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Review: Cathy Doll Gluta Arbutin Peeling Gel Ocean Salt Essence!

Scrub up with Ocean Salt Essence! For those who didn't know or didn't see my travel posts, when I went to Bangkok back in January of this year I headed straight to my favorite korean beauty shop Karmart! They stock a few popular korean brands as well as the Thai brand 'Cathy Doll' which has many of their products produced in Korea! I'm absolutely a lover of Cathy Doll as they carry so many interesting skincare products, everything which is so damn affordable!

Karmart has now expanded their online store from just being for thailand to websites several region countries (check out their site here). To check out their full range on their Thai webstore just click 'continue' without choosing a country. The Singapore site has a very small range of products but I'd totally recommend checking it out or the local shops listed carrying their products! The best of course would be to buy when visiting Bangkok!
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Cathy Doll Gluta Arbutin Peeling Gel Ocean Salt Essence!
Cathy Doll Gluta Arbutin Peeling Gel Ocean Salt Essence!
As the majority of Cathy Doll's products are produced and formulated in Korea all of their products have both korean and english. Do keep in mind that Cathy Doll is a proud Thai brand!

Cathy Doll Gluta Arbutin Peeling Gel Ocean Salt Essence!
Packaging & Product!

Beware and be ready!! All of the packaging of Cathy Doll's products are super cute, colorful and fun! They all also have cartoons of girls usually in the back of their skincare products along with the instructions. As this product has the name 'ocean salt essence', the design on the tube shows two girls on a sandy beach with the ocean in the background! There's this interesting before and after on the front of the tube saying '1 Min Blink' which two shades of different colors showing the apparent difference the product will have on your skintone!

This product claims to remove dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and to brighten/whiten the skin. Out of the tube this peeling gel is a thick aloe gel consistency. It's cool to touch and has a transparent blue tint, it smells of an unscented product type scent and smells slightly salty. There are also small beads but there are very few throughout the product. When applied to dry skin like the limbs and rubbed I found there was very minimal skin peeling compared to other peeling gels. 

In terms of being a scrub or a cleanser that gets to the 'deep in the pores', that isn't the case with the texture of this product. I really enjoyed using this product but it cannot be counted on for exfoliating the skin properly. If this product made the skin peel more or had more granules it would be a better exfoliating type product. However I did find it nice to use after getting a tan and my skin was sensitive.

Cathy Doll Gluta Arbutin Peeling Gel Ocean Salt Essence!
Cathy Doll Gluta Arbutin Peeling Gel Ocean Salt Essence!
Cathy Doll Gluta Arbutin Peeling Gel Ocean Salt Essence!
Paid: 295 Thai Baht or about $11.60 SGD

(This is the regular price, I believe I had a slight discount as I have membership!)

Recommend: Maybe, as this product is a novelty product. It's a fun product, it looks cute, the idea of how it's suppose to work is great but the product doesn't really exfoliate or peel as it's meant to. If you have the extra bit of budget to spare I'd pick up something like this to try but not if you really want a good body cleanser!

Repurchase: Nope, this product isn't worth another shot. It was fun to use while it lasted but doesn't do anything effective as its meant to.

Bottom line: A super cutesy packaged and fun easy to use product. It's something to try maybe if you've never tried any peeling gels but then again this one doesn't peel much so I'd skip it just on that one. The brand Cathy Doll however has an amazing range of products so do check them out if you're in Bangkok or check them out (online here!)

Have you tried any peeling gel products for the face or body?
Do you own anything from the brand Cathy Doll?
Let me know!

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  1. Cathy Doll, sounds so cute ^^ especially the design on the packaging o.o picture of the bum at the back is funny ~ Peeling gel is probably not a product that I would try, again... I did tried some Korean brands peeling gel in the past and the feeling off my skin coming off bits by bits is so scary.

  2. I love peeling gels! Cathy Doll is out of reach here but I think I'm on the hunt for one now.

  3. Ocean Salt Essence sounds so invigorating, dear! Love the affordable price too! xoxo

  4. Ah too bad this one is not a hit. I have tried several Cathy Doll products ( thanks to you! ) and all of them have been really nice ^^ ( There's actually 1 Cathy Doll shop in Jakarta but sadly located very far from where I live, and since we don't have MRT here, it's almost unreachable with car due to the heavy traffic. LOL ).
    Ocean salt sounds great and fancy, too bad it was not properly executed..

  5. Cathy Doll! Never heard but sounds like a cute girly beauty brand
    with cute packaging c: too bad it didn't exfoliate or peel as it should be :o
    Xx Ice Pandora

  6. Well, I love that you're honest. I think it's hard for some people to say to not try a product because it doesn't work well. This is a bold post. Thank you.


  7. The packaging is cute and ahhhh I would love to go back to Bangkok one day, it's been over 10 years since I last went and your hauls are amazing! Have you tried cure aqua gel? That's hands down my favorite peeling product and I use it weekly!

  8. Good review! The packaging definitely is soooo adorable! But if it's not effective, only good for a one time purchase haha. The product looks verrrryyy refreshing though, would be really nice in the summer

    Raincouver Beauty




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