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10 Things: I Love Eating!

Things I love eating! After reading another fellow bloggers post about foods she'd rather not eat I realized that I HAD to do a post about all the foods I love to eat. I pretty much will eat almost anything that's cooked and tasty. I like all types of flavors, spices, cooking techniques and cuisines. It's almost hard for me to think of food I don't like!

In the past I wrote a post called "10 Things: I wish I knew about make up as a Teen" (see it here!) and so I thought I'd be extending the '10 Things' series on my blog with this post of things I love eating!

Continue below to see the 10 Things I love eating!
10 Things: I love eating!

1. Dim sum

I love everything about dim sum. The pan-fried, the steamed, the deep fried, the baked…I love the different textures, skins, fillings, flavors and how there's everything from vegetarian, pork, shrimp, bean curd and so many things in the fillings! Give me an all dim sum meal anytime!

I could eat dim sum for lunch or dinner! Anytime is a good time! Fried, steamed or pan fried!
2. Chicken liverI love my chicken liver two ways. The way served with chicken rice which is blanched and then served with the sauce drizzled over the chicken. Then as a french style terrine served cold to be spread onto bread!

This is how chicken liver/gizzard is served in Singapore! Blanched/boiled and served with a light sauce! We eat this with chicken rice or with porridge!
 Link to source here!
3. Seafood

If you don't love seafood and you're not allergic to any, you'd be getting some weird looks in my family. Seafood has long been associated with wealth and my family always eats lots of seafood at special family meals! I love prawns and scallops best. Blanched and pan seared respectively! We eat plenty of seafood on a daily basis too, my mom loves cooking fish.

A big tray of assorted seafoods and meats my mom whips up at home for Chinese New Year dinner! Boiled prawns, braised mini abalone, sauteed scallops, braised chilled jelly fish and sliced pork!
4. Bread

Crusty, classic, milky, soft like from break talk! I love all types of breads. I love classic crusty french baguettes that a lot of asians here consider too hard but that's how they are when it's been warmed up and then cooled. I also love flavored sliced loaf breads like chocolate, honey, milk and also very common here is bread buns from stores like Bread talk, Four leaves and family run bakeries.

I love sliced bread, artisanal loafs, Italian breads and soft asian bread buns like from Bread Talk! Link to source here!
5. Spicy food

I've been eating spicy things since I was young. Sweet chilli sauce is purely sweet to me. I love indonesian chilli paste which is basically usually made of pounded bird's eye chilli, shallots and garlic. I don't eat super spicy food all the time but love chilli oil for my pasta, chilli dips, chilli powder in marinades!

This is Ayam Penyet or smashed fried chicken from Indonesia. Served with a fried bread crumb like garnish, raw vegetables, fried tofu and bean cake and most importantly with super spicy fresh chilli paste and steamed rice! I LOVE THIS and always finish my chilli!
6. Chinese noodles

Hand made chinese noodles, Ban Mian, la main…there are so many shapes and styles of hand made noodles and I love all of them. I love the chewiness and the bounce. Spicy mince meat sauce, in a soup with wonton, served chilled or piping hot covered in spring onions, coriander and a drizzle of sesame oil! I could use a bowl right now!

Chinese noodles aren't all the same, as seen above these noodles are made from wheat which makes the noodles very chewy and they don't over cook easily. We have yellow noodles, rice noodles, wheat noodles and glass noodles! There's so many types!
7. Pork anything

Maybe it's because I'm Chinese…or maybe because I freaking just love pork. BBQ pork ribs, crispy crackling pork belly, char sui pork, braised pork loin, juicy pork shoulder chops, mince pork for noodles, pork in chinese dumplings…it's easy to add to this list!

Growing up in a traditional chinese family in the sense that we had plenty of home made meals I'm a lover of pork  in all ways from all cuisines. Steamed, baked, roasted, fried, BBQ...I can't live without pork!
8. Pasta

Spagetthi, fettucine, shell, penne…I like every type of shape! I also am a fan of all variations of tomato sauces, the basic, with chilli, with mince meat, vegetarian! I also love plain oil and garlic pastas or chilli oil pastas too! I've never really like white cream sauces for my pastas otherwise you could set down any dish of pasta and I'd be happy to clear it!

Much like how much I love chinese type noodles I love western pasta! I prefer tomato and oil based sauces for my pastas, love modern twists too like lemon grass and chilli oil! I steer clear of cream sauces due to the high calorie content!
9. Fried Asian crackers

Any type of fried asian cracker! Lobster, prawn, crab, tapioca, fish, potato flour, sweet potato, taro! OMG. I love these crunchy snacks, move aside potato chips! These are my true love! My dad and I both love crackers and although he repeats that he should avoid them he will end up buying a pack or I will and we'll polish them off the same night.

