Saturday, 28 November 2015

Special: Daiso Japanese two dollar store make up look! (mini reviews)

Beauty products at Daiso! Here in Singapore Daiso is a very popular value store from Japan where everything is $2 Singapore dollars! From food, ceramics, gardening equipment, household needs, crafts and even beauty products and accessories they seem to have almost everything! I'm pretty sure that everyone visits daiso for certain things much like my family regularly purchases large packs of wet wipes and small charcoal purifiers!

In terms of beauty goods, they're very well known for their sponge detergent which is a fabulous brush cleaner as well as other cheap products which aren't half bad. So far I've only ever bought make up sponges, false lashes and the liquid cleaner so I decided to go ahead and all the products I'll need for a complete face of make up to try!

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Special: Daiso Japanese two dollar store make up products and look!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Holiday Special: Day 7and 8 in Bali, Indonesia! (April 2015)

Balinese cuisine and beautiful Ubud! For those who have followed this is the final installment in my Bali holiday travels posts! There are four other installments before this one of my various days in Bali earlier this year when I went on holiday with my boyfriend. Our one week holiday on the gorgeous Island was split between staying mostly in the busy tourist packed Kuta area and then the quiet more culturally rich center of the Island Ubud.

Ubud is much further inland but still has plenty for tourist to visit, experience and enjoy. Bali is a huge Island and I really do wish we had a few more days to explore and visit more! There is so much rich tradition, history and places to visit, let along delicious amazing local food which we manged to try a bit of while in Ubud!

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Day 7and 8 in Bali, Indonesia! Balinese cuisine at Ibu Oka and Bebek Bengil! (April 2015)

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Food Post: All things eaten at home and out during September! (Indian, sichuan chinese, chocolate chip cookies)

All types of delicious food! Yet again, I present to everyone shots of meals I ate from September! I've been  a bit behind on my food posts but here we are! I've been making an effort to not only eat things I haven't eaten in a while but also trying out places I usually don't eat at! My boyfriend and I had some delicious sichuan chinese food, local indian food as well as gorgeous home baked goodies!

If you're currently hungry or craving a snack, do be warned! This post is full of home made meals, close up shots and mouth watering yummies! I eat everything from the healthy, the normal and the terrible for you so look forward to a bit of everything!

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Things eaten at home and out during September! Indian, sichuan, local singapore food)

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Peacock feather inspired makeup and a Korean dinner with ex-classmates!

Peacock eyes and delicious Korean fried chicken! For those who didn't know, I love love the color scheme of peacock feathers and mermaid's tails! I love jewel tones especially when it comes to blues, purples and teals! If I could I'd wear those colors all the time on my eyes but since I can't I do pull them out on special occasions or times when I've got the extra time to invest in a fancier eye look! 

On this occasion I met up with some ex-classmates for the biggest gathering we've had since we all went our own ways last year! Our class compromised of just under twenty people but quite a few of them are either always very busy with work or aren't in the country. We all visited an ex-classmates' newly opened restaurant here in Singapore called, "Twins". His twin brother and himself are korean and their place has a menu of various korean style fried chicken and other popular dishes!

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Peacock feather inspired eyelook and trying out Twins korean fried chicken with ex-classmates!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Rave Review: Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711, OR313 & VI305!

Creamy, colorful, shimmery perfection! I've become a huge user and fan of cream shadows from all walks of price point! I've tried the inexpensive ones from maybelline, other asian brands, Kiko and now I've had the chance to own several from Shiseido! These bad boys were on my radar for some time, they were not a must-buy but when I was on holiday last year in Bandung, Indonesia with my boyfriend we were in a big mall and when I realized that these were cheaper I just had to get two...and then I went back and got one more!

If you're a fan of creamy, smooth, fine shimmer and you love waterproof eyeshadow do continue below for the swatches and my review! Check my holiday in Bandung Indonesia (check out here) and the beauty, skincare and food items I hauled from the trip (check out here)!

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Shiseido Shimmery Cream Eye Color in BL711 (blue), OR313 (peach) & VI305 (purple)!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Review: Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!

Skin Balancing Compact! For all those ladies who have viewed many of my make up looks or the beauty hauls where I've purchased powders like a crack addict, it'd be no surprise how much I love powders! Given that Singapore is so humid and hot and you're bound to break a sweat or two or a thousand in a day even if you're just inside a building, to me it's crucial to have a powder for touching up and for setting my base!

The purchase of this powder was made at Sasa last year after I had received a $30 voucher for purchasing skincare or cosmetics from certain brands in their store for my birthday month. I took the time looking around the shop but nothing really stood out so I decided it's not a bad idea to get a powder since I go through them very quickly!

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Cyber Colors Skin-Balancing Compact in 02 Natural!
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