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Rave Review: Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!

Get your Blush On! Blush, rouge, color for the cheeks...whatever you call this stuff of magic, I LOVE blush and never thought when I was younger that I be such a blush fiend and addict! Those who are familiar with my make up looks would know how much I love my rouge and how I like to sculpt my face with blush instead of contour or highlight. Here I bring to my blog literally one of the best blush buys I've ever made. Purchase while on holiday with my boyfriend in his hometown Bandung, Indonesia, this palette has full sized blushes and cost the equivalent of one blush in Singapore!

I've always been jealous of how my neighboring countries like Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia all have lots of local make up and skincare brands. This brand which I came across 'Make Over' has an amazing range of brightly colored eyehsadows and lots of range in all their other categories of make up! I just couldn't resist walking into their stand alone store and browse leading to this!

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Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!
Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!
Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!

Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!
Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!

The entire range of make up by the brand Make Over are all packaged in black plastic. To me on first impressions, their range of products look like MAC with that simple black look. This palette is a shiny plastic and I really like how the name of the palette covers the entire lid. The piece has all the ingredients listed on the exterior box which is much appreciated. Size wise, this palette is of a medium size and is very slim, it doesn't feel the sturdiest though so I'm not sure of how it would survive a fall. The only thing that I would improve on with the packaging is a mirror on the lid inside, it would be so useful and I'd use it while traveling!

Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!

Where do I begin? Once a upon a time, Sharlynn waked into a stand alone Make Over store in Paris Van Java mall in Bandung Indonesia...and then she spotted the blushes and swatched a couple single ones and then decided to ask for two shades...and then the sales girl told me one shade was out of stock and then asked me about the blush palette which costs the same as two singles and had every shade they sold....and then you know the rest!

Basically I was mesmerized by the blush on swatch. These blushes are so damn buttery smooth and have the softest light glowy quality despite being matte blushes! I have never bought any matte blushes on purpose but these were just so amazing that when I realized the entire palette was the cost of two singles, I couldn't skip it. This palette contains all 8 shades which they also carry as larger size singles. 

Right from the start I realized that the range of colors really suit the range medium to deeper skintones of Indonesia people and I could totally imagine how the warm earthy brown and reddish tones would be so complementary on darker tanner skinned ladies. However I thought to myself that the shades aren't unsuable for me and I knew that I'd try using all of them and I since have used most of them! I only really wished there was one more pinky type shade but otherwise the neutrals from this palette are just stunning and I have nothing like them in my collection.

Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!

These blushes due to their super buttery soft texture apply beautiful, blend out flawlesssly and just look airbrushed onto the face. I couldn't ask for a better formulation for these bad boys! As seen from the swatches they all have this slight sheen but in person they're definitely considered mattes. 

The majority of these shades would work well for lighter skinned ladies but I definitely would recommend this to those of medium to deeper skintones. The only shades I haven't used too much of is the reddish rusty shade (below) and the straight up cool brown (below). To make all the shades work, I usually mix the lighter ones with a touch of the deeper ones!

Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!
Wearing the two pink shades from Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!
Wearing a peach shade from Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!
Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette!
Paid: 259,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) or about $25 SGD or $18 USD

This price for the amount of product/quality/variety is INSANE! That's like the price of some single drugstore blushes in Singapore!

Recommend: YES. HELL YES. If you are visiting/live in Indonesia or manage to find this palette online it's worth every penny and more. If you're someone of medium to a deeper skintone or fancy a range of terracotta earthy toned blushes with a demi-matte finish, you NEED this palette. Also if you love blush in general and will use/try shades you've not tried before this is totally worth your time!

Repurchase: Nope. I've basically bought every shade that Make Over sells! All 8 shades they sold individually in store come in this palette!

Bottom line: Coming from someone who owns mostly shimmery/satin blushes this palette of matte blushes are complete gold! They are so buttery, so flawless on application, so pigmented and work so nicely even on my light skintone! I'm so glad I went ahead and bought this palette instead of the two single blushes I was going to get!

Do you love matte or satin buttery blushes?
Heard of Make Over before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Wow! They all look so pretty and pigmented! You have all the colours you need in blush in one palette!

  2. Wow what a great deal! And I laughed at your story- you really are a blush fiend! I think pink blushes look amazing on you and make you look so glowy and healthy. I am going to Bali next week (OMG can't wait!) do you think they will have Make Over products there? Can you recommend any other brands to get?

    I have browsed around on Thailand trips before, but because I hadn't heard of any of their brands before, I kind of didn't 'trust' them. After seeing your reviews, I really want to try some out!

  3. The shades are very pretty. Liking the brown shades a lot.

  4. I love the pinky brown shades. It's so beautiful. What a gorgeous palette!!!

  5. I love the color on far right of top row, that shade is so beautiful, it reminds me of MAC Girl About Town lipstick!

  6. WOWWW!! This palette looks amazing and what an incredible selection of colors?! I have no idea where to begin with what shades I like. I love the two pinks on the top row but that RED in the bottom row?!

    Such value and completely made for a blush fiend like you. I feel like we rarely see you in peaches but it looks so lovely on you!! LOVE!

    chloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

  7. OMG. Those swatches. OMG. I would have done EXACTLY what you did and bought them all!




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