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First Post! Review: Clinique long last glosswear SPF 15 (Swatches!)

Hello all!

After suppressing my urges to review the make up products I already own I've decided to give it a try via blog. All the products I review, I have purchased unless stated so and they were not all bought in Singapore (where I live). The reviews/rants are meant to be informative and fun, if you don't like it, go do something you do like.

This is a review of...Clinique's "Long last glosswear SPF15" lip glosses!

I'd bought these five in a collection about a year ago at Duty Free at the Incheon International Airport (South Korea). I don't remember how much they cost at the time but I know that the duty free cosmetics were going at a much cheaper price than in Singapore or in the US. Hence I bought quite a few things...

(Above: From left to right, 03 Knockout Nude, 01 Goldspun, 08 Guavagold, 07 Bonfire, 14 Cabana Crush)


The lipglosses come in tubes with a sponge-tip wand (see below). The body of the tubes are clear (obviously!) and the shiny, reflective tops look a lot like one of Clinique's lipsticks. They are just slightly longer than my middle finger and seem to be a travel friendly size. After multiple applications, being tossed around, there is yet to be much of a 'glossy mess' along the stem of the wand applicator. These tubes are unlikely to ever open and even so the product does not leak out no matter how I shake them without the top.


The lip gloss is highly pigmented as swatched (below) and has quite a thick consistency. These glosses are shimmery/glittery although the multi-reflective shimmer is very fine. It reminds me of the glitter in Dior's (Dior addict glosses), except the shimmer in Clinique's give the colors a golden sheen. It's true to its name as a long lasting product as the thickened jelly like texture made it last for quite a while before a need for reapplication. 

The things I didn't like so much was that over time the glosses got stickier and now smell a bit like  plastic. I'd assume that a person who wants a long wearing gloss with SPF maybe outdoors, playing sports and running around. And therefore although the shimmer is gorgeous, I would hate feeling sweaty and having this gloss bleed or get accidentally wiped across my chin. The gloss has a seems to be 'waterproof' and leaves residue hard to remove. Even after wiping it off and running my hand under water with soap the gloss did not come off properly. In the end I'd also had to use waterproof remover on my lips and hand.

The colors are much shiner in real life! The fine shimmer is also much more visible, giving the colors all a GOLDEN sheen.

From left to right (as in the image), 

03 Knockout Nude is a medium latte brown
01 Goldspun is a light champagne 
08 Guavagold is a light pinky peach
07 Bonfire is a cool medium brownish red (looks very golden brown in tube)
14 Cabana Crush is a very bright dolly/barbie-ish pink (much brighter than in pic)

Conclusion: I personally love the colors and shimmer and SPF, however I've found the texture too sticky at the end of day, giving me trouble removing it! I'd had to resort to waterproof remover to get all traces off my lips. 

I think it's more for people who don't mind the heaviness of the gloss and the shimmer at the same time as well as for those who need something which lasts forever.
I'd give this product a 3.5/5!

Do you mind thicker and stickier glosses? Have you tried these? Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!

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