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Review: 4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!

Get colorful with the Impressionists palette! When I was in Bangkok some time ago I made it a point as I always do to check out the make up stores! I always check out the supermarkets, small free standing shops and drugstores as they carry so many more brands and so much more variety than Singapore's drugstores! A store that I totally recommend and am dying to visit again is Beautrium which is where I got this gorgeous palette! They carry drugstore brands from America, Japan, Europe, Thailand and more! 

There were three variations of this palette in store and at the time I wasn't looking for neutrals so I ignored the all neutral one and also wasn't interested in the neutral/colorful palette so I picked this bright one up as I didn't have that many colorful shades in my collection and the swatches were to die for!

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4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!
4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!
4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!
4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!
The palette is what I'd consider large for one that has 8 shadows. It's not that big in size but is very heavy in weight and is also super sturdy!
4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!

Right off the back, the packaging of all of 4U2's make up products are all mostly packaged very simply in black with some products with a colorful printed design on the top. This large palette comes in a black plastic case that's a matte type finish with simple labelling and a swirl print on the cover. The most obvious thing about this palette when you hold it is the weight! This palette is really heavy and it's very bulky for the 8 shadows inside although the ratio of eyeshadow to packaging is appropriate!

The inside cover of the palette has a full sized mirror which is huge for an eyeshadow palette and is large enough to do a full face of make up. The bottom of the palette or plastic overlay piece however did not have any labels or references to the shade names but that's no big deal considering what an amazing deal these palettes were! I've got nothing much to complain about although the weight and bulk of this palette makes it not travel friendly!

4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!
4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!
These shadows are superb! For those not in Asia, you must know before hand that in Asia in general customers at beauty shops or who want to buy beauty products in drugstores/department stores usually will always have access to a sample piece to swatch or at least a show piece. I fell straight in love after swatching every shade from this large palette in the display stand. I firstly love shimmery shades, colorful shades and also smooth shadows and all these shadows made the cut!

Expect, smooth, pigmented, shimmery/metallic finish eyeshadows that are all different and gorgeous! The black shadow is the only one which is matte with silver glitter and is a bit chalky/powdery whereas the rest are smooth and so easy to work with. The shadows blend out beautifully and work well with each other and other finishes of shadows too! I've used all the shades with exception to the black and the yellow gold shade which has a slight green tint I'm not fond of.

All these shades are great to be used with other neutral shades for a wearable colorful look. They are also great for sheer washes of metallic color and are great for packing on for a pop of color! Basically if you're keen on colors and shiny shadows this palette would be a great addition. Not to mention the large amount of product! Each shadow is a heft 2.5 grams of product which is 1 gram more than individual mac eyeshadows!

4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!

4U2 i-Pro Impressionist Professional Eye Make-up Palette!
Paid: 594 Thai Baht or about $24 SGD or $17 USD
Recommend: YES. 4U2 currently has a new version of this palette which I found online on their thailand facebook page. The new version of this palette has 12 shadows instead of 8 and also seem to have one all neutral, one mixed and one with mostly bright shades! If you love smooth and shimmery shadows, this palette is such a steal!

Repurchase: Maybe! If I were to visit Bangkok again, I definitely will visit beautrium to get products I'm interested in that I've yet to try and 4U2 is a brand I'd totally check out!

Bottom line: Smooth, metallic, shimmery and packed full of colors! This palette is such a gem to look at! It's definitely a value for money purchase as well, so do check out the brand 4U2 at Beautrium shops in Thailand if you visit!

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  1. Wow! This is a gorgeous palette. I'm loving the colorful shades and fun finishes. Great score!

  2. Wow the pigmentation looks amazing :O Just look at that black.. really lovely colors in this palette :)
    I would most definitely purchase this if I got the chance to do so :) I love colorful makeup :)
    Here in Finland in our supermarkets etc where they sell makeup there will always be swatches. Well with nail polishes you do not get the option to swatch them yourself, you do however have swatches of nail polishes on swatch sticks :)
    All shadows, all palettes, all foundation, all concealers, all liners, all lipsticks etc have testers out so you can test them before you buy :) I love that concept :)
    I do not however like the fact that we do not carry much of the new stuff here in our stores in Finland. You have to wait for a pretty darn long time for products to reach us... IF they reach us that is ;)

  3. I haven't heard of this brand, but wow, look how pigmented are the eyeshadows?! and the black one really caught my eyes, although the other shades are gorgeous, especially the rose and the pink shades, but I love how the black has full pigmentation and how the shimmer it has.

  4. Cute colors :)

    Maria V.

  5. The palette looks beautiful. The shades are gorgeous.




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