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Review: Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!

Whip out that Cheek Stick! Today I'm bringing the first of several reviews I have on products from the Japanese brand Addiction by Ayako. It's a much lesser known brand which I have had the privilege of trying and owning thanks to my best friend who's living in Japan currently and she sent  items to me that I asked her to help me get! I'm really not a lipstick lover and neither have I tried more than 2 cream blushes so far however I was totally intrigued by the cheek stick product which is for both the lips and cheeks despite looking soley like a lipstick!

My best friend helped my order this item from a local japanese website, if you are keen on any Addiction products check out as they carry a great range of drugstore to high end products some of which are difficult to find outside of Japan. All prices include world wide shipping!

Continue below for the review!
Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!
Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!
Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!
Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!
Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!
Packaging & Product!

I am very pleased by the packaging of this particular product and the others I have from Addiction. I found out that the creator of this line of cosmetics used to work for NARS and in terms of the design of Addiction's products I can totally see how the packaging has been influenced by her time with NARS. The simple, clean and precise look to the font and the products is very easy to like and there really isn't anything that I can complain about quality wise with the design. I think the only thing which would have been nice would have been if the base of the product matched the shades, that would have been a nice touch.

On first impressions this product looks like are regular lipstick, on swatch it feels light, balmy and more like a light weight lip crayon from Bourjois than a creamy lipstick. On the lips, it feels very light and is very even, hydrating and pigmented. The formula reminds me of the YSL rouge volupte shine lipsticks. The color of 07 Amazing is a brilliant bright barbie type of pink which I was so surprised looked great on me. Usually pinks like these tend to lean yellower which is not flattering if your teeth aren't perfectly white but this one has a lovely blue tone and looks great despite my teeth and yellow skin tone!

On the cheeks, this product worked amazingly well too. I was hesitant as I assumed that this thin balmy consistency would mean it might be too light in color or that it wouldn't blend out as nicely as a heavier cream. On the cheeks, this doesn't dry too fast but does settle and is touch dry after a short while, long enough however for a brush or your fingers to spread the product out nicely. I've never liked or been a fan of creams as I always set my foundation with powder and am worried that a cream on top wouldn't blend out as nicely but this product definitely scores well for both cheeks and lips.

Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!
Swatches of Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing! Heavily layered and sheered out.

Wearing Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing on the lips! Love how even, lightweight and hydrating it is!
Wearing Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing on the lips and a thin layer on the cheeks with their powder blush layered on top!
All the products that my best friend bought for me! Addiction cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer, Glow Powder Foundation, Blush, Single Eye shadow and Cheek Stick!

Paid: Gifted to me by my best friend! (3,360 Japanese Yen or $29 US)

Those keen to buy this refer to Ichibankao here (Price includes shipping at 4000 Yen/ $34 US)

Recommend: Yes, this product performs very well for both the lips and cheeks. Definitely if you're interested in light balmy hydrating textures then this is for you to check out!

Repurchase: Maybe, I'm very happy with this but would much rather try other products from the line at this moment!

Bottom line: A very easy to use product, this multi purpose stick is great for those with more sensitive or dryer lips. The texture makes it incredibly comfortable and super wearable so whether you're running around outdoors or inside in an office this would perform nicely.

What was the last dual purpose product you've tried?
Have you heard or bought Addiction before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Pretty, I always find dual lip/cheek products to fail on the lips but it looks like this one doesn't!

  2. This color is so beautiful!

  3. beautiful color, Sharlynn!! glad you like this cheek stick too! I am in love with mine, and would love to try their cheek polish! I heard they have a very nice highlighter ^^

  4. this texture does look very balmy. i haven't decided if i like that sort of creamy type finish or this sort of balmy sheer but not sheer type look. the cream finishes can look very bright and intense sometimes, you know? so interesting that this works for the cheeks to. my immediate thought was...this looks like a lipstick. lol which is what you said but yea. interesting!

  5. I'm so used to lip/cheek duos being in a more rounded packaging? or potted. When I saw this, I thought it was only a lipstick and got so confused hahaha

    It looks so great on you! I'm glad it performed well on both the lips and cheeks though. I feel like most cheek/lip products are either too dry or too slipppery and only works on one and not both.

  6. Oh wow! such a gorgeous colour <3 love it on you!

  7. The lipstick is so so pretty !

  8. Beautiful! The lipstick shade is gorgeous!

  9. That's a gorgeous shade! I have heard so many great things about the lip/cheek stick from Addiction - they seem really versatile.

  10. I've heard of this line and wow it really does look like NARS packaging! Very beautiful. I love your matching cheeks and lips! Just curious, do you often match your cheek color with your lips?

  11. Hah, literally have never seen a cream blush in a lipstick bullet shape before, but that's pretty convenient! (But then again, I suppose you could just carry around a regular lipstick and use it on both lips and cheeks, HAH)
    I don't gravitate towards pinks like these (sadly), but I think it looks great on your cheeks! And I love how the color corresponds on the packaging!

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