Friday, 31 July 2015

Coffee and cake meet up and dinner in Chinatown!

Coffee, cake and catching up! Back a few years ago when my family and I returned to Singapore permanently after having lived in several countries in asia I arrived back at my home city without any childhood friends or adult friends at all. School wasn't easy at first but being at the age I was at I knew I had to get on with things as it was my last two years of highschool. The best and most important person I got to know through highschool is my now boyfriend of 3 years. 

Close behind was this teacher we meet up with some weeks ago. He was my boyfriend's teacher and friend for some years and I didn't even have any classes with him however he was one of the most 'human', friendly, honest and kind soul in the school we attended which was full of people but few who were willing to be genuine. Due to the time I spent with my then friend (now boyfriend) at school, I met and got to know this teacher and now he's still a friend we can talk to and confide in!

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Meeting up with an ex-teacher over coffee and cake! Plus a dinner in Chinatown!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 04 Rose Tweed!

Rouge Edition pour les lèvres!  For those who aren't familiar with any french, that means 'Rouge Edition for the lips'. In french however 'rouge' means red but also can be mean lipstick in french too. Bourjois is a very long established brand with many great products. They don't have the largest range of products and neither do they have the most variety but many of their products are top notch or totally worth trying!

Bourjois has had many lip products, most which are raved about but this was my first lipstick from them! I was swatching various neutral looking shades from their lipstick ranges and settled on this as I thought the creamy pink tone would make for a great easy to wear lip color!

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Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in 04 Rose Tweed!

Monday, 27 July 2015

10 Things: Beauty products I have repurchased again and again!

Things I repurchase again and again! All beauty lovers tend to have an honest curiosity when it comes to what other gal pals use. I've found myself many times in the past and still now browsing "top" beauty products lists or wanting to know what are "must haves" for some girls or "holy grails" as those products get their place on lists like that for being at least good right? Today I bring you 10 beauty products that I have purchased many times over and truly love!

On my blog I've created a series called "10 Things", check out other posts from this series like my Beauty Mistakes, Things I love Eating, All round Pet Peeves and Things I wish I knew about Make up as a Teen!

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10 Things: Beauty products I have repurchased again and again!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Home made hot and sour soup, meat pie and tiramisu!

Soup, a pie and tiramisu! For many months my boyfriend has had cravings for hot and sour chinese soup and finally the other month I cooked the soup for my entire family to enjoy at home! It's actually super easy to make and you can decide what ingredients to add besides the basics! Also I brought a mince meat filling which my boyfriend and I stewed for hours with wine and stock to make a fresh pie for my boyfriend's family as well as a tiramisu for dessert!

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Home made chinese hot and sour soup, fried tofu skin appetizer, mince meat pie and tiramisu!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Holiday Special: Day 5 in Bali, Indonesia! (April 2015)

Casual Brunch, retreat to Ubud and Babi Guling! Today I bring you day 5 from my week long holiday in Bali! Day 5 was a relaxing day much like the previous day except that we moved from our beach side hotel in Kuta to our Villa room in Ubud which I booked through Airbnb! Ubud which is known as the cultural and arts center of Bali, it also is much more peaceful and so easy to get around on foot. 

We were also very satisfied with the accommodation we booked as the compound looked like a lush jungle and was gorgeous. Despite being a far from Ubud's center by foot, we had transport which took about 10 minutes one way from our accommodation that would send/pick us up as long as we told them 30 minutes in advance.

Check out my (first two days here) where we visited the beach and (day 3 and 4 here) where we went snorkeling and had a seafood dinner on the beach! For those keen on my travel post when I visited (Krabi, Thailand see here!)

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Holiday Special: Day 5 in Bali, Indonesia! (April 2015)

Friday, 17 July 2015

Review: Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black!

Line your eyes with Canmake! Those who have been reading my blog for any length of time would know that I almost always line my eyes with liquid pen eyeliner for my signature cat winged liner for my eye make up. I've come to love how it looks on me and so it's pretty much something I almost never leave out of my make up routine. I'm always have two eyeliners open, one which is my current holy grail from Kiss me heroine and another from a new brand I'm trying out.

Today's eyeliner was kindly provided to me by a local company which has an online shop called 'T-Supply Company" which carries a modest range of make up products, accessories as well as health supplements! Those in Singapore should check them out as there will be a discount code I'll be sharing with readers at the end of this review!

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Canmake Strong Eyes Liner in Super Black!

Monday, 13 July 2015

Warm purple eyes using 1028 and Nars shadows! (Vietnamese snacks, chinatown dinner)

First look using Nars dual intensity shadow! For those who have had the privilege to own high end products, Nars is a familiar name! Known for their blushes, lip pencils, sheer glow foundation and now their dual intensity eyeshadows and audacious lipsticks! I've yet to buy anything from nars despite the brand becoming available in Singapore in recent years. The products are really marked up, with many items more expensive than similar items from Dior or Lancome. 

