Monday, 7 May 2012

Haul for April 30: Pretty sandals, make up & toiletries~!

Here's a haul post for a bunch of things I picked up at the end of last month at Watsons! I went GAGA when I saw the l'oreal infalliable eyeshadows in stock! There was a deal on buying any three items from certain brands and getting a third item of lowest value free, hence getting the only three eyeshadows I'm interested in anyway from them!

Picked up some new powder and concealer from ZA which have been amazing and I'm trying out the l'oreal sleek system conditioner for my hair!

I also picked up an AMAZING liquid pen liner by the korean brand 'peripera' and it's the second of its kind I've used, the first a long time ago by revlon colorstay but it was crap. This one was perfection the first time and has now replaced my gel liner for daily use!

Continue below for close ups, details and my lovely new sandals!

Haul of goodies from Watsons! l'oreal eyeshadows, conditioner, ZA cosmetics, ecotools, clio, rimmel and essence!
l'oreal infalliable single eyeshadows in 3 shades! They were completely out of stock, gone and "limited edition" a few months ago! But they're back in Singapore!

I used the purple shade in my recent FOTD, check it out here!

Peripera 'very nice brush eyeliner', funny name but it is AMAZING!
The second last ectotools eyeshadow brush in stock! It's a very big brush, only good for all over lid color application/blending out edges.
A new tube of the lash growth serum, it's really helped my lashes fall out less and they are much longer than before. I've been using this for more than a year now. My review here!

A conditioner from l'oreal Ever Sleek line for smooth frizz free hair, trying it out now!
Two ZA foundation powders for my majolica majorca compact! (my review for MM foundation powder here!)  In shades 22 and 23, the darker shade matches me better at the moment because I've got a slight tan!
ZA liquid concealer in 2 and a new flat edged tweezer! The concealer is not as pigmented as the Maybelline mineral liquid ones but is a much better match and last for a long time.
An essence polish in Rich & pretty (silvery brown toned color) and a rimmel lip liner in 018 Addiction (rosy nude color)
More q-tips!
A bikini bottom and 3 lipsticks from topshop! *squeal* They had a deal going on!
New flipflops!
Check out! A whole range of professional make up tools now at Watsons in Taka! They aren't cheap, the big body kabuki is going for about $70 SGD  but the quality of the bigger brushes are phenomenal! :)
Xiao long bao dim sum @ crystal jade restaurant!
McD meal with my mom!
New sandals, badly needed! From Trois + Inch and MDK
  • Trois+ Inch (@ wisma Atria) locally owned or by a Malaysian owner and only has outlets in Singapore, they're foot wear are all very "pretty", "dressy" type sandals, heels, wedges and very wearable but fun and color pieces. They use a lot of lambskin leather and hence pieces start at about $30 SGD to $100+

  • MDK (@ Harbour front centre) is a Singaporean owned and they sell mostly heels/sandals that are very professional/for work. Designs come in white/neutral/black/brown, not much color at all, just lots of variation with pumps with different finishes on one pair of heels which makes them fun and yet polished.

We didn't get any boxes! We have many at home! Shoes from Trois + Inch come individually in shoe bags and in a hot pink box.
Sandals from MDK, they were on sale! The black pair for $23 SGD and the taupe for $19. Both pairs are synthetic pleather I believe.
Real simple and easy to wear! I had to get two extra holes punched for both pairs because my ankles are very slim, I may need another hole punched though! (The bites on my feet are from the beach! Grr)
From Trois + Inch, size 39, I choose the taupe pair and my mother the black ones, we can share them! They are of such amazing quality and feel so good. They zip up in the back. $65 SGD each before our 10% member discount

They are so pretty, and feel so good, I walked entire days with them and have no problems. They are of very good quality, I've got other pairs of shoes/sandals from them before and these should last a while!
And lastly, here's a bunch of things I picked up for my best friend! I'm flying over to cambodia again in a few weeks to attend her graduation and so she wanted foundation and I'm still going to be picking her up a bronzer and a few more brushes!

Have you picked up any sandals/footwear for the summer? 
Enjoying any new make up goodies? 
 let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


  1. what a super nice haul!!! you did buy a lot! lol.
    I know it's hard to resist good deals, right? why do you use ZA refill for a majolica case? do you find ZA better than majolica?

    1. Firstly the MM powders aren't a good match for me, they're either too dark or too light and I had to either use them over a foundation/base so I didn't look a bit darker/lighter than the rest of me! Second, they're very heavy and the ZA ones besides being a perfect match aren't as heavy and layer on very smoothly. And I haven't tried ZA before but the powders fit the case and are $10 less! All by shiseido though, so i feel assured! :)




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