Wednesday, 30 May 2012

FOTD: Rich Mahogany brown smokey eye! (opinions on my glasses?)

Hey ho! I'm on holiday in Cambodia right now! Visiting some friends, going to do some shopping! I'll be posting some pictures of the trip so far in a few days!

Here's a rich glamorous mahogany shade of brown I used for a smokey look! Who said neutrals are boring? Make them rich, luxurious, sexy and oh so easy to wear out!

Continue below for close ups, the products used and this look with glasses on!
Rich mahogany brown smokey eye! Making neutrals rock!

Rave review: l'oreal inffallible single eyeshadows! (purple, brown, pink)

These lovely single eyeshadows from l'oreal came in as 'limited edition' last year and sold out! When I saw these were back, only in 8 colors and not the same as before I had to grab 3 while the offer was going on!

They are incredible to work with, pigmented and just drool worthy, I've only picked up one other color since and really wish l'oreal would bring in more!

Continue below for swatches and the review!

l'oreal infallible single eyeshadows in 005 (purple obsession), 012 (Endless chocolat) & 004 (Forever pink)

l'oreal infallible single eyeshadows in 005 (purple obsession), 012 (Endless chocolat) & 004 (Forever pink)

Food: May #4 (Home cooked Japanese Katsu & soba!)

More food pictures for the month of May!   

Pork katsu and soba all home-made! Enjoy the photos!

Home made pork katsu!
Soba with raddish and home made sauce!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

FOTD/OOTD: Subtle brown & pink (wet n wild 'sweet as candy' trio)!

An easy to go look with the 'Sweet as Candy' color icon trio! I love the pigmented cotton floss pink in the trio, it works great on the lids and on the inner corners!

Continue below for the products used!

light brown and pink eye look with wet n wild trio 'sweet as candy'...

Skirt & bag haul for May 9~2012! (Cotton On, Pedro)

A few lovely goodies for the up and coming hot summer months and nights out! Cotton on in Singapore is selling bunches of light weight textured/patterned/plain body con skirts, mix and match two for $30 SGD!

I ended up loving the fit and color of the coral skirt I went back and got three more! Two brights and one faux leather one! I need color in my dark wardrobe!

Continue below for close ups!

Body con skirts from Cotton On (2 for $30), Taupe handbag from studio tangs ($35), Clutch bag from Pedro ($65)

Things to Trash for April 2012!

Sorry for the little break! So much has gone on, I'm done with exams!

Should be posting more this week before flying off next week to see my classmates graduate. Thanks to new followers and people stopping by!

Here are my empties for April! Continue below for the overview!

April 2012 empties!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

FOTD/OOTD: Awake looking neutral look (using Too Faced, NYX, Wet n wild)

Just another quick morning and I decided to keep things simple and bright! lots of love to the inner corners, even though I end up wiping there a lot until all the shimmers gone!

I'm off for an afternoon at the beach with some friends! Hope to get a more even tan!

Continue below for close ups and the products used!

Bright eye neutral look!
Bright eye neutral look with lots of inner corner highlight!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Food: May #3 (Seabass burger at Cedele!)

Quick foodie post! This was a really yummy fish burger I had at Cedele. It's a restaurant/cafe that serves healthier/organic/live well type of foods.

Cedele seabass burger with tomato chutney sauce and pumpkin bun.
Cedele seabass burger with tomato chutney sauce and pumpkin bun.

It was really good. I love fish cooked simply, just pan seared with salt and pepper. It was done just nice and with the tomatoey sauce, cheese and vegetable with the thick bread, it was great.

Would you order this seabass burger? How do you like your fish?
 let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks! 

FOTD/OOTD: Deep smokey brown with Dior!

Only FOUR more IB exams left! Wish me luck my lovely followers~!

Highschool has been an interesting experience, I wouldn't want to do it again but I hope to meet some people I got to know again. I'm saddened by how everything's just changed so easily, no more routine, no more seeing friends everyday but hey! That's life, I'm scared but I'm excited, I want more!

