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10 Things: Beauty products I have repurchased again and again!

Things I repurchase again and again! All beauty lovers tend to have an honest curiosity when it comes to what other gal pals use. I've found myself many times in the past and still now browsing "top" beauty products lists or wanting to know what are "must haves" for some girls or "holy grails" as those products get their place on lists like that for being at least good right? Today I bring you 10 beauty products that I have purchased many times over and truly love!

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Continue below for the things I've repurchased!
10 Things: Beauty products I have repurchased again and again!

1. ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation Powder

Countless powders and years later I still repurchase this again and again. On its own or as a setting powder, this seems to be the best powder to keep my face intact in the hot humid weather as well as being a great color match with high coverage! I start freaking out once my last back up is opened up!

ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation Powder (My review here!)

2. Kiss me Heroine Make up Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

I wear black liquid pen eyeliner 90% of the time I wear eye make up and after trying several famous asian brands I find this eyeliner to be the blackest and and most long lasting. Most similar products look the same on first impression but this one lasts through humid weather and sweating amazingly well.

Kiss me Heroine Make up Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (My review here!)

3. Kiss Me Heroine waterproof mascaras

This mascara is magic for my lashes. Super ocean proof formula, volumizing, lengthening, curling, basically everything I could ever want! The formula is a bit too wet when fresh but it becomes just right really soon!

Kiss Me Heroine waterproof mascaras (My review of the long version here and volume here!)

4. Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip

I've tried cleansing oils, a few popular micellar waters and regular eye make up removers but I always return to bi-facil removers! This one just melts off any eye make up without the need to rub back and forth more than twice! Even other bi facils don't remove my Kiss Me Heroine mascara as easily!

Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip

5. Shiseido Aqua label White Clear Foam

It's a scrub, deep cleanser and an excellent face make up remover and overall amazing face wash without being too drying! Aside from all that, a lovely creamy foamy formula and being a brand under Shiseido I don't know what else isn't great about it!

Shiseido Aqua label White Clear Foam (My review here!)

6. Clio gelpresso pencil gel liner

As someone with an extremely sensitive waterline, that waters and tears whether or not I'm wearing eyeliner or even no make up at all, finding something that lasts or wears well is an issue. This range has awesome colors and lasts exceptionally long. Also when it wears off, it just disappears, no smudging at all!

Clio gelpresso pencil gel liner (My review of the Be Brown set and the full sized pencils!)

7. Glamourflage lip balm

Aside from my super sensitive waterline, my lips are the second biggest bitch. Despite being a big drinker of water, wearing lip balm of some sort all day, everyday my lips still get dry easily and peel no matter what product I use or don't use! This product does magic and intensely repairs my lips no matter what with its oily formula. I initially bought these from but not that they're out of stock I have to make a special order on their website as the web store doesn't ship outside of Australia...but the balm is SO DAMN GOOD.

Glamourflage lip balm in Lotus Lily and Bella Blaze

8. Organix Macadamia Oil conditioner

I have always had long thick coarse asian hair. I've used lots of conditioners that left my hair feeling like I hadn't applied anything! A conditioner of some sort is always a must every other day and this baby really makes my hair extra sleek, soft and smelling amazing!

Organix Macadamia Oil conditioner (My review here!)

9. Benzaz AC 5 (Benzoyl Peroxide 5%) water base gel

Pimples be gone! This product has been a must have through my oilier and more acne skin days as well as being a savior when the occasional blemish pops up. It's water based and isn't as drying on the skin as other acne medicines but totally does the job at drying up pimples over night!

Benzaz AC 5 (Benzoyl Peroxide 5%) water base gel

10. Bioderma Sebium H20

On days when I'm home and not wearing any make up, toner is essential to my ever oil producing skin! I've tried toners from various european and asian brands and all but always love keeping a bottle of this to really get off the excess oil! It's huge at 500ml but for those who use plenty like myself it's a great option in the long term. A close contender was Clean and Clear Essentials oil-control toner which comes only in one small size but also is more astringent which is better for the really oily days.

Bioderma Sebium H2O! (My review here!)

Overall these really are products that I have bought so many times over due to how much I love them and how well they worked for me! I'm always buying and trying new things but I'm never really buying and trying from all of the 'trending' brands or 'hot' ones so I don't often do "what I'm using" or "lip balms I'm loving" posts as they pretty much stay the same for most of the year around!

What are some products you always repurchase?
Anything I mentioned that you love too?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Great post my dear! Bioderma is my must have! I love this stuff so much <3
    So sad that we have any Biore in Germany :-/

  2. I love the bioderma sebium too, they're so great as an eyemakeup remover but also a general toner/ cleanser!! I love organix hair products but haven't tried that flavour, will pick it up next time!

    Macarons and Mischief

  3. Hmm.. these are great finds, hun!
    I also heard a lot of good reviews about this kiss me heroine, I'm curious if it's really that good lol..
    But I guess it will definitely give it a try.

    Have a great day!

    Jhem |

  4. I agree, it's fun to see what products people come back to over and over again! I consider black liquid liner to be a staple, too, and I think the Smashbox one that I use now (repurchased once already) might be it for me. I occasionally do posts like this, but haven't done one in a while - might be time to revisit it!

  5. I got a couple of the Heroin mascaras several months ago. I like them but they aren't as good as the Fairy Drop one I use. perhaps they will get better as the formulation dries out a bit more :)

  6. It is always nice to see what beauty product lovers repurchase despite the many products they have available for trying. I love the KMHM eyeliner and I'm using it myself too. The other products you showed I didn't try yet. My regularly repurchased items are Ost vitamin c serum and missha perfect cover bb cream.

  7. Micellaire water by Bioderma is great indeed :) I completely understand that one. I actually haven't used the other products.. but I know my sister is using the same conditioner. I wonder if it will work for my very thin hair too?

  8. I have been repurchasing the Bioderma cleansing water over and over as well! It's truly amazing. I have the pink one though :) The Clio liner is interesting. I might give it a try after many people raving about it!

    Pastel Boulevard

  9. I think i will give that macademia conditioner a go . I've read so many good things about it.

  10. Love this post!
    I wish the Biore remover was more accessible for me.
    Shiseido FT Perfect Whip, CeraVe moisturizing lotion & cream, Rosebud Salve - these are some of my list (just on top of my head!) ;)

  11. I've tried Bioderma wipes and really liked them! I haven't looked too much into the green top Bioderma! I would definitely be interested!




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