Here is a late night shot taken by my boyfriend of me stuffing my face with fried prawn crackers! I also love crab crackers, lobster crackers, fish crackers and plain tapioca crackers! Most south east asian countries have their own type of crackers!

10. Thai/Vietnamese/ Japanese food!

If I had to move to a country and stay there until I die it would be Thailand. I love the huge variety of everything. The supermarkets are huge, I love being able to get mini sizes of every, I love the shopping, I love the affordable food! Sweet, spicy, sour, salty…I could eat thai food every single day and the same goes for Vietnamese and Japanese cuisines!

My whole life I've eaten all types of asian cuisines but these particular ones just encompass all the flavors: salty, sweet, spicy, sour, umami! I love food that makes all my senses wake up and food with lots of flavors and textures! Can't live without these flavors!

Well as you can see, I LOVE FOOD! I love most foods and I really do eat quite a lot! I spend most of my money on beauty and food! I think that food is not only a necessity but it's something to be enjoyed and something part of special occasions! I'm definitely someone who's easy to eat out with as I'm honestly not a picky person at all. Having no currently known allergies help as well as well as being a true omnivore!

What are some foods you love to eat?
Are you a picky eater?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I love food as well!! I find good delicious food very therapeutic ^^
    You love chicken liver?? Oh I hate it :O, I basically dislike anything liver. I have once tried foie grass and I almost threw up xD what a waste of money LOL.
    I have a very asian tongue, and not a big fan of pasta or anything creamy.. But i love asian food very much :D

  2. I love eating too!!!! Dim sum at yum cha is the bomb!
    xx Kat @ Katness

  3. Spicy yessssss, I love spicy anything.
    Also big fan of seafood and chicken, not a big pork lover

  4. Did I inspire this? ;) Hehe, OH AND YES DIM SUM!!! Haha we're quite opposites actually :)
    Oh I miss char kway teow, now that I'm back in australia :( And I love thai food too! Pad thai is the best!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  5. I always wanted to try dim sum! Now I`m definitely going to cook it :)

  6. Hey Sharlynn, It is very fortunate that I've finished eating my dinner before reading this delicious post of yours. I actually had char kway teow, hokkien mee and carrot cake for dinner just now.Very local hawker fare. I see many local and food in here. Yummy! I wouldn't have been able to do a 10 things post with food coz I simply love too many types of food.


    "We are all busy people, even if our online media is active or not life goes one! ^^"

    I love this line of yours the most, Sharlynn.

    It is so strange that in my last post I was having negative feedback for Dean and Deluca but in this post, I'm in awe of their cute little cakes. And yes, I've not replied to some comments and also ignored those which are not important. Some comments are just so "unrepliable". I need to go to Paulaner more often. There are still many dishes on their menu which I want to try.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  7. i also love dimsum, spicy food, and pork anything XD XD
    the ayam penyet looks so delicious :3

  8. Hi Sharlynn,

    I really enjoyed reading through all the food that you like to eat... Caught you with prawn crackers!!!! LOL! Dim Sum is one of my fav food too but my number one favourite food is popiah!!! Second is mee hoon kueh... My favourite cookies is pineapple tarts! LOL!!! Through my blog, you can clearly see my favourites :p


  9. I always love your post featuring your favorite dishes honey. These dishes are so yummy and delicious and I would love to eat all... .haha, oh I'm hungry.

  10. You're such a tempress, Sharlynn! Aiyoh, your turn to entice me with your food posts, huh?? Hahaha! Guess what? I've never tried chicken liver!! I only like goose liver! Hahaha!

  11. Oh wow all of this food looks amazing.. especially the noodles! xx

    Gemma |

  12. Aw maaannn...this post has made me so hungry!! Too much foodporn to handle xD
    It depends on the day but I know I love my noodles and rice!
    I'm willing to try new things but there are some things I know I don't like because of this so I can be a picky eater at times ^^"

  13. Ugh <3 I love all except the pork food haha
    We can totally be food buddies :P Xx

  14. Looks all so good, you have gorgeous food!!


  15. LOL i couldn't possibly just pick 10

  16. This post has me drooling, Sharlynn! All my favourite things to eat too.

  17. Oh, I don't think that I could ever narrow down my favorite things to eat to 10. But Dim Sum would definitely top the list. You've got some good picks here dear, and now you've made me hungry!

  18. HAH, SHERI'S POST, RIGHT?? I love steamed fish and pan seared scallops too! DAT CRUST *-*
    Speaking of crust, crusty breads are my favourite too. Excellent with hummus! I looove pasta too, but my all time favourite sauce would be pesto. Smear that over any freshly cooked pasta noodle, and smother with fresh Parmesan and mozzarella....SO GOOD. AND IM CURRENTLY IN MAJOR LOVE WITH HOMEMADE LASAGNA. Simmered a meat sauce over the holidays for two hours....BEST MEAT SAUCE I EVER HAD.




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