Saturday, 10 September 2011

LOTD: Warm neutrals and black liner (photos!)

Yay! Finally a recent post to go up! I did this look just this morning after realizing that I haven't touched any of my eyeliners in a while. I hate smudged eyeliner on the lower lashline and have been totally avoiding eyeliner there...but I do love how black eyeliner looks on me. Some warm neutrals and mascara and wham! I look Egyptian!

I plan to make pizza today at home with a friend so hopefully that should go well! Yeah, I always love dolling up for friends, gives me an excuse to use make up. Enjoy the look!

Continue below for photos!

Everything I used....except...

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Quick Look: Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail polish in 'Sugar babe' (photos!)

I've been a lover of nail polishes for the last year! I had a neutrals phase and then bright colors and now back to dark, almost black shades. If you love your neutrals with a bit of spunk, Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear in 'Sugar Babe' is a delectable sugary peach that would look lovely on most nails and skin tones.

It comes in an cylindrical bottle, slim compared to other bottles. The product itself is quite long wearing without any top and base coats (which I often/never use) I'd say at least a good 4-5 days no chipping.  I rather touch up tips that've chipped. I find chipped polish with a top coat is thick and touching up then is a hassle.

The color has fine shimmers throughout, it's a pinky peach and has a lovely consistency. I find the brush easy to use, not too thick it's long and flat which is great for smaller nails that take more precision on the sides!

Paid: $13.90 SGD (I think, for 1 bottle UP)

It's not 'cheap' but it's definitely cheaper compared to OPI in Singapore which retails at $23.90 SGD and Nicole at $17.90.

The Face Shop and Skin Food are popular choices in Singapore, plenty of colors, and very affordable! I will have some photos up sometime on my box full of face shop polish!

Love the line...has lovely basic to bold shades...

Overview: L'oreal True Match Liquid Foundation! (3 shades, swatches!)

I've been a fan of pressed powders for the last two years but ever since my skin developed dry patches I've wandered into liquids!

Who says people with oily/combi skin can't use liquid! I've only tried a few and although L'oreal has been on the market for a long time....I've only just in the recent weeks tried it out! I love their True Match foundation! (also picked up extras during a sale at Watsons! Bargain!)

This is a quick review/overview of "L'oreal true match liquid foundation!"

Continue below for the review, swatches and photos!

L'oreal true match liquid foundation in R1 rose ivory, R2 apricot ivory and N4 nude beige!

Things to review!

My blog is relatively low-key. I'm still a highschool student so yeah, I don't often get new things or dare to buy something without reading reviews or testing them out at the store....but I do have a whole bunch of things in my stash that I haven't shared yet!

I tend to procrastinate and then at the same time take way too many photos! So that's to attribute to my slow pace at times. I really want to make this blog a mix of reviews of products, looks, food, gardening and film but at the moment its beauty focused (which is fine with me).

It's actually late and I should be doing history homework but I decided to make this list just to give a little overview of things to come...

  • Make Up Forever (MUFE) aqua eyeliners (I think i have 5)
  • L'oreal True match liquid foundation (3 shades)
  • Rimmel waterproof eyeliner (2 colors)
  • Lancome voyage absolut palette (duty free only)
  • Dior addict lipglosses (a few shades)
  • Dior eight shadow cannage travel palette (duty free only)
  • Lancome limited edition juicy tubes (fabulous little things!)
  • thebalm haul from the summer (at 20% off!)
  • maybelline's smooth gel foundations, mineral line, concealer
  • NYX lipsticks (from a haul)
  • Vichy Skin care and bb cream
  • Lancome bb cream
  • Dior la lipgloss collection (duty free only)
  • FOOD (roasted chicken, meat balls, snacks, all at home cooked!)
  • Nail polish! (I have a whole box of polishes! 99% are from TheFaceShop but I love them)
  • Mascaras! (from the states, types that aren't found in Singapore)
  • Bodyshop shampoo/scrubs

I don't mean to throw names around but these products do have names... 

I also hope to do more looks in my spare time! 

So I'd love to share my thoughts and photos so stay tuned! 

 Thanks for stopping by!

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