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Review: Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black!

Line your eyes with Canmake! Those who have been reading my blog for any length of time would know that I almost always line my eyes with liquid pen eyeliner for my signature cat winged liner for my eye make up. I've come to love how it looks on me and so it's pretty much something I almost never leave out of my make up routine. I'm always have two eyeliners open, one which is my current holy grail from Kiss me heroine and another from a new brand I'm trying out.

Today's eyeliner was kindly provided to me by a local company which has an online shop called 'T-Supply Company" which carries a modest range of make up products, accessories as well as health supplements! Those in Singapore should check them out as there will be a discount code I'll be sharing with readers at the end of this review!

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Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black!
Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black!
Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black!
Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black!
Packaging & Product!

For those who have purchased asian brand eyeliners, it's not an uncommon sight for a single pencil to come with quite a lot of plastic packaging. Canmake's exterior packaging for this is not excessive, cute and embodies what I know of their brand. Princess-like, girly and feminine in a youthful way. I really appreciate how like many foreign brands sold in Singapore there's english labeling on the back of the product. The eyeliner itself is packaged just like most asian brand brush tip eyeliners. Simple, slender, practical and pretty much the same length and width as others I own.

The product itself at first seemed like the majority of black eyeliners I've owned but after testing it multiple times in different senarios I'm quite impressed. Firstly the brush tip has a great sharp tip that also isn't too long (although this can change with use). The color of the product is a super solid pure black which once dry has a matte finish which is absolutely gorgeous.

Eyeliner addicts who have tried more than a handful of black eyeliners can vouch for me as there are black eyeliners out there that aren't as pure black and come off slightly charcoal or translucent. Canmake's is super opaque black with one swipe. I'm happy to note that this eyeliner dries very quickly and also lasts very well through sweating and being out and about in humid conditions while being worn over eyeshadow. At the end of the day, this eyeliner is easily removed with warm water or regular facial cleanser or eye make up remover!

Swatches of Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black! (One swipe, two swipes and three!)

The best test of this eyeliner was when I wore it out on one day which I was consistently sweating the whole evening and the tips of my wings exposed to dripping sweat only faded slightly. Another day however where I was sweating profusely and patting away at my sweat, one wing disappeared but did not leave any smudging or staining around my eye which I much prefer when it comes to eyeliner wearing off.

This eyeliner really performs very well. I've been recently testing out a black eyeliner of similar fashion from another Japanese drugstore brand and on the same type of day where Canmake's just faded slightly, this other eyeliner just melted off and I had no choice but to clean up the edge where my wings were! 

Wearing Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black! Love how the color is such a matte opaque color!
My eyes lined with Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black from T-Supply Company!
Eyeliner comparison: Kiss Me Heroine's Smooth Liquid Eyeliner, Canmake Strong Eyes Liner and Little Lady Liquid eyeliner!

As seen, all three Japanese brands of eyeliner are almost exact in terms of size and design however they all perform differently. Kiss me heroine is my current favorite which I rely on even for days where I know I will be getting very hot and sticky and wet around the forehead. Canmake however comes in rather close as one of the better eyeliners I've tried in the last year! Little Lady's however has been one of the most disappointing when it comes to lasting powder and it takes forever to dry!

Eyeliner comparison: Kiss Me Heroine's Smooth Liquid Eyeliner, Canmake Strong Eyes Liner and Little Lady Liquid eyeliner!
Wearing Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black!
Paid: *This product was provided for review* 

Retails for $18.90 SGD or $14 US which is the price of almost all other drugstore eyeliners both from asian/western brands.

(This product can be purchased at Watsons or online at

Recommend: Yes! Definitely one of the better eyeliners I've tried in recent times, this eyeliner is super opaque black, has a gorgeous matte finish and can really last through the heat and sweating!

Repurchase: Maybe, although this is great I have a back up to go through first before I consider repurchasing this one!

Bottom line: This eyeliner from Canmake does live up to its claims. It's definitely is a strong eyeliner, the color super rich, opaque in one swipe and lasting through Singapore's horrid humidity makes this eyeliner a keeper. Do check it out if you're in need of an eyeliner!

Those keen on ordering this or any other products from T-Supply Company's website can use the code 'tsupplybedok' for a 15% discount off all products!

What brand of eyeliner are you currently using?
Tried products from Canmake before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Giiiiirl what eyeshadow are you wearing in that first pic!! I absolutely love it!

    1. Hah! I'm wearing blue eyeshadows from my coastal scents smoky palette!

  2. Live your bangs!! You look really beautiful :) My favourite pen eyeliner is the one from KMHM, so it is nice to see that the Canmake Pen comes close to it .

  3. Woah I didn't know Canmake has this kind of pen eyeliner.. Assuming from your review, this one seems like a good alternative for our HG Kiss Me pen eyeliner, but both brands are available now in Indonesia so they're both easy to get at reasonable price as well ( I think even slightly cheaper than SG price ).
    I'll check this out! thanks for the review, Sharlynn ^^

  4. Wow, you look so cute Sharlynn with your bangs, the liner sounds good, my favorite pen eyeliner are from Rouge Bunny Rouge and Maybelline <3 You look beautiful in red lip color <3 Kisses <3

  5. Woww I really live the super opaque black color!
    I might need to try this out after I finish Clio's eyeliner :D

  6. Canmake can do no wrong with the quality and price of their products! So good to see this compares to the other great japanese eyeliners. They are seriously the bomb, I can't see any other type of eyeliner replacing my liquid pens in the future!

  7. I need to replace my CLIO pen one and I'm not sure whether to stick to what I know or try something new. I know Canmake is good for mascara and looking at your pictures, this liner is a winner too.

  8. wow this looks really gooood! I've never tried canmake eyeliners before!!

    Lauren xx |

  9. Nice bangs, dear! Your make-up is red hot! Happy Sunday! xoxo

  10. That is intensely deep! I love how black it applies. Still haven't tried the Heroine Make eyeliner because I'm still on the brush-pot variant :(

  11. Finding a good eyeliner can be quite tricky but this one looks so good! Also I love how fine the first line on your hand turned out! Really precise.

  12. I'm trying 3 different eyeliners right now and it's definitely over kill. They're Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, K - Palette, and Something Eyescream Liner? I can't remember the brand and I can't read the the packaging either hahaha

    It's kind of surprising to me how many Asian brands have brush tip liners because everyone goes bonkers over KVD's liner here just for the brush tip.

  13. I got an Asian liquid liner from a swap last year, and was pretty baffled by the excessive plastic packaging because most of our liners here come in slim boxes, heh. SO WASTEFUL.

    Anyways, really like the sound of this liner! It's obviously not as humid in Canada as it is in Singapore, so I'm sure this will hold up well on me over here...if I get it :D. I challenged myself to wear liquid liner yesterday and IT LOOKED GOOD DESPITE HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO DRAW THE WINGS, so I really should get more practice in!

  14. Hi Dear, mau info aja kalau canmake sekarang tersedia di
    Mampir-mampir ya^^




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