Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sugar Babe: My favorite peachy nude nail polish!

Nude nails! Always will be 'in' no matter what! I've tried a couple nude type polishes but this one has been my favorite and it's too bad it's finished now and I can't find it anymore in singapore!

Continue below to check out 'Sugar Babe' from Sally hansen!
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear collection in shade Sugar Babe...a lovely peachy pink!

Fall FOTD: Rusty shimmery cranberry brown look!

Rusty, brown and shimmering!

Oh I love pinkish, brownish, goldish shades on the eyes, they are so flattering for brown eyes! This is a look I did that I think is very appropriate for those of you enjoying the 'fall' or autumn season! In Singapore we shall stay hot and wet all year round!

Continue below for photos of the look and products used!
A rusty red cranberry brown eye look inspired for fall!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

October food post: #2 (lunch at work, home made spring rolls, chinese dim sum)

Want to see what I eat at work? I've been taking photos of my lunch meals at work! We have asian and western choices of food at work but I prefer the asian choices, I can make far better western food at home!

Continue below for home made spring rolls, work lunch and chinese dumplings!
What I eat during lunch/ evening break at work!

Review: l'oreal ultra-volume collagene mascara! (before & after photos)

Plush and lush! Who doesn't want long, thick, dark lashes?! I've yet to come across any girl who wants mediocre lashes...anything that does less than the best I've experience isn't good enough anymore!

My friend was moving away a few months ago and gave this mascara to me. I know it's not hygenic to share mascaras but she at most used it twice ever.

At a first glance, it seems pretty amazing but not really....up to my standards! I'll let you know why!

Continue below for more photos and the review!
 l'oreal ultra-volume collagene mascara

Friday, 19 October 2012

Review: Bath & Body Works hand soap in Midnight Pomegranate!

Fancy hand soap? I never thought much of hand soap until my brother's girlfriend brough bath & bodyworks soaps for us!

I can't believe how incredibly scented they are, so sweet, so yummy! I've never seen metal stands for hand soaps. We just use them in their bottles, refill and throw! Never decorate them!

Continue below for the quick look!

Bath & Body Works hand soap in Midnight Pomegranate

October foodie post! #1 (german yums, home made quiche, pretzels, seafood dinner)

Eat to live? I think I live to eat! Food isn't always on my mind like a food addict, anorexic or's something that floats around that keeps me happy in my mind. I need to make it a point to spend time to make new dishes and bake!

Continue below for things I've eaten and things I've made! Quiche and pretzels!
German bier, open sandwiches, sausage platter, roasted knuckle! Home cooked udon, spinach, scallops, red velvet cupcakes and black pepper crab!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Rave Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in shade 27 (honey beige)!

Perfect cover, damn right! After so much talk, reviews and rave of Missha BB creams, their quality and slightly better range of color choice makes them one of the best BB bases on the market! 

I was surprised by the jump between shades, I would've fit best with a shade between this and the previous but this works in thin layers although a tad too dark for my face.

Note: This BB cream is now too dark for me! 

Continue below for the review!
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in shade 27 (Honey Beige)

Review: Bourjois little round pot blush in shade 03 Brun Cuivre~!

Blush fever! The perfect way to sculpt your face and add a fresh, pinched brightness is with blush! Ever since I saw all the swatches of these single Bourjois blushes on A Vain Woman's blog I was so enticed to try these blushes as most of them have a beautiful pink, shady rose color which I'm in love with!

I've got three of these, rose ambre, rose de jaspe, lilas d'or, all rosy but of all various finishes. Check out (my review and swatches here) for those!

For the review and swatch of Brun Cuivre continue below!
Bourjois little round pot blush in shade 03 Brun Cuivre!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Japanese lunch @ Sushi Tei with my better half and mom!

Japanese food galore! Who doesn't like Japanese food! I could eat this stuff everyday, all day! Had a lunch a short while back with the better half and my mom, ate too much and had a good afternoon browsing through electronics of all sorts down town!

Continue below for close up of the food and extras!
Japanese lunch! I love everything! sushi, sashimi, rice sets and mini shabu shabu!

FOTDs: 4 looks for fall! (rosey cheeks, bright/ smokey, dark lips!)

Finally after compiling I've got several looks here I've done which seem quite fall appropriate! Not that it matters with the weather being the same during summer here in sunny Singapore!

I've enjoyed doing more dramatic brown eyes, smokey looks, lots of blush ( I love blush!) and maybe some bright and deep lipstick! I've got plenty of dark lippies but rarely reach for them! Such a shame I know!

I recently met up with an old school friend of mine, she's here studying and it was a great evening. We both got new ear piercings! Photos maybe to come soon!

Continue below for the looks and products used!
Four looks for fall! Blush is a must along with an easy eye and maybe a touch of lipstick for drama!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Review: Lancome la petite collection juicy tubes lip gloss! (limited edition/travel exclusive)

Do you like Lancome...Juicy Tubes!? This was a limited edition set of juicy tubes designed by lancome with collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama on the packaging. This set was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Juicy Tube lip gloss by lancome!

This was my first time trying juicy tube lipglosses and there are pros and cons to this product. I've had this for a while now but only now got around to reviewing this. This set reminds me of the Dior lipgloss la collection which I (reviewed here!)

Continue below for the review and swatches!

 Lancome la petite collection juicy tubes lip gloss! (limited edition/travel exclusive)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Special: Birthday haul from Watsons, la Senza and Sea Folly! (make up, skin care, under garmets and swim suits)

Crazy haul time! No more for the next few months! No more major hauls in such large amounts! This was during my birthday month of August where I can 5 times the points of my purchases which I can then use for buying things at Watsons!

I had used up a lot of hair products, conditioner and shampoo, was low of nose strips and needed to back up on powder. So I picked up and stocked up on lots of things for myself, somethings for giving away and somethings were for my mom!

Continue below to check out my Watsons birthday haul!

Birthday haul from Watsons, make up, hair products and skin care!
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