Sunday, 15 November 2015

Peacock feather inspired makeup and a Korean dinner with ex-classmates!

Peacock eyes and delicious Korean fried chicken! For those who didn't know, I love love the color scheme of peacock feathers and mermaid's tails! I love jewel tones especially when it comes to blues, purples and teals! If I could I'd wear those colors all the time on my eyes but since I can't I do pull them out on special occasions or times when I've got the extra time to invest in a fancier eye look! 

On this occasion I met up with some ex-classmates for the biggest gathering we've had since we all went our own ways last year! Our class compromised of just under twenty people but quite a few of them are either always very busy with work or aren't in the country. We all visited an ex-classmates' newly opened restaurant here in Singapore called, "Twins". His twin brother and himself are korean and their place has a menu of various korean style fried chicken and other popular dishes!

Continue below for the yummy food and look!
Peacock feather inspired eyelook and trying out Twins korean fried chicken with ex-classmates!
Peacock feather inspired eye make up using my coastal scents smokey eye palette!
Peacock feather inspired eye make up using my coastal scents smokey eye palette!
Peacock feather inspired eye make up complete with purple and teal eyeliner in the waterline!
Peacocked feather inspired make up completed with a touch of purple pink blush and a natural lip!
Love jewel tones especially when it's a gradient of blues and purples!
On my cheeks is a touch of Clio's Art Blusher in 2 Pink! Such a pretty purple toned pink with a satin finish!
Products used: Urban Decay De-Slick make up setting spray, Bourjois Health Mix foundation, Cyber Colors skin balancing compact, Addiction Glow Powder foundation, Urban Decay 24/7 shadow pencils, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, L'oreal super liner gelmatic eyeliner, Nyx slide on glide on eyeliner, Art Deco brow gel, Beauty Buffet Gino McCray brow pencil, Canmake Strong eyes liner, Kiss me heroine mascara, Maybelline the Rocket mascara, Catrice color shine balm
Eyeshadows used: Blue, pink and purple shades from the Coastal Scents Smokey palette!
Our ex-classmate's and friends' new restaurant called Twins! The name comes from the fact that our friend is running the place with his twin brother!
The ice-cream beer! A light wheaty easy to drink beer the 'ice cream' float is the thick layer on top that's a light vanilla flavor. Unfortunately it wasn't very good as the ice cream part had very chunky large ice grains and wasn't even the texture of cheap ice cream!
Soy and garlic chicken wings! The sauce was super tasty and the marinade penetrated the chicken meat, although we felt that there could have been more topping of garlic and the chicken served crisper.
Seafood soup! Served filled with crab, prawns, squid, fish, clams, potato noodles and shredded vegetables! Super tasty and delicious!
Tteokbokki with a spicy bean paste sauce! Always a favorite, you can't go wrong with this, although we wished the portion was a big larger as the rice cake pieces were sliced up and not whole.
Seafood pancake! A super thin pancake filled with tons of shredded scallions and pieces of prawn! We loved how this tasted but wished the pancake was thicker and crispy!
Half of an 'original' fried chicken! Deliciously flaky, crispy and super juicy big pieces of chicken! This was lovely and so yummy!
Half of a soy garlic fried chicken! Like the smaller wings, the flavor was delicious, if only the chicken skin was crisper it'd be perfect!
Red bean and peanut bingsu! Super finely shaved milky flavored ice shaving with sweet red beans and sweet peanut powder! This would have been much better if the toppings were more generous as there was A LOT of shavings below!
Mango bingsu! The same delicious shavings below covered with cubes of mango! There was lots of mango but they could have been more ripe and this could have been better if there was a syrup of some sort on top like many bingsu desserts in Singapore have!
My peacock feather inspired look! I just love how jewel tones look against dark brown eyes and dark hair!
A slightly blurry but precious shot with my boyfriend (across me) and several of my ex-classmates including our now chef restaurant owner right in the back! We really had a great time catching up and it's just too bad these occasions are so hard to arrange!

Have you eaten korean food or fried chicken lately?
Are you a fan of my make up look?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Wow, these lashes! And the eyeshadow combination is so colorful! The food looks so delicious too! I never had Korean Food before but fried chicken is always so good!

  2. OMG That is gorgeous! Love how you blended the eyeshadow colours so beautifully, and your eyeliner + eyelashes - ON POINT! <3 Also drooling at all the delicious food pics, hehe~

  3. Your makeup looks gorgeous! The food looks yummy!

  4. The food looks AMAZING, I love Korean food! And peacock/jewel tones are always beautiful and fun - can't go wrong!

  5. What a pretty eye make up!! You can literally pull off any colors!!
    Those bingsu look really yummy!! :9 :9 :9 I always crave for 'Asian desserts' which are very hard to find in Germany :/

  6. The eyeshadow colours you used is amazing! Especially on the undereye line! Looks great with those fluttery lashes!

    Macarons and Mischief

  7. I love this look on you! The colors are so fun and just light up your eyes :)

  8. This look really suits you ! I really need to pull out my bright colors again and do some fun makeup :)

  9. OH MY GOSH sweetie.... this is an incredibly beautiful makeup look and it suits you so well.. you look amazing and adorable as always :)
    The food looks so delicious.. I wish that I could eat seafood but I am a bit scared cause last time when I ate crayfish it started burning like crazy in my mouth and my tongue got really swollen. I have been scared to eat any seafood after that ;)

  10. I'm back from Europe, Sharlynn! Gosh, I miss your posts & smiles! Great make-up techniques as always, dear! xoxo

  11. WAHHH you look perfect! Your eyes remind me of Jiggly Puff ^^. I love how experimental you are with your makeup and how good you are at documenting your looks. I have vowed to do this more often this Summer.

    And mmm every time I think of my last trip to Korea I think of beer and fried chicken! Those stores were everywhere!

  12. Gorgeous! I love the colourful eyeshadows on you! Those lashes are great as well.




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