Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sheer tropical fruit inspired eye! (lime green, orange, lilac, cranberry)

Light, bright and tropical! I'm definitely one who enjoys playing with color and I like everything from bright to bold to dark to fun! Some time ago I wanted something green and orange but also wanted it to be wearable for the daytime and so I ended up creating this easy to wear colorful look. For me, there never is a wrong time to wear colors on the eyes, it's really up to how you apply them which makes them more suited for day or night. My entire eye look is done with shimmery shadows but I've used shadows with a nice fine shimmer so that it doesn't look too shimmery/chunky in the day time.

Continue below for the fun wearable look!
Sheer tropical fruit inspired eye! (lime green, orange, lilac, cranberry)
Sheer tropical fruit inspired eye using Sleek and Catrice! (lime green, orange, lilac, cranberry)
My sheer tropical fruit inspired eye make up using Sleek and Catrice eyeshadows!
Looking down, you'd get a good look of my gradient of lime green, orange and touch of lilac of my make up look!
My sheer tropical fruit inspired eye make up using Sleek and Catrice eyeshadows!
I'm using a lime green, orange and lilac shade from Sleek as well as a touch of cranberry in the outer V. On my inner corners I've got a yellow from Catrice and a shimmery light warm brown above the crease.
Products used: Cyber Colors skin balancing compact powder, Revlon matte (for brows), Maybelline color tattoo, L'oreal Lucent Magique foundation, ZA perfect two way powder, Bourjois healthy mix concealer, Kiss me heroine smooth liquid eyeliner, Maybelline fashion brow mascara, Kiss me heroine long & curl mascara, Lancome Virtuose mascara
Eyeshadows used: Lotus Flower (lilac not indicated in the photo), Tequila Sunrise (orange), Sunset (rusty cranberry), Kiwi Flower (lime green), light warm shimmery brown (4U2 impressionist palette), yellow (from Catrice yellow submagreen quad)
My completely fresh and light tropical fruit make up look! On my cheeks is a light touch of a peach blush from Catrice! Overall this is a bright, fun and super wearable colorful look!

What colors would you wear for a tropical fruity look?
Do you like the look I've put together?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. what an interesting color combination!

  2. Lovely look as usual, Sharlynn!!
    I wouldn't think to combine lime green with cranberry, but they look surprisingly nice! good job, Sharlynn ^^

  3. I love your makeup looks Sharlynn! Can you wear looks like this to your work?

    This one makes me think of sipping a fizzy lime drink by the poolside in Bali.... Where I will be in 2 weeks time YYYYAAAAAYYY!!! Btw, do you know any good places to shop or sightsee in Bali?

  4. Been a while since we last exchanged words. Hope this finds you in good spirit, Sharlynn. You look so young & pretty here, dear! Love those colours! xoxo

  5. Beautiful eye look. Interesting combination of colours.

  6. Lovely makeup <3 Love your wing <3

  7. Ooooh, I usually don't see lime green colors and so this is so interesting to me. I also love the subtle blush that makes this whole look wearable.

  8. Omg! I love that pop of colour! So beautiful Sharlynn! Your colorful eyeshadow collection always makes me wish that I had more adventurous eyeshadows to play with!

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