon, peas, sausage, baked beans), fried bananas with cheese and chocolate sprinkles, crispy corned beef with rice and fried egg, my boyfriend made me delicious fluffy pancakes with fruits and hand whipped sweet cream!
Thai food at the airport! The spicy kang kong, beef curry and tom yum soup were so delicious! The fried rice however was only okay, too wet and not seasoned enough!
Enjoying local singapore chinese food at a coffeeshop stall near my home!
Salted fish fried rice! This was done so damn well! So tasty from the bits of fish, dry rice and lots of bits of vegetables!
Prawn paste fried chicken wings! A local favorite and classic, it's not chinese food from china but a singapore chinese dish! Super crispy like crazy and so tasty tasty and juicy!
Another Singapore favorite!! Deep fried salted egg yolk coated squid! Oh my, this was amazing beyond belief!! So damn tasty, rich, sweet, crispy and the squid large pieces and super tender! I can't wait to eat this again!
A bowl of tasty wholesome mix beef pho with meatballs, sliced beef, pieces of organ and fresh herbs! Add a bit of fish sauce, chopped chillis and dig in with chopsticks!
Durians! Those outside of asia may not be familiar with this famously 'smelly' and thorny fruit! I've eaten it since I was a child and even though my favorite are bigger fans than me, they also find the smell bad at times but I've always found it smelling sweet and yummy. Here my dad bought whole durians that were ripe and they come apart super easily! These were Mao Shang Wang durians and they were sweet, creamy and a touch bitter, so damn good!
Baked frozen pizzas! I love adding extra ingredients like bacon, pineapple, mushrooms and cherry tomatos! Also I made tiramisu (there was a lot more than just the cup here!) and I had a delicious sparkling rose moscato that was lovely! Totally plan to buy this again!
'Ice gem' biscuits! Singapore has soooooo many local types of biscuits! This is just one of the classics which most Singaporeans have eaten as children! From! They carry a giant range of local crackers!
Sweet iced lemongrass tea! Only wished there was more tea! Fragrant, refreshing and delicious!
Thai crispy battered sliced pork neck with a spicy salty dipping sauce! These strips were so tender and crispy!
Tom yum soup with giant king prawns! This was absolutely perfect and the prawns were huge but for this small two person portion it was pricey! Wish there were more than 3 large prawns!
Thai red ruby dessert! Love this classic made of crunchy water chestnut pieces coated with a jelly served in sweet coconut milk and shaved ice!
A giant honey lime cooler drink from Indobox! This was huge and was so damn refreshing! I wish all drinks came in giant pitchers like this!
Indonesian crispy fried chicken leg with yellow rice! This was so yummy! The chicken was tasty, juicy and so crispy. I only wish there were more curried vegetables and crackers!
Home made banana cakes! Made from a harvest of bananas from our garden! After leaving them to get old I made a dense banana cake in a load shape and a super fluffy banana sponge with a crumble on top!
Japanese eats! A giant juicy chicken katsu, juicy steak over vegetables on a hot plate, half torched salmon sushi topped with mayo and fish roe coated small sushi rolls!
Japanese at one of my favorite restaurants! Sushi Tei! Yakinikudon! Teriyaki sauce cooked tender beef slices with onion and fluffy rice! An absolutely favorite!
Deep fried breadcrumb coated oysters! So delicious, I wish I tried this sooner!
Crispy pork tokatsu! A classic that everyone loves! I personally love all the bits of salad that come with all these dishes and eat it all up!
A mini hot put shabu shabu! The soup stock is amazing, so sweet from leeks and onions, savory but not flat at all! Love all the cooked vegetables and then lightly cooking fatty strips of beef is a perfect addition to the delicious soup!
Hamachi carpaccio! The slices of fish are paired perfectly with the acidic, savory dressing and the thinly sliced onions and sprouts are so perfect. I never eat sashimi or alfalfa sprouts but this is so perfect both the boyfriend and I love this!
Lastly, home made tacos! I've been on a salsa kick for months until recently ever since my boyfriend taught me how to make it, I've been making fresh salsa like a crazy food vendor!
Our spicy, delicious pot of stewed browned beef with black beans and chipotle peppers!
Home made salsa made of tomatos, onions, peppers, coriander, lime juice, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper!
Our home made spicy beef tacos! Perfection with that savory spicy goodness, lettuce, zesty salsa and shredded cheese to top it off! I miss eating this, love the crunch and fun of the taco shells!

What delicious things have you been eating recently?
Are you a fan of any of the food I've featured?
Want to try anything in my photos?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. omg i haven't thought about those ice gem cookies in ages!!! i liked them a lot when i was a kid b/c of the color, i can even still taste them. not sure i would like them now though lol

  2. It all looks yummy! I love seeing food from another part of the world! :)

  3. OMG Sharlynn, I just came back from dinner but I am hungry again now!!! lol
    that pork tonkatsu :9 looks sooooo yummy!!
    Oh and the durian!! I love durian which is a bit bitter :D

  4. I just had dinner and then a snack, but now I'm hungry all over again! Everything looks amazing. I miss having access to a lot of Asian food!

  5. I just had Tom Pasta had Empire Cafe for lunch. Have to admit they're quite good; you may wanna try. xoxo




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