Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Special: First proper Halloween Trick or Treating with the Boyfriend's family!

Halloween 2015 Special! Yes, I know Halloween has long come and past but I didn't get around to writing up my post until now! The photos are all from the 31st itself when I joined my boyfriend, his brother and dad on their first trick or treating around a neighborhood in north Singapore that has its roads closed off every year for about the last decade in Singapore just for on October 31! It's the only place in Singapore where you can actually go trick or treating as if your kids showed up at any random homes around Singapore on Halloween day, nobody will have candy, treats or anything to give you because it's not something practiced here at all!

I've gone trick or treating only once ever in my life before this and it was at an apartment compound I stayed at where many of the residents agreed to give out treats. For this occasion I knew I wanted to do a special make up look and after a quick search for inspiration I settled on a ventriloquist doll look!

Continue below for our Halloween night out!
Halloween special! My ventriloquist doll make up and proper trick or treating!
Close up on my ventriloquist eye make up! Complete with a false waterline, fanned out upside down lashes for that wide eyed creepy look!
Just a wash of neutral shadow on the lids and regular winged eyeliner to connect with the bottom, topped off with a plush pair of upper lashes!
The completed look! Big big eyes, a lot of blush, contoured apples of the cheek, along the nose and lines from my mouth to complete the doll look! I could use improvement in the mouth area but everything else went great!
The matte brown shades I used on my face for the nose and face contour! I didn't have any darker cream shadows, concealers or foundation to use so I had to go in with these eyeshadows which was a tad bit difficult.
The two blushes I used for my cheeks for those bright pink dolly cheeks! Both from my Make Over blush palette from Indonesia! These blushes are literally the best affordable blush I've ever used.
Products used: Urban Decay De Slick make up spray, ZA two way powder foundation, Revlon matte (for brows), Kate powderless liquid foundation, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, NYX Slide On eyeliner, Kiss me heroine eyeliner, Art Deco brow gel, Kiss me heroine mascara, Sleek contour kit, Babyface gel eyeliner, Maybelline color tattoo!
My hair up in pig tails! I tried to curl them but as usual my thick hair is resistant to heat and curling and all I get are these sloppy waves! Oh well!
Giving ya'll that LOOK because all I want to do with the false waterlines, contoured cheeks, nose and pig tails is just to stare at people!
Trying to be cute but it's sorta hard with eyes like these! Surprisingly simple and fun make up actually! This was the first time I attempted the look!
Posing with my boyfriend and his brother! I helped to turn him into a little bloody vampire! Although I wanted to kill somebody because the cheap halloween store bought make up was terrible to work with so I was glad I brought various things to mix and use!
A family photo before we headed off to the neighborhood way up in north Singapore closed off for trick or treating!
The scene on the streets up north when we arrived! There is an entire area around the houses participating where roads are closed off and police officers and land transport officers are around to control traffic and keep watch as there are literally thousands of people who will come through as reported by our local newspapers!
The streets inside the estate filled with people! There were plenty of generic outfits as well as some ingenious ones such as a minecraft block, a kraft food product box, puzzle pieces and families in themed outfits!
The streets were packed in some areas! Especially the areas that were nearest to the main road streets around the neighborhood!
Many of the houses in the closed off area were very well decorated! Some were so creative, some simply festive, others creepy perfection! I've never seen so many houses decorated so well so close to each other!
Packed with people! So many children, teenagers and families! The number of kids with too much candy was insane!
Just another one of the really well dressed up houses!
Supper afterwards before heading home! A delicious mutton murtabak, fried chicken and prata and achar pickles!
Happy happy belated Halloween everyone! I know this is so late but I really wanted to share this fun night with everyone! Hope you enjoyed my look!  Check out my cleopatra inspired make up look too here!

What were you up to on Halloween night?
Did you dress up that day?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. WOW, that is a lot of people! That's pretty cool that they closed off a special area for trick or treating!

  2. I love this! It makes a great last minute costume and these colors / products are usually in everyone's stash.

    I haven't gone trick or treating in so long but the areas you went to looked so packed! I've never seen places that packed here before. Looks super fun!

  3. So cool that you got to celebrate, the decorations look amazing and I love your costume x

  4. You did an amazing job sweetie :)
    Love all of your costumes and I love the makeup you did on yourself and on your boyfriends brother :)
    You sure seem to have had a wonderful night :)

  5. Love love love the makeup!! I was a red riding hood on Halloween this year xD
    I am more a christmas person, but Halloween is fun too! It's not widely celebrated in Germany but we had a small house party with some friends which was so much fun :D

  6. OMFG, the hoard of people in costumes looks like something you'd see at a comic convention, L O L
    BUT YOUR LOOK. IT'S CREEPY AND ODDLY PRETTY. It's so weird to hear about trick or treating happening in a designated location though, since...wouldn't that suck for the house owners? LOL. LIKE, HOW MUCH CANDY WOULD THEY HAVE TO BUY AND GIVE OUT???

  7. WOW! Amazing makeup! We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia but I got to experience my first Halloween in the States and it was nuts! I think this year my friend is keen to do a halloween party!

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