Just another quick smoky brown I did a while ago when I went out with my mom. I grabbed by Dior Cannage travel palette and used the dark brown in it for this look!

For my review and swatches of the Dior Cannage Voyage Collection eyeshadows look here!

Continue below for a close up and my outfit!

Deep smoky brown eyes with Dior!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review: Bourjois contour clubbing waterproof eyeliner in 2 shades! (green, teal)

All Bourjois products I've tried I've love and these two waterproof creamy eyeliners are no different! Picked on up in Singapore and one when I was living in Cambodia...they have an even wider range of products there as they get their stock from Thailand.

Continue below for the quick review and swatches!

Bourjois contour clubbing waterproof eyeliner in 43 green Insomniak and 45 blue remix

Overview: Some of my Foundations (Maybelline & l'oreal)

Here's just four foundations which at some point in the last year I used regularly! I still use them but not as heavily and all over my face. My base routine now is just spot concealing with concealer or foundation and powder!

Continue below for swatches and summaries!
l'oreal true match in R2, Maybelline pure liquid mineral in OC2, Maybelline clear smooth aqua gel in 13 & 22

Food: May #2 (Snack foods from last month!)

Just one more quick food post before I sleep! I can't help it! I've got so many posts to catch up on and so little time! These are goodies I've had in the last month or even before!

Giant sushi platter from NTUC supermarket for only $20.80 SGD!

1A curry puffs! Flaky and crispy!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Skincare Review: Vichy Normaderm Day & Night anti-imperfection routine set (for acne prone/oily skin)

Having oily-combination type skin like many other ladies here in sunny sunny Singapore I invested into this value set of three full sized products from Vichy labratories Normaderm anti-imperfection line which is targeted towards oilier/acne prone skin.

I've been using these products on and off for the last 6 months and now can give a proper review on how it's worked for me and my skin.

Continue below for more photos, details and the review on the Normaderm products!

Vichy Normaderm day & night imperfection routine- Total pore resurfacing essence, hydrating care (day time moisturizer), rejuvenating care (night time moisturizer)

FOTD/OOTD: Easy glittery brown eyes feat. Too Faced Natural Eye Kit!

On a blogging roll yet again! I've got two exams tomorrow and I really need to de-stress hence blogging! I've got some many posts lined up and here's one I did more than a month again after I posted my 100th blog post special featuring the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit!

Here's a look I did with it which was quite 'glittery' I may add, now I use tissue to catch fall! I've been on a rage of neutrals recently so I apologize if browns bore you but I just love them!

Continue below for the look, steps to get it and products used!

Glittery brown eyes using the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit

Easy glittery brown eyes with the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit

Haul for April 30: Pretty sandals, make up & toiletries~!

Here's a haul post for a bunch of things I picked up at the end of last month at Watsons! I went GAGA when I saw the l'oreal infalliable eyeshadows in stock! There was a deal on buying any three items from certain brands and getting a third item of lowest value free, hence getting the only three eyeshadows I'm interested in anyway from them!

Picked up some new powder and concealer from ZA which have been amazing and I'm trying out the l'oreal sleek system conditioner for my hair!

I also picked up an AMAZING liquid pen liner by the korean brand 'peripera' and it's the second of its kind I've used, the first a long time ago by revlon colorstay but it was crap. This one was perfection the first time and has now replaced my gel liner for daily use!

Continue below for close ups, details and my lovely new sandals!

Haul of goodies from Watsons! l'oreal eyeshadows, conditioner, ZA cosmetics, ecotools, clio, rimmel and essence!
l'oreal infalliable single eyeshadows in 3 shades! They were completely out of stock, gone and "limited edition" a few months ago! But they're back in Singapore!

