Friday, 30 October 2015

Special: Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! (2015)

Happy Halloween everyone! For those who are in America and Canada I'm sure that Halloween is quite a big deal as well as a tradition and fun occasion for families! I only knew about this celebration growing up because I had many American teachers at the International Schools I attended. Halloween isn't anywhere as relevant in Asia in general and if you go knocking on people's door for candy probably 9/10 people will not have any treats to give to trick-o-treaters!

Halloween and all the knick knacks that go with it such as costumes, accessories, themed treats and events are now much more common in Asia but recently I'm most impressed by the gals on youtube who do amazingly artistic make up looks for the occasion! I was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra look and decided to go just go all out and create my version of a Cleopatra look!

Continue below for my make up look!
Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! Blue eyes, gold pop and dramatic eyeliner!
Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! A super dramatic eyeliner with a pop of gold on the lid, blue eyliner and a gradient blue shadow up to my brows!
A photo of Elizabeth Taylor's iconic make up look from her film in 1963! Love the focus on the bold eyes and then the warm cheek and nude lip! I wish I had more jewelry though for a more Egyptian look!
Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! Complete with a warm neutral blush with a golden highight, peachy nude lips and light contouring with bold solid brows and a pair of hazel contacts!
Eyeshadows used: Two blue shimmery shadows from Sleek's Snapshots palette!
Eyeshadows used: A shimmery midtone vibrant blue and a pale baby powder blue from my Coastal Scents smokey palette!
Products used: Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, 1028 whitening powder, Sleek contour kit, Mac mineralize blush, Addiction glow foundation, Maybelline color tattoo, Kiko color shock long lasting eyeshadows, Babyface gel eyeliner, Catrice concealer, Shiseido shimmery eye color, Star Lash eyelash glue, Urban Decay primer, NYX slide on glide on eyeliner, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, Kiss me heroine eyeliner, Sleek true color lipstick, Annayake lipgloss
Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! Love how this shot shows my complete look off very well! A slight contouring on my nose adds definition and it's a must to have the brows visible for this look!
Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! Close up, on my cheek was a warm glowing neutral shade with a good amount of a golden highlight on my cheekbones! I wish I had fuller lashes for this look but any dramatic plush pair works!
Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! Just trying out poses to show off my look! I unfortunately had no gold jewelry to accessorize with but do have this gold leaf top!
Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! My uber juicy duck lips! I've been surprised recently with people asking me how I get my lips looking like this! They just do if I purse them together!
Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! A shot of my look with flash, love how bold and pretty this look is! I basically kept this look on at home for several hours until it was dark enough for me to take a snap with flash before taking it all off!
A gorgeous bag of halloween treats I've assembled for my boyfriend's 10 year old brother! I picked up all the goodies are various supermarkets and a specialty candy shop which got me started!
The colorful individual candies are soft gummies and hard candies, the square box with a pumpkin face is filled with thin wafers of chocolate and the poop candy is a chewy one and the pirate teddy on a stick is hand made hard candy. I picked up the rest at the supermarket! I totally would be happy to receive all of these so I hope he will too!
Halloween Cleopatra inspired make up look! One of my favorite shots of this look! If only I had a longer and fuller pair of lashes and some gold jewelry!

That's all for my halloween post this year! I believe the last two years or so I haven't down anything halloween related so I'm glad to get at least one in this year! I'll be having one more look that I'm doing for the day itself when I join my boyfriends' family to go out for the night so I'll be posting that look in the near future!

Are you someone who celebrates/practices halloween traditions?
What's your favorite type of halloween 'look'?
Let me know down below!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Great job on the eyes! And look at you, looking like a badass at the end.

  2. Very dramatic look, you look fab!

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  3. Hi dear, that's a super nice make up! It suits you a lot too! I'm happy to see different from the usual Halloween looks =)

  4. aw so nice of you to make a good bag for his brother! i would have just eaten all the chocolate!
    you did a great job with the look and got such precise color application!

  5. That is GORGEOUS, girl! I really love the shape you created - matches perfectly! What a beautiful "costume!" The top you're wearing is perfect, as well. I'm not very creative so I never dress up for Halloween, haha!

  6. Gorgeous Halloween look, Sharlynn! Love how you did the eyes!!
    I planned to be red riding hood on Halloween, but there is problem with the robe, so I need to find another easy alternative :/ I was thinking about gypsy or fortune teller. I'm gonna go shopping tomorrow for emergency outfit hihi.

  7. Your eyes are FREAKING amazing! Couldn't stop staring at it. Also, love your top/dress!!You pull off everything!!

    Macarons and Mischief

  8. Love the dramatic eyes. Looks amazing.

  9. OMG <3 how awesome! wow! Amazing and well done!
    have a nice Friday :****

  10. So pretty! I love the makeup! I wanted to dress up, but eh think I'll just stay in. So nice of you to make a goodie bag!

  11. OH MY GOSH sweetie... this is such a wonderful look :)
    You look amazing and that top is so beautiful :)
    Halloween here in Finland is not that very big either... We celebrate All Hallows Eve and some of us (among my group of friends) celebrate Samhain :)
    On All Hallows Eve (October 31st) we go to the graveyards and lit candles on our loved ones graves. That is basically all we do...
    It is so beautiful at night when all the candles are burning
    Some do dress up but trick or treating is not a thing here... if we dress up it is together with friends to go out partying cause a lot of clubs have Halloween themes and if you want to get inside you have to be dressed up ;)
    Some kids do dress up too but they do not go out trick or treating... that happens during Easter time.. not so much the trick part but the candy collecting ;)
    When it comes to Halloween looks I love scary things but I also love more elegant looks and cute looks :)

  12. Happy "totally-late" Halloween! OHMYGOSH Sharlynn, this look is soooo amazing! I will definitely re-create it, I love the eyes makeup especially, it's so unique!! Wait till I re-create the look, can't wait to show you ^^

  13. OH MY FREAKING GOD! This is AMAZING! I love it so much and I love that you adapted it from the original look too. Really, REALLY outstanding work!

  14. Wow, this is really awesome! I love that you did your own take on the iconic Cleopatra look - it's your own spin and interpretation and your creativity and makeup flair shines through! It looks really intricate but at the same time super effective and striking!

  15. This is so cool! You should do more of these costumey looks!

    chloé⎪ status.chlo




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