During my time in Bangkok's cosmetic duty free back in January I took the opportunity to purchase a dual intensity single eyeshadow and a lipstick from Nars! I never leave Bangkok's duty free section without less than $200 of products! I totally don't regret the splurges at all as they've all been great!

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Warm purple eyes using 1028 Brownie Eyes palette and Nars Phoebe eyeshadows!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Review: Natriv BB Gluta Snail Powder in C2!

BB Gluta Snail Powder! For those who have never been to Thailand, Bangkok is my favorite stop for food and beauty products amongst many other great, affordable and accessible things to do and get there! The average full sized pressed powder from the convenience stores, drugstores and beauty stores that hold 7-12g of product cost usually around 100-250 Thai Baht which is a crazy cheap price of about $4-10 Singapore dollars. The last few years when I've visited Bangkok I stock up on at least 5 powders all from their local brands!

The thing about their local powders are that they are affordable, super pretty, come in usually 2 shades at most and are great for setting make up with. The 9g refill to my favorite powder in Singapore by the brand ZA cost $18 Singapore dollars normally. Do the math. I wish I lived in Bangkok half the time! For the food, beauty and awesome markets and shopping! 

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Natriv BB Gluta Snail Powder in C2!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Smoky Army Green Eyes using Bourjois! (Smoky baked trio)

Smoky shimmery army green! When it comes to dressing up and making my dark brown eyes pop I tend to lean to blues and greens. For this look, I was wearing a pair of hazel lenses out for the day and reached for my old bourjois smoky trio to achieve this easy gradient green look! For those who are not sure how to create a blended, smoky type eye look, buying shadows in trios or quads meant to achieve this effect is a great way to start and practice.

Despite telling myself that I really shouldn't be buying anymore eyeshadows before I use up at least one or two, I really may get another trio or two from Bourjois! These smoky eye trios really make for the most easy and pretty eye looks in no time!

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Smoky Army Green Eyes using Bourjois smoky trio eyeshadow in 08 vert trendy!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Belated Special: A Spicy Dinner at Chinatown during Chinese New Year!

Festivity and food! For those who weren't aware, back in February Chinese around the whole celebrated the year of the Goat! Every year during the weeks running up to Chinese New Year day itself and the days after night stalls are set up around and in Chinatown. I love visiting the area during the times of festivity as you can find lots of delicious traditional and modern goodies, snacks, fruits and other interesting items.

For those interested, see here for my Chinese New Year day and reunion dinner! This time of year is typically the one time that extended family may come together for a meal and to spend time. For me, besides the yearly big family gathering, I headed off into Chinatown to get some proper real chinese food from China! Spicy, salty, oily southern chinese cusine is what my boyfriend and I are after!

Also I've finally made a (facebook page for this blog!) Do check it out, like and follow the page as I'll be posting new reviews and using it to hold giveaways! 

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Belated Special: A Spicy Dinner at Old Chengdu Restaurant in Chinatown during Chinese New Year 2015!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Review: Aqua Label White Up Emulsion S!

White up Emulsion milk! Aqua label is a brand I've loved and used for a few years now! It's a drugstore brand here in Singapore and is a brand under Shiseido hence the full name of the brand is 'Shiseido Aqualabel'. This brand sells three ranges of products, the bold blue line is for whitening/youth, the red line is for mature skin/anti-aging and the teal blue is for acne/oily skin. Recently there's been an addition of products with a yellow packaging which all are formulated with golden royal jelly. 

Here is my review of their Emulsion milk! I've used and loved their cleanser, a spot whitening treatment and a concentrated cream. All of their products are light textured, liquidy and super gentle. All their products are intended to be used together, layered for the most effective results.

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Aqua Label White Up Emulsion S!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Food Posts: All home made and baked food for May 2015! (Wraps, roast lamb, lemon cake, brownies)

Wraps, roasts and baked goodies! Oh how I wish I could've even shared just a little bit of the delicious dishes, meals and baked goods I made and enjoyed last month! May was a fantastic month of home cooking! I also am glad to say now that I'm almost definitely addicted to making home made salsa and wraps! Oh there's just nothing more fun and fresh than putting together a wrap filled with freshly prepped/cooked ingredients and then eating the damn thing!

May was also a good month in the baking department as now we finally have a brand new wall oven and also a few weeks ago we got our delivery of a stand mixer! It was the cheapest proper stand mixer on sale but I'm happy and it does the job!

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 All home made and baked food for May 2015! (Wraps, salsa, roast lamb, lemon cake, brownies)
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