Thursday, 3 December 2015

Review: Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!

BB & CC Powder Foundation! For those who haven't been to Bangkok, it's basically affordable pressed powder heaven! When I do visit Bangkok, I buy at least 6 pressed powder foundations as they are so cheap compared to Singapore at around 100-250 Thai Baht which is around $4-10 Singapore dollars. Considering that my holy grail and most favorite refillable 9 gram pan of powder from ZA cost $18 SGD the prices of the powders in Thailand are just irresistible! I'm somehow who always sets my liquid foundations or has a powder on my face since Singapore is so hot and humid.

Whilst shopping around in Bangkok, I picked up pressed powders mostly from local Thai brands, one being Natriv. Luckily for me all the local brands sell 2-3 shades when it comes to powder and I always manage to easily buy powders to match my complexion.

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Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!
A collective shot of all the pressed powders full and mini sized I bought while in Bangkok! (From the drugstore brands Natriv, Utip, 12 Plus, Mistine, Cathy Doll)
Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!
Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!
Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!
Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!
Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!

Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!
Packaging & Product!

Cute, girly and simple are the terms that cover the design of this compact. Some may find the exterior box packaging too tacky or young looking but it's just a box! This powder comes in a clamshell packaging with a spare compartment for a sponge and a mirror. Despite having a spare space for the sponge, the entire compact is still a standard size and isn't too bulky. To match the pinky and purple colors of the box, the cover of the compact is a pearlescent finish lilac shade. There's nothing to mention that's exceptional or that needs improvement packaging wise! It's what's inside that truly counts for me when it comes to powders!

Pretty much like all the local brands of pressed powders and foundation in Thailand, this one came only in two shades: C1 and C2. The occasional local brand may have a third shade but it's not common to have more than 2 shades. Those who are tan or who have a fair pink undertone will have a hard time finding a base to match powder wise with the local brands. In total, I bought two powder from this brand and I can safely say that both are very decent products and they worked well for me.

The color of C2 for this powder would match NC25 best. It has a good beige/yellow undertone whereas the previous powder from them, the Natriv BB snail powder (my review here) although it was the same color it was lighter in color. The texture of this powder is smooth, a tiny bit creamy and this powder makes for a great foundation as well as a powder for setting liquid foundation. It has medium to high coverage and provides a long lasting matte finish.

Wearing Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2! (Here I used it to set my concealer which I used all over as my base. This powder in C2 looks more beige in person!)
Natriv BB & CC Powder Foundation in C2!
Paid: Around 140-200 Thai Baht or $5.40-$7.80 SGD 

(This is ridiculously cheap compared to pressed powders in Singapore!)

Repurchase: No, not because the powder wasn't great but because I've got so many to go through!

Recommend: Yes! This brand sells several powders and both that I've tried from Natriv are great! They work great for setting my base as well as a decent powder foundation. Do check them out if you're in Thailand!

Bottom line: A really great performing product, good for those who need a solid powder and who are an NC25 or lighter. Thailand is basically every powder lover's dream and this one feels and looks great and I've already finished it up! 

Have you tried pressed powders from Thai brands?
Are you a powder lover like me?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Ah I think I've seen this brand before. My cousin visits Bangkok regularly and I remember she has this powder as her touch up powder, I remember the purple case ^^
    The finish on you look flawless yet natural, too bad the color selection is not wide enough to cater different kind of skin tones. But I think we're lucky when it comes to ridiculous asian brands' shades as we usually can find our shades easily. It's more of a struggle for fellow ladies with deeper skin tones in Asia I guess.

  2. The packaging reminds me of the Canmake 5 Effects Cream Foundation, love those diamond effects ♥ ohmygosh I love your cute bangs!!!




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