Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Mega Empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! (Jan to July 2015)

Super empties time! Many of us beauty crazed ladies find a certain sense of pleasure when we hit pan, finish up and throw out a product! I've really been doing a really good job the last year making sure to use up products before buying new ones to add to my collection. Today's post is a compilation of beauty and skincare products which I've either used up or cleared out. I've got so much in this post so do expect the same amount of empties that some people might throw out in a few years!

Feel free to scroll through my post just to see what I've thrown out! I don't expect people to read everything I've written when it comes to a mega empties post but if you are keen on how I felt about the individual products I have very briefs notes below!

Continue below for the huge empties!
Mega empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! (Maybelline, Biore, Innisfree, Clean&Clear, Daiso, Bourjois, Canmake, Urban Decay, Aqua label)
The Bad: Maybelline BB pact (it's not terrible but the texture just doesn't work well for my combination skin and with the super humid weather), Vaseline rose lip (I like classic vaseline but this has a horrendous too waxy texture that doesn't do anything)

The Neutral: Innisfree Apple cleansing oil (smells great, feels nice, removes normal make up but not my usual waterproof mascara), Aqua Label whitening essence (light, easy to layer but I can't tell that it's helping at all)

The Good: Clean & Clear toner (a favorite alcoholic one that's effective), Indonesian cucumber toner (lovely light smell, a solid medium alcoholic toner), Natriv powder (great cheap thai brand powder), Canmake powder (super fine textured, performs great), Urban Decay 24/7 pencil (amazing pigment, creamy, waterproof, long wearing but it's old and dried up), 

Cathy Doll apple lip balm (great sweet green apple scent, moisturizing and not waxy/sticky), Biore pore pack (my holy grail which is great to use multiple times a week), Bourjois Healthy mix gel foundation (great quality, medium coverage, lightweight but this bottle is waaaay to old), Daiso detergent (super effective brush cleaner)

Mega empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! (Biore, Mane n Tail, Palmolive, Hada Labo, Kiss Me Heroine, Eskinol, Wardah)
The Bad: Wardah Soft Body Scrub (an indonesian brand, this smelled like melted plastic, felt greasy and thick and was horrible)

The Neutral: Hada Labo cleansing oil (super gentle, even in the eyes but it doesn't remove my mascara) and Honey lip balm (slightly waxy but super moisturizing, love how it smelled but it didn't work as well as others)

The Good: Biore eye & lip remover (my current favorite bi facial remover), Mane & Tail gentle clarifying shampoo (perfect for the greasy days), Palmolive body gel (the scent of this is potpourri perfection), Eskinol papaya toner (lovely scent and super effective), Canmake marshmallow powder (super fine and long lasting)

A staple that's always in my beauty cabinet are Biore's pore strips! I use them about twice a week and less when my pores are really clean. Here is an example of the gunk I can get out after not using any for two weeks!
Mega empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! (Herbal Essence, Dove, Organix, The Body Shop, Daiso)
The Neutral: The Body Shop's Olive Body scrub (love the intensity of it and scent but not what I'd repurchase), Indonesian Lulur Bali scrub (a lovely coconut sugar scrub which smelled lovely but wasn't amazing), Yadah Aloe gel (advertised to be more special than what it actually is which is an aloe gel with little beads), Herbal Essence Lavender Honey conditioner (I absolutely am crazy about the scent but found that it made my scalp feel greasy)

The Good: Dove intense repair (a classic that truly softens and smoothens my ends), The Body Shop's rainforest balancing shampoo (an intense cleansing shampoo that smells like fresh sweet dew), Daiso sponge detergent (cheap, effective, a constant repurchase)

Mega empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! A fruity Addidas deodrant spray (loved this and I used it mostly as air freshener), Biore pore pack (a staple, I buy this year after year), Maybelline white superfresh powder (love the color and texture but this never felt matte on my skin and I threw it out before finishing it), Maybelline baby lips (I've purchased all of them twice and they're great for day to day use), Heavy Rotation eyeliner (solid pigmentation and quality but not a repurchase)
Mega empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties!

All of these products were good! Loved the Cathy Doll peeling scrub and the honey body wash for their ease of use. Daiso's detergents are staples just like the Biore eye and lip remover. The conditioners from Organix are repurchases as they really make my hair silky smooth. Bioderma's sebium toner has been a favorite of mine for a few years although I don't plan on repurchasing. The St. Ives scrub smelled amazing and was super effective. My cheap konjac sponge really is nice to use with my cleanser and the singapore made removing wipes are still the cheapest and best wipes I've used! The mini sized shu Uemura cleansing oil was better for my face than for eye make up remover but was a great product to try.

Mega empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! Here are a bunch of make up products which I've either had for years and need to go or were items I've never really used!
The Peripera BB cream and The Face Shop BB creams are amazing but they're pulling the 5 year mark now so they have to go! Also the MUFE primer was so meh as I really didn't need it in green and it was passed to me so I'm not sure how old it is as well. The nyx jumbo pencil I rarely used and the Urban Decay one dried up one me but it's amazing. The Itcosmetics mascara was lovely although the tip broke off, the eyeliner wasn't the most pigmented and the play choux highlighter primer wasn't for me.

