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Review: Honey Color Neo Cosmo and Beaucon lenses! (brown, hazel, green, gray)

Colored contact lenses! I'm pretty sure that although it's quite obvious in my FOTDs and make up looks that I wear clear regular contacts, it's not often that you'll see me wearing colored contacts on the blog. The same goes for in real life, I don't wear them often although there was a time when I was younger that I did wear colored contacts on a daily basis! In the middle of last year I did a haul of 4 pairs of colors lenses when there was a big sale, all of natural looking designs from the website called "Honey Color" and if I'm not wrong their stock of products are based in Malaysia.

I've always loved 'natural' looking colored contacts, especially hazels and greens. I've even worn bright turquoise colored lenses before which I do miss and may purchase again in the near future! Since I never made the haul post last year, here it is together with my review of all four pairs!

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 Honey Color Neo Cosmo and Beaucon lenses! (brown, hazel, green, gray)
My four pairs of lenses from Honey Color! They all come packaged in very sturdy soft cardboard boxes, each housing the two glass vials with the individual lenses!
The bottom of each box has the basic instructions of how to apply the lenses along with helpful images! I wouldn't recommend any newbie to lenses to simply order them online though! Please go to an optical shop for your first pair!
Inside the box! My colored contacts from Honey Color!
Three pairs that I purchased were from Neo Cosmo and one from Beaucon! I was really attracted to the design and color layering in Neo Cosmo's lenses!
The four pairs I bought! Neo Cosmo Glamour Green, Neo Cosmo Queen Brown, Beaucon Shimmer Gray and Neo Cosmo Glamour Brown!
The free animal cases I got with the lenses! I was actually suppose to get only 3 cases because with a purchase of a certain amount you get one but they threw in one more (not pictured) as I had four pairs (and I had purchased most of them at a deep discount!)
I just used a permanent marker to write an 'L' to indicate the left side!
Opening the vials are a bit tricky and need some strength. First you need to pop open the firm plastic cap.
Then carefully pull it the ring of metal left around the closure off. The last thing is the remove the rubber stopper and to remove the lens!
Top row-bottom row: Beaucon Shimmer Gray, Neo Cosmo Glamour Green, Neo Cosmo Glamour Brown, Neo Queen Brown!
The specifications of the Neo Cosmo lenses! The specs are the same for the Beaucon lens except for the material being PolyHema!
Packaging & Product!

These colored lenses were the first I'd bought in some years! When I was younger I wore daily contacts and colored monthly contacts for several years but haven't owned any colored ones for some time. I had browsed a few popular lens sites before in the last few years but never bothered to get any until I revisited and saw that they were having a massive 50% off sale on most of their products and I just HAD to get some lenses!

From what little I know but from what I've seen on other blogs and their reviews, these lenses are packaged in a very standard fashion. Each lens, so two pieces in a pair come in separate glass vials with a metal cap which can be a bit tricky to remove. After the cap is off, the rubber stopper is all that keeps the bottles sealed which is easy to remove. I actually only qualified for 3 free lens cases as you need to purchase what was about the standard price of one pair of lenses for one free case but I was still given 4 cases for my 4 pairs which was really nice of them!

To be honest I don't have much to say about these lenses except that they are super value for money and are so gorgeous to wear! I've been a regular contact lens wearer (at least 5 out of 7 days a week) for now 10 years. So take my word that if you are familiar with lenses, I'd totally give you the go ahead to buy these lenses. I've never before owned lenses like these that weren't from an optician's shop so the 1 year from opening expiry still is a bit of a mystery. I mean there has to be an actual expiry date right? What if I open these 3 years from purchase, and four years from manufacturing, would it still be considered good for a full year by then?

Wearing the Beaucon Shimmer Gray!
The best way for anyone to understand about these lenses are that although you can but them for fun without any degrees in both sides I would not recommend someone completely new or a beginner to just order lenses online. You really need someone to explain the important details, habits and to show you how to use and handle lenses. 

I personally have astigmatism so I normally will have glasses or my regular clear lenses for those with astigmatism but these lenses aren't catered to my common eye condition so I can't wear them for very long periods of them without my sight feeling a bit strained or my eye sight not seeming as clear or as stable as it would be with my glasses or regular lenses. Hence I only wear these for outings in the daytime when it's nice and bright which helps with not getting the strain as much as when it's dark.

From afar these are the most natural looking of all the pairs! I've also always loved gray against brown eyes, it looks super natural but gives that gleam! Wearing the Beaucon Shimmer Gray!
Next up, the Neo Cosmo lenses with feathered edges! Something new to me but I loved the effect I saw in photos! Wearing the Neo Cosmo Glamour Green!
The feathered edge makes it look more natural than a thick ring around like most other designs and it's not as obvious if one lens is a a bit off in one direction! Wearing the Neo Cosmo Glamour Green!
Natural, brightening and eye catching! Loved this pair! I'm wearing the Neo Cosmo Glamour Brown!

Overall I love how all the lenses look on me, my favorite being the gray and brown pairs! I used to wear gray lenses for months at a time when I was younger as I loved how it looked on top of brown eyes as well as "brown" lenses which always have lighter shades of brown as well as bits of yellow or green which blends extremely well too with naturally dark eye colors!

I've since worn all four pairs and have thrown one away already. I did a terrible job and didn't actually take note of when I opened each pair but I can definitely say for certain that these colored contacts stay moist and comfortable over the months. I wear clear bi-weekly lenses and sometimes by the middle of the second week they get too dry and can't settle onto my eyes immediately so I can compare and say that these definitely retain moisture well and stay comfortable!

Lastly for halloween this year I did a Cleopatra inspired look and wore the last pair, the Neo Queen Brown!
Love how this pair is a mixture of brown, green, yellow and a bit reddish! Wearing the Neo Queen Brown!
Paid: Approx $60 USD or about $85 SGD 

(All 4 pairs were purchased at 50% during a sale and I had free shipping!)

Neo Cosmo lenses (RP $30.90 USD)
Beaucon lenses (RP $25.90 USD)

Recommend: Yes! If you've yet to check out their website do give a go! Especially if you live in Asia or SEA, the shipping is super fast! I love these particular designs for how natural they look and that they remain so comfortable to wear even after months of being open!

Repurchase: Maybe, I totally would love to try other colors from the Neo Cosmo line as I love the feathered outer ring design! They do have great sales now and then so I may pick up another pair or two in the future!

Bottom line: These lenses are just beautiful! If you're a fan of natural but brightening and eye catching designs that aren't too striking, crazy or bold, the Neo Cosmo line is totally for you! Beaucon lenses are a tad more bold still blend gorgeously against dark eyes! These lenses retain moisture very well and I appreciated getting the cute cases for each pair I purchased!

What's your favorite color/brand of contact lenses?
Do you wear lenses regularly?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I'm always too scared to try these but they look so cool! They'll look sooo good with my cosplay costumes haha! They look really natural and pretty on you!

    Macarons and Mischief

  2. LOOOOOVE Queen Brown and Glamour Brown on you! They're natural looking but brighten up your eyes and make them stand out so beautifully.

  3. The lenses look amazing on you and the lens cases are so damn cute.

  4. This is my first time seeing you wear colour contact lens, I love the brown one, it looks so natural and pretty on you ^-^




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