Sunday, 11 October 2015

Haul: Clothes and my Birthday drugstore haul! (New Look, H&M, Zara)

Repurchases, pretty clothes and new bits! I'm very happy to report that for the last few months I've really held back on shopping for clothes, make up and skincare! The most major purchases I've made are from the last month (august being my birthday month) where I got some new clothing bits from here and there as well as a nice big shop at my favorite drugstore Watsons here in Singapore!

I always look forward every year to a big shop at Watsons during August as being my birthday month, my first purchase will get lots of extra points which I like to save up and spend later! This year's Watsons shop compromised of mainly repurchases and back ups with a few new items!

Continue below for the haul!
Clothes and my Birthday drugstore haul! (New Look, H&M, Zara, Watsons)

Cute sequined shirts from H&M! I got the one with the watermelon and my mom picked up the one with the palm trees!

Close up the sequined watermelon on my shirt!

Close up of the sequined palm trees!
A super comfy maxi dress from H&M for myself which was almost perfect if only it were a bit longer and a lovely palm leave printed knee length dress for my mom!

Recently I've been on a t-shirt/ casual top sort of buying wave! I went into Zara quite a few times the last  three months and found absolutely nothing I liked! However I did spot these two bedazzled shirts and they fit comfortably and are perfect for the crazy hot weather in Singapore while looking kinda cute!

Casual t-shirt top from Zara, 'Be NICE or go away', the word NICE is super bedazzled and gorgeous up close!
Casual t-shirt top from Zara, 'Psychedelic Top', the bedazzlement is more subtle and delicate on this one! Super pretty though! I'm glad I found them!
My best find the last few months from New Look! This material is thick, stretchy, soft and slightly textured. I wish it came in black too! My chest however fills up the top very much although it's my regular size. The base of the band actually stops right beneath my breasts instead of being a piece below them! Still super flattering and comfy!
Another recent purchase from Forever 21! This top is slightly thick, stretchy and it can be worn off shoulders. It's slightly cropped and will flatter both the smaller and fuller chested. I plan to pair this with a high waisted pants or skirt!

Two t-shirts my mom helped my order from! I got this super cute grey kitty launcher shirt which I've gotten for my boyfriend before in the guys cut! The "hungry like the wolf' shirt I just found too cute, it's exactly like all the time.

My watsons beauty and skincare haul! Mainly made up of repurchases of my staple products and a few new items to try!
Dove intense repair conditioner (an old favorite that I hadn't used in a while), Rainforest Balance shampoo from The Body Shop (not only does this smell amazing but cleanses my scalp amazingly, it's too bad it's now only sold in a small size), Sally Hansen nail polish remover (I've been using another brand for years so now I'm moving on to this)
Scentio Milk Plus Whitening Facial Scrub (smells like vanilla ice cream, amazing fine grain, I originally bought this in Bangkok but now it's sold in Watsons), P2 contact lens drops, Shiseido aqual label white clear foam (my holy grail cleanser, works just as well as the cleanser from shiseido's main line), Queen Helene oatmeal scrub (love the chocolatey scent and texture, new packaging is cute), The Face Shop Hydro Gel sheet mask and aloe blackhead nose strip! (first time trying the mask and the strips are my favorite)
La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL sunscreen (first time trying this, recommended in Lisa Eldridge's new video), Biore cleansing oil facial sheets (literally the best eye make up removing wet wipes), Biore eye & lip make up remover (my favorite bi facil remover, only wished it was in a larger bottle), Clean & clear essentials oil control toner (a real basic old but good product, it works well and I wish it came in a bigger bottle)
A new pair of tweezers (because mine some how always blunt so easily), Nivea extra whitening (my favorite liquid deo of all time, it really whitens and smells so nice and sweet), Pumice stone (every girl's essential tool for maintaining smooth heels!
Only TWO new beauty items! I really did well! I got a gorgeous natural mauve pink shade of lipstick from Essence (only because we don't have their nude collection yet like everywhere else) and from Clio, their Pro Single Shadow in a duo chrome brown-green shade!

So that's all folks! I did some major spending over the last 3 months but I did take full advantages of sales during the summer months, end of season sales and also my birthday bonus points and plenty of sale items at the drugstore! I've been doing really good the last few months on being very minimal with beauty purchases and finally have finished some products including a bottle of foundation! 

Look out for a half years's worth of empties coming up! I've really been working and using up everything I have before going out to get new things which has really been fulfilling! Hope summer has been great for everyone! Summer shall continue here in Singapore no matter what time of the year! Really wished a winter spell would arrive!

Did you do any major shopping in the summer?
Do you love doing drugstore hauls?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Great haul, Sharlynn!
    Is that Nivea deo really good? I should try it then ^^
    I really want to try Essence lipstick but seems like I can't find it here in Jakarta :(

  2. nice haul, Sharlynn! the sequin watermelon is so cute xD
    and you hauled a lot of skincare! :D Btw, I have the same nail remover from Sally Hansen and I love it !

  3. I spent a lot of money this summer-- but mostly because I moved!

    7% Solution

  4. My favourite piece would have to be the watermelon tee ^-^ it's too cute :3

  5. Here I thought I have a lot of beauty care products! Love your haul hun!


  6. I miss Watson's sooo much!! Our drugstore here is kind of expensive still. I need to get on with a pumice stone, too much dry skin building up haha. Good job being on a low-buy recently! I thought I haven't been shopping much, but I still did spend a couple hundred on clothes this year.

    Raincouver Beauty

  7. Cute clothes + eye candy of a haul! I've been wanting to try the body shop hair products for a while, will consider that some time when they got a good sale going!

    Macarons and Mischief

  8. Nice haul Sharlynn c: I am trying to save money because my
    past months were pricey months... and I'm trying to save
    money for December which is absolutely really expensive
    one! Xx Ice Pandora

  9. Awesome haul! The sequinned tops are so cute and that New Look top is really a great find. I also like those Rainforest products from The Body Shop because they really do smell absolutely divine! And I would like to try that Biore cleansing oil. :P

  10. Good job, you savvy shopper! I love the a crunchy off the shoulder top you got, I want something like that for summer. Hopefully I can find something like it in Bali! It looks so comfy and flattering.

  11. The kitty launcher shirt is so adorable, omg <3

  12. Great picks, dear! Love the watermelon top & all that shimmers! Happy belated birthday, pretty! xoxo

  13. That palm leaf dress is so cute, nice buys :)

  14. Hi Sharlynn,

    I see that you had a great time shopping. Fun! Like the tee with sequins that you bought. They are so cool! I don't really have a fav drugstore because I don't buy cosmetic very often but I do have a few clothes shops that I always go! Not exactky my fav but I always go to H&M, Uniqlo, Topshop and Gap. Had a great time shopping in Canada and US too. Like their J Crew and Hollister that I can't find in Australia.


  15. Love the watermelon t-shirt.

  16. I have the same dress you bought for your mom! I was actually thinking about wearing it tomorrow lol


  17. I really like that white New Look top! Unfortunately, we don't have New Look here in Canada, but I pretty much wanted everything from there when I was in London/UK. (....yeah, I really regret not shopping for more clothes while I was over there :()
    THOSE SEQUINED H&M TOPS ARE SO CUTE. I actually have palm print pants from H&M, but I've also seen that dress and really liked it. Didn't get it though, since I wasn't sure if I could pull it off :3
    And oh man, totally looking forward to those epic empties




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