Mega empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! (Herbal Essence, Cathy Doll, Nivea, Avene, Alpha H, Soap & Glory, Shu Umuera)

Everything in this batch was good too! The shampoo and conditioner are favorites of mine from Herbal Essence and I actually have repurchased that classic rose hip shampoo and plan to get the raspberry conditioner. The Cathy Doll scrub was such a delight to use and I wish I bought another one as well as the Soap & Glory body buff product which smelled and felt so good. The Nivea liquid deo is a favorite of mine but not the exact one I used here up, their whitening toner was a great everyday toner when I'm home all day but nothing too special. 

Avene's gel cleanser wash smells lovely to me and left my skin feeling great and not producing as much oil but it's such an expensive product I've only repurchased it recently after a whole year! Lastly this micro cleanser from Alpha-H is a game changer which I've repurchased in a jumbo tube and will be reviewing. It really is like having a facial in a tube!

Mega empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! (Herbal Essence, Alba bontanica, Hada Labo, Essential, Aqua Label, ever Soft, Milk Plus)
Everything in this batch was good too with the exception of the toner from Alba botanica where I found the smell nothing like what it was suppose to be like. It smelled a bit medicinal, dusty and also didn't leave my skin feeling as fresh or oil free for as long as my normal toners. I totally am in love with how the Herbal Essence conditioner makes my long thick hair feels as well as the Essential hair mask which I use on the ends of my hair. 

I've been repurchasing Hada Labo's milk lotion and AHA and BHA wash for years but now am trying other milks. Aqua Label's cleanser however will forever be a repurchase as it works amazing just as well as Shiseido's purifying cleansers. The Eversoft scrub is an old favorite too, I love how fine the scrub is and how it's so effective. Lastly the milky plus cleanser was quite yummy to use, it smelled like vanilla cream and left the skin squeaky clean!

Mega empties: Six months of skincare and beauty empties! (Shu Uemura, Maybelline, Biore, Alpha-H, Nivea, The Face Shop, Cutex)
The last portion of empty products from my six month empties! I've finished up two more deluxe sized cleansing oils from Shu which I got in a set when in Bangkok Airport. In this batch, everything is pretty much straightforward and worked very well for me. The nose strips from The Face Shop are actually the ones I go for when my nose is super gunked up instead of Biore's.

I don't expect everyone who opens this to read everything as I realize my empties is filled with many mundane staple items and also A LOT of items! I'm glad just to share with everyone what I've used up and since thrown out! I really have been doing a great job using up lots of products the last year before buying new items so here's my bounty! It's all long been thrown out but I feel like a proud mother of all my used products!

Did you expect to see these many items in my empties?
Have you been using up your beauty products?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Definitely a good month for empties :)
    I have tried only a couple of the products you mentioned, so I'll see and check the others out!
    She is Mary

  2. WOW Sharlynn, you emptied out so MANY products!!! I barely empty anything except for cleansing / make up remover products. lol. Even mascaras, I just throw them away after 3 months, and most of the mascaras I threw, were still half full, only dried up xD
    I need to shop my stash and use up the products instead of keep buying new stuffs, lol.

    Btw, on the side note, I see you love the Daisho detergent to clean brushes and sponges right? Do you have the Cussons Imperial Leather bar soap in sg? That soap is AMAZING. It cleans beauty blender throughly and very fast. That soap is cheap too and more effective compare to the Daisho one.

  3. Nice work! I will have to look into those Face Shop pore strips :)

  4. Wow awesome empties, Organix shampoos and biore strips feature regularly in my empties.

  5. Holy moly! Too many products! So many of them are not available in India :(

  6. Whoa, I'm super impressed with how you finish up your products. Even with six months, I hardly ever finish anything because I'm always hoarding my products. This has definitely inspired me to up my game and finish off my things, especially so I can pick up some of these great products you recommend :)

    Sartorial Diner

  7. Wow! Great job on all the empties Sharlynn, such inspiration to get through all my products/samples. I have a sample size of the Avene gel cleanser and I love it! That Alpha-H sounds awesome!!! Can't wait to read your review :)
    You really love the makeup brush detergent from Daiso! I'll have to check that out maybe after my trip.

    chloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

  8. Hi Sharlynn,

    What a timing that everything finishes at about the same time. Time to do more shopping! You must be like Yippee :p


  9. That's a whole bunch of empties.

  10. Hi, Sharlynn!

    Thanks for sharing this post! I find a lot of the products interesting and I can't wait to try them out. I'm particularly interested in The Face Shop's pore strips. Which of the products you've used so far leaves your skin feeling firm? Let me know please. :)

    Oh, and you might want to check out my website Skin Tightening Sage. I hope you'd be able to pick up some useful info from there. Cheers!

    Skin Sage




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