I used the purple shade in my recent FOTD, check it out here!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Food: May #1 (pic HEAVY of home cooked, spotted out and snack foods)

I've been documenting my meals, and things I've had around town worth keeping a photographic copy of. Here's what's been awaiting to be shared with the food and other foodies for the last two months! I've still more to share but this lot should keep you guys pleased for now!

Do be warned! lots of food coming at you!

Gorgeous cakes @ Food Hall in Takashimaya
Pies with 'funny faces' @ Food Hall in Takashimaya

More pretty cakes and logs slices!

Delicious  yam/taro cakes, steamed nonya goods and home made type savoury foods!

Omg...colorful macaroons!
Nice big brownie to satisfy my chocolate tooth!

FOTD: Smokey Purple (2012) May 2~ First IB Exam day!

Hey my lovely followers! We are not smack into week two of IB exams all over the world! I've got two subjects completely out of the way (Art and Mathematics), German Abinitio is next and English!

I woke up extra early on the morning of my first exam (english paper 1) and did this beautiful smokey purple with a l'oreal infalliable eyeshadow in Purple Obsession! (which was discontinued/sold out and now is back! *squeal*!)

I will be reviewing the eyeshadows I picked up recently soon after posting the haul post for everything I got that day! 

Continue below for more photos and products for this look! 

FOTD: Smokey Purple with l'oreal inffaliable eyeshadow in Purple Obsession!

Quick look: Revlon Superlustrous lipgloss in Nude lustre! (comparison to other nude glosses)

Something I picked up last year but was dying to try after hearing a lot about how the consistency of this line from Revlon is apparently one of the best lipglosses drugstore wise by lots of beauty gurus online!

I picked up a nude shade of course, easy to wear and to layer! love the shade! I'm comparing it to an NYX and Majolica Majorca lipglosses also of a nude color.

Continue below for swatches and a comparison to 2 other nude shades!

Revlon Superlustrous lipgloss in 040 Nude lustre
Revlon Superlustrous lipgloss in 040 Nude lustre

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Things to Trash for March 2012!

A late one but definitely lots of good about this lot of things I trashed! 

I always have several shampoos and conditions open at the same time, rotating depending on how my hair feels, Pantene is my go to for smelling great, being grease free and having shiny strong hair, no surprise both were used up!

Continue below for quick mentions and recommendations on the things I trashed for March!
Things to trash for March 2012! (Pantene, Schwarzkopf, bath & body works)

Accumulated empties to return to any Body Shop store!

Special: late One Year Anniversary of my blog~! (ApriI 24)

Greetings to all my followers! Thank you so much for staying with me and tuning into my posts! I've never thought blogging would be as enjoyable as it's been the past year and this post is to mark my one year since my first post!

See my first post on blogger here!

This post is a week late, my anniversary date was April 24, last Tuesday, however it that was the last day of formal classes at school before our exams (which start tomorrow for me!) and a teacher of mine was involved in a traffic accident on the way to school which some of us learnt about only at the end of the day.

I spent four hours calling hospitals around Singapore inquiring as the school didn't release any details and my good friend and I wanted to visit him, after contacting a teacher and a friend of his we managed to see him in hospital at night which was such a comfort as he's been an incredible teacher and person.

This post however is important to me as I have my best friend Anna to thank. She was the one who got my started blogging last year and ever since things have taken off. I last saw her in January, she like my ex-classmates are graduating in Cambodia at the international school there whilst I'm graduating in an International school here in Singapore. I'll be flying over at the end of the month to visit her and attend their graduation before coming back for my own.

Here are some photos showing the recent and important things over the last month of my life. The last week in school was a senior spirit week hence themed dressing, I had my final art exhibition (Another special post for that which loads of photos!), I went sailing for the first time, lots of photos for memories to look back on in the years to come pretty much.

Please open up and continue below!

With my dearest Anna in school in Jan 2012
At my favorite Thai restaurant "lemongrass" in Phnom Penh
Anna and I earlier this year, I plan to be there for her until we grow old and crazy.

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