About Me

[Updated Oct 2016]

Hi everyone! I'm Sharlynn and I'm from Singapore. From age one till about 15 I lived in various countries around south-east Asia with my family due to my parents' work. Hence I've got friends and acquaintances in all areas and corners of the globe and not so much in Singapore itself!

The Blackmentos Beauty Blog started after being encouraged by my best friend Anna years ago when I was about to start High School. She knew I loved and excelled in English and anything that had to do with writing and told me in an off-handing comment to blog. 

I made my first post in April, 2011 but started blogging regularly as of June that year! All things beauty related have always fascinated me to the point where I've owned products without even knowing what they were for when I was younger!

My Beauty Stats 

Skin type: Normal/combo

Skin concerns: light pigmentation, enlarged pores on cheeks, under eye puffiness
Undertone :
Eyes: Dark Brown
Dark Brown, naturally mostly straight, slightly wavy

Product Preferences

Eyeshadow: Shimmery neutrals
Eyeliner: Asian brand liquid pen for upper lid, gel pencil for waterline
Blush: Shimmery terracotta nude/rose/berry pink shades
Lip: Moisturizing lip crayon, tinted balm, lip glosses
Foundation: Liquid/cream with medium coverage

Favorite types of products: Pressed foundation powder with medium/full coverage, shimmery pigmented eyeshadows, smooth rose tone blushes, moist sheer lipsticks, hot fuchsia lip color, super waterproof mascara and black liquid pen eyeliner

Below are some photos to get to know me!

From outside where I lived in Cambodia...beautiful sunset! Like a total fantasy! No photoshop!
Pebbles, she celebrated her 17th birthday in September 2014! She's now lived in 3 countries!
When Lis was a little kitty after we found her one night walking home!
All grown up but still a tiny 4 kilos! She's so adorable and sleeps like this all the time!
My brother's Husky! Sirius or aka mr. prawn boy or gay boy! Isn't he just gorgeous!
I did the Make up Addict Tag! Check it out here!
I'm a HUGE fan of all kinds of asian cuisine! Especially Thai, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese...besides Chinese food!
Home cooked meals! I do the occasional food post with shots of meals I cook at home!

My family together celebrating with a seafood dinner and Yu seng!
Huge fan of skater/flared dresses! Here I got three colors of this one simple model!
My best friend Anna attending my graduation!
Attending my best friend's graduation in Cambodia!
Hanging out with lovely friends!
Reapplying my lipstick on graduation day!

Being silly!
My favorite time of the year in the Supermarkets here, Chinese New Year!

Visiting my best friend in Cambodia!
Lemon grass ice tea, pork kway teow, tom yum and the best prawn cakes at Black Canyon Bangkok!

Delicious lunch in Siam Paragon!
Home made Guo Tie pork filled pan fried dumplings! All from scratch!
In krabi during our recent beach holiday!
The beautiful sunset in Aonang Krabi!
On Railey beach in Krabi!
Photo with da most loved one on Railey beach in Krabi!
At my boyfriend's grandparents flower farm in Indonesia!
Chilling in the sun on the rooftop infinity pool in Bali! Love seeing the ocean just in the distance!

My boyfriend and I! As of the middle of 2016 we'll be celebrating our 4 year anniversary!

Some of the most delicious food I've been eating again and again in 2015! Salted egg squid at local coffee shops and sticks of grilled innards covered in chilli and cumin, chive pancakes and beef tripe/ear/organ appetizers in Chinatown!
Finally trying out the many churro shops in Singapore during the New Year, this one was so crispy on the outside and had the perfect amount of sugar/cinnamon!

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