Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Review: Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!

Skin Balancing Compact! For all those ladies who have viewed many of my make up looks or the beauty hauls where I've purchased powders like a crack addict, it'd be no surprise how much I love powders! Given that Singapore is so humid and hot and you're bound to break a sweat or two or a thousand in a day even if you're just inside a building, to me it's crucial to have a powder for touching up and for setting my base!

The purchase of this powder was made at Sasa last year after I had received a $30 voucher for purchasing skincare or cosmetics from certain brands in their store for my birthday month. I took the time looking around the shop but nothing really stood out so I decided it's not a bad idea to get a powder since I go through them very quickly!

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Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!
Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!
Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!
Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural! Quite a fan of this cutesy compartment design and how it pulls out! It's all quite compact so I'm happy.
Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!

Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!
Packaging & Product!

Cyber colors is an asian brand that's sold at all Sasa beauty shops. They carry a small but solid range of products from bases to eyeliners, blushes, lip products and eyeshadows. Expect very wearable colors and textures and nothing unique or special. I find that the overall packaging and look of this brand to be very simple to the point of looking quite cheap but not badly made. The packaging of this powder compact is very compact and straight forward being a square with a drawer for a sponge and a mirror on the inside of the cover. I really think for the price of this product the packaging could have been a bit fancier or nicer looking rather than being so plain but it doesn't really bother me!

This powder compact unfortunately only comes in two or three shades of which I purchased shade 2 which is a neutral tone shade suiting NC 20 skin. Like many brands of asian compact powders you get a good 12 grams of product which is more than the standard compact refill of 7-9 grams. I'd consider this powder a brightening one which has a medium coverage with fairly good mattifying qualities. 

I've mainly used this all over before I got tanned in Bali earlier this year but otherwise I've used this on my cheeks and center of my face together with slightly darker powders when I'm tanner. Like almost all the powders I buy and use, I've used this a lot for setting my base but on its own it has a really good coverage and stays looking fresh for at least 3-4 hours before my oils start peeking through. By now I've already finished using this compact up!

Before and after! My bare face and then wearing only Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!
My bare face! I have slight darkness under my eyes and light pigmentation on my cheeks and around my mouth!
Wearing only Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!
Paid: I used a $30 SGD voucher!  (U.P. $31.50 SGD or about $22.40 USD)

Recommend: Yes, this powder is totally worth checking out if you're in need of what I call a 'solid' powder for coverage and keeping matte if you're in a Sasa. However I do think you can find similar powders for a lower price!

Repurchase: Nope. I've always got many powders in my stash brand new waiting to be opened! I rarely buy a powder twice unless it was so amazing, therefore I'm always using different powders since I manage to go through them very fast!

Bottom line: A very decent pressed powder, coming from a pressed powder foundation addict I can say that this product is very good. I do wish asian brands had more shades to choose from and I do think the packaging can be fancied up a bit but otherwise this was a good buy!

What's the last powder foundation you used up?
Have you shopped at Sasa before?
Let me know!

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  1. I've never heard about the brand before, but the finish looks really nice on you! the coverage seems pretty decent though..
    I usually prefer loose powder to set my makeup and translucent powder for on the go touch up. But, this one looks really nice!!
    You're really a queen of pressed powder xD

  2. hey you look great in these! very radiant skin! and I love vouchers haha

  3. This looks great on you! I looove that you review powder foundations since most bloggers (including me) tend to steer towards liquid foundations. I've mostly only been exposed to sheerer powders that go with liquid foundations and Bare Minerals, but BM is definitely one of my least favorite foundations I've tried.

    Seeing your posts make me want to really brand out more though!

  4. Oooh! This really does look good and I agree with the last part of your bottom line, for someone who's name is Cyber Colors, the packaging is pretty simple. I was expecting well... techy colors (CMYK?). lol. And I agree, many Asian brands have limited shades. I wish they can give us more!

  5. This has decently good coverage. Gives a clearer radiant look.

  6. This look is perfect on you!




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