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Rave Review: Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!

Les 4 Ombres Tisse Rivoli! Oh you guys have no clue how happy I've been with this high end baby in my claws! I've ever only owned high end eyeshadows through palettes from duty free but never just a palette which I've been craving forever! I always tend to hold off buying anything so that I can actually make the most informed decision in terms of which colors I want as I tend to look at swatches and WANT EVERYTHING! Chanel's quads were no exception, I wasn't sure which one to go for until I swatched them in person at the airport and Sephora.

I decided to go with the gorgeous neutral quad tisse rivoli as I was so impressed by the dimensions of the colors in person and felt that I could never get sick of reaching out for these four shades. Although I'm someone who really likes colors I realized neutrals would be used more and I want to use my high end products and not let me sit in storage!

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Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!
Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!
Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!
Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!

Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!

Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!

Black, sleek, shiny and classy are the words that come to mind with the packaging of Chanel's products. I'm definitely a fan of simple but yet posh looking products. Like many high end cosmetics, the quad itself comes in a velvet bag, Chanel's logo is on the top of the clam shell packaging and the finish of plastic is shiny. This quad comes in a plastic packaging which I'm happy with as you get a mirror on the entire inside of the cover and the entire packaging is not too bulky or large for what you're getting inside. I really appreciate having the information on the back of the packaging listing the name of the product, amount and even a small image of the colors of the shadows inside. Overall I have no issues with the packaging although I wouldn't mind if it did not include the two sponge applicators and the size was then slightly smaller.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!
Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!

Right from the moment I swatched these shadows I knew they belonged to me. Baked eyeshadows and powder products in general are know for being very smooth, easy to work with and also usually shimmery/luminescent. These shadows are out of this world smooth, buttery and so multidimensional. I can't begin to describe how beautiful they are in person as there's quite some depth and an effect from the shimmer that does not translate into photos.

This quad Tisse Rivoli features four gorgeous cool toned neutral shades, a light cream, a pale shell brown, a greyish taupe and a rich purple toned brown that's just amazing gorgeous in person. I've used all the shades together in looks and the shadows would make great one shadow looks too because of how multidimensional they are. These shadows work extremely well with each other and blend very easily so you'd never be left with a harsh line even if you barely blend the edge of where you placed shadow. They have a beautiful light quality if used without any primer but with a base of some sort they pop and make your eyes smoulder.

I really appreciate all four shades and use them equally, this would be great for everyday use and even for a more intense night look with the addition of eyeliner. I would have liked if the darkest shade was a bit darker to be honest as I like getting a really smoky outer V but the intensity of the darkest shade makes it easier for everyone to work with. Overall there is nothing I dislike or would like improved on these shadows. I love everything about them!

Wearing Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!
Wearing all the shades from Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!
Swatches of Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!
Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli!
Paid: $70+ SGD or about $50 USD (Purchased at Duty Free at Changi Airport)

These quads retail for $87 SGD or $61 USD in stores in Singapore from Chanel.

Recommend: YAAAS. I'm not just recommending this because it's gorgeous looking and is expensive but the quality of the shadows are brilliant. Whether you are a beginner or an expert when it comes to make up these shadows are luxurious, great quality and perform amazingly.

Repurchase: Yes, I've already got the next quad on my wish list...Tisse Gabrielle which is a gorgeous dark super smoky set of shades!

Bottom line: Chanel's Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow quad are worth every dollar. If you are a lover of smooth, buttery, multidimensional shimmery shadows a quad from them will light you up! They are in investment so choose a quad that you'd get lots of use from and you won't regret it at all!

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Think you'd love this quad too?
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  1. I'm droooooling *.* This is gorgeous, the packaging, the little velvet pouch, the logo - LOVE it! :)
    I have only one Chanel quad my sister got me for Christmas and I really treasure it!

  2. (Pft, who even uses the applicators included with eyeshadow palettes)
    But ughhhhh, Chanel *-* (I mean, I'm not usually a fan of Chanel but the smooth black plastic packaging gets me every time. SO LUXURIOUS) I can definitely see myself using all four colours of this quad as well, though buying high end quads aren't really my thing. I love the look you've created, and of course, Chanel's products are generally worth it, even if their prices are hefty. (Case and point, their cream blush is one of my favourite formulas *-*)

  3. Glad it worked well on you and created a beautiful look with it c:
    I still find it so pricey :c but I guess it's the quality you pay for
    Xx Ice Pandora

  4. Omg, these are just PERFECT. I love Chanel quads. They're so special in that casing and i just love the depth of these shades. gorgeous!!!

  5. Ooooooh aren't they pretty?? *__* totally my cup of tea! I must say I am not a fan of Chanel baked eye shadows though.. but this one is really pretty <3<3 you chose well, Sharlynn!
    Glad to hear the formula works for you!

  6. This looks like a good quality! Great pick!


  7. These are such gorgeous shades! Chanel is such a luxe brand, one day I will own a product from them!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  8. This palette is gorgeous!!!! I'm drooling over the colors and pigmentation. I've never really looked at high end shadows before since I'm kind of scared to touch them (SOOO EXPENSIVE T-T).

    There's some holiday sales coming up and I might take advantage of those to get some nice high end palettes though :D

  9. The shades are absolutely gorgeous.

  10. omgggg I NEED THIS!! These colors are totally up my alley, I'm obsessed with pinky-purples and taupes. I never know with Chanel quads and blushes which are permanent and which are LE, do you know if this one is limited edition? I'd love to own one of their quads/blushes.

    chloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

  11. I remember eyeing this one last year ... it was too expensive for me but I was trying to convince my friend to buy it as she doesn't have much makeup. The Chanel allure is hard to resist and the quality and multidimensional effect of the neutral shades seemed perfect for a splurge that would be worth the money. The colours look beautiful on your lids - loved how you used all the shades together!

  12. Ahhh, you are tempting me even though I am already quite happy with my visee nudy rich...i should visit the counter and do some reasearch....

  13. Dying for the packaging! It's so simple and luxury like all other Chanel products! I have recently purchased the cream bronzer that everyone raves about, I am so excited to try!

  14. WOW that is one really stunning quad :)
    I would LOVE to have that in my collection :)
    I own one Chanel product and that is a nail polish :)
    I am dreaming about the Chanel Boy Bag but the prize is a bit too hefty for me at the moment ;)




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