Friday, 23 October 2015

Review: Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise!

Gateau Framboise on your eyes! For those who have been reading my reviews for a while, it's no surprise that I've had a love with Canmake's single blushes for years. It's hard to resist the girly, young and princess vibes that the brand gives off in general and even now I'm a fan. I've also tried their trio eyeshadow in the past as well as most recently their "Strong Eyes Liner" which was really good and I'm still currently using.

This eyeshadow palette was kindly provided to me by a local company which has an online shop called 'T-Supply Company" , they carry a modest range of make up products, accessories as well as health supplements! If you reside in Singapore do check them out as there will be a discount code I'll be sharing in this review!

Continue below for the review and my looks!
 Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise!
 Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise!
 Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise! All descriptions and details in the back are in Japanese but the cute little pictorial on advise to apply the shadows is easy to understand!
Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise!
Close up of Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise! All the shadows are shimmery or satin in finish!
Packaging & Product!

Nothing exudes drugstore style cutesy, girly and princess like Canamke! I've always been a fan of the look of their packaging. This eyeshadow quint for example has a simple and pretty layout which comes in a super lightweight, very sturdy packaging that's transparent on the top. I love being able to see the shadows inside and I really dig the pale pink and gold design and text detail. Most importantly, the product is packaged in a compact way and I love small palettes that I can pack easily for traveling. Included is a small double ended applicator which I personally never use so I put that aside, also although there is a little slither of a mirror inside, it's not the most usable due to it's size.

Currently in store in Singapore there are six versions of this palette, most of them variations of neutrals and very light shades that are super wearable. For those who know me, although I love neutrals I need a bit of extra something and I loved that this palette had a bright pink shade! Unfortunately I can't find how much product is in this palette but it's nothing I'm concerned about. On initial swatching, the shades are all very soft and smooth. The pigmentation tends to be sheer in quality but they build up very nicely. 

The shadows are either satin or shimmery in finish which makes for great definition on the eyes. I personally was super surprised by the deepest brown shade as it really helps to add depth in the outer v and crease. Also the bright pink shade actually looks more coral but it still makes for a gorgeous hint or pop of color with the rest of the neutral shades in the palette! For me this palette is perfect for daytime use and is a great way for those getting into more colorful shades.

Swatches of Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise! In the same order as indicated behind the palette: A (top left), B (top right), C (bottom left), D (bottom right) and E (center)

The shadows perform great when over a primer or otherwise tends to be on the sheer side like many japanese eyeshadows tend to be. However during application for my look with the coral pink shade, I had to reapply that shade onto my lid a few times to ensure that it popped as blending the other shadows together causes it to sheer out too much. Overall the shadows are super easy to work with and blend beautifully but you will need a base of some sort to get them looking best.

 Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise! For this neutral look I used shades A, B and D with a pat of E on the center of my lids!
Using Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise! A totally neutral chocolatey look that's easy to wear and very flattering! I'm also using Canmake's Strong Eyes Liner here!
Wearing Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise! A pretty pink eye look using all the shades in the palette! Fun, wearable and princess-like! Like how matte my eyeliner looks? It's also from Canmake!
My pinky eye look using Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise!
 Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 07 Gateau Framboise!
Paid:*This product was provided for review*

Retails for $18.90 SGD or $14 US which is the price of most drugstore eyeshadow palettes (duo/trio/quad) both from asian/western brands.

(This product can be purchased at Watsons or online at

Recommend: Yes! This palette is small, cute and is perfect for everyday wear! Love the pop of color with the coral pink and I'm a huge fan of the shimmery shadows! Definitely for those looking to in cooperate some color besides neutrals. If not, there are variations of this that are all neutral tones!

Repurchase: No, as I'm currently trying to only buy one variation of a product in a line as to keep my make up collection from exploding!

Bottom line: A quality quint from Canmake that comes in lots of super wearable variations! I'd totally recommend checking this out if you're a fan of shimmery, smooth eyeshadows and the girly packaging!

Those keen on ordering this or any other products from T-Supply Company's website can use the code 'tsupplybedok' for a 15% discount off all products!

Also do check out promotional prices of Canmake's products from this company listed in the app called "Shopee" (click here to check it out)!

Do you own any eyeshadows from Canmake?
Are you also a fan of pops of color?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. That's one lovely palette! I love Canmake product in general, they're good quality and affordable. The BB Serum is one of my favourite now, very good coverage and nice finish.
    This palette looks pigmented and vibrant, I love the pink look you created , you def pull off the shade well ^^

  2. Looks so lovely :) and...I love it on you :)
    Have a nice friday :****

  3. SO cute and pigmented!!! :) I love the packaging. I wish they had Canmake here!!! I do see it but they're SO expensive in the US!! ;p

  4. LOOOOVE the Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes palettes! I own two of them - #2 and #4.

  5. woah the colors really pop and are so pretty!! i really want to try more of canmake but its hard to come by here and yea..alreayd overflowing in cosmetics so can't really justify the purchase :P

  6. Oh gosh that hot pink is so pretty! And wow you got bangs! Looks good :)

  7. I was thinking about this quint when I was browsing on amazon...You pulled it off beautifully (which means I have to skip it as I am much less daring with bright eye makeup....) now I want to try the trios since they are more beige....

    It's funny I can't find weight on all canmake products, not even on their site.

  8. The shades are so pretty. The colours suit your skin tone so well.

  9. I think I would be scared to use the bright pink shade, but the rest of the palette is GOOOOORGEOUS! The look you created does look wearable though! I like looking at your eye looks since they always incorporate bright colors in a nice way

  10. I love the bright pink! I have been watching a lot of Chinese oldie shows and a lot of the dramatic or even simple makeup did in the shows have used either red or bright pink and I have been so inspired! It's different to the everyday neturals etc... love it ^^ if it does goes on sale on eBay, I'm definitely grabbing this!




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