Thursday, 17 December 2015

Deepen purple taupe smokey eyes using Urban Decay's Smoked palette!

Purple taupe smokey eyes! Whenever I hear "smokey" I either think of meat like BBQ or grilled meats or make up looks! I mean, I literally can't help thinking of eyeshadow looks! I tend to always go for a brown smokey eye but recently have been practicing my black smokey eye which has been going really well. However I wouldn't do such a dark look often for daily wear and even for special occasions I prefer something with more complexity like what I did in this post!

I used the shades from my favorite Urban Decay Smoked palette and created this purple toned taupe smokey eye look! Not your typical brown, gray or black smokey look but just as gorgeous and super wearable for any occasion! Check out my review of the Urban Decay Smoked Palette here!

Continue below for my entire look!
Deepen purple taupe smokey eyes using Urban Decay's Smoked palette!
Deepen purple taupe smokey eyes using Urban Decay's Smoked palette!
Deepen purple taupe smokey eyes using Urban Decay's Smoked palette! (Kinky as a highlight, mushroom on the lid, barlust and rockstar in the crease and backdoor and blackout in the outer V!)
On my cheeks is my favorite bright peachy blush from Bourjois in Brun Cuirve!
My completed look! Smokey but wearable and super gorgeous!
Love that shimmer on the lids! Nothing better than super sparkly eyeshadows!
On my lips was a mixture of NYX round lipstick in Hades and YSL radiant lipstick!
Products used: Maybelline Color Tattoo, Shu Uemura Porearaser, Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, Urban Decay Smoked Palette, Bourjois Blush, Cyber Colors Natural powder, Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer, Kiko Long lasting stick eyeshadow, Lady Oscar eyeliner, Maybelline the Rocket mascara, NYX round lipstick, YSL rouge radient lipstick
The pair of lashes I cut in half and added onto my eyes to complete my look! This brand is my favorite which I buy at Sasa or you can find their entire line online at!
When out that evening, I walked past the Japanese make up section at Watsons and saw that my favorite brand of eyeliner/mascara was having a 15% off their new eyeshadow palettes!
We shared a red beef curry! It was sweeter than we'd both like but still was delicious! If only it had more bits of vegetables!
Fried rice noodles! This dish was only okay as the vegetables were obviously just boiled and then tossed in, instead of being fried together!
A seafood tom yum! Spicy, tasty and filled with bits of squid, fish and prawns!
The most juicy, crispy and tasty pandan chicken ever! Love theirs the best! Two pieces is never enough and we did end up ordering two more!
My look for the night! Something sparkly, smokey and not too heavy! Add some purple and taupes into the next smokey eye you try!

How often do you wear a smokey type of eye look?
Do you prefer a brown or black smokey eye?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Absolutely loving this look on you, hun! and that food looks so yum!
    I wear a natural smokey eye almost everyday! (I know, a bit of an addict lol!) and I personally prefer a brown smokey eye on myself :).

    Ploy | x

  2. Lovely look, Sharlynn!!
    and the food OMG. I don't really like thai food but I do love tom yum soup and pandan chicken, so yummy!

  3. Gorgeous look! The food looks yum! :)

  4. What a lovely eye look! Love using purple for smokey eyes and what yummy food as well!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  5. I love the lip combination and your eye looks is gorgeous too, I haven't seen anyone talk about the UD Smoke Palette x Oooh and those food looks delicious Sharlynn x

  6. Love the purple and tape in the smokey eye, that looks great!

  7. I swear every colored blush looks good on you. I always shy away from the idea of a smokey eye coz its so intense. My mum gt me to pick up the new naked smokey palette for her in the states and I have to admit it looks reallllly pretty. Maybe one day I'll work up the courage to do a smokey eye.

    chloé⎪ status.chlo




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