Monday, 30 June 2014

Review: Shiro Cometics Intertubes! (6 shades)

Internet inspired Intertubes! These tinted lipbalms by Shiro Cosmetics all have names of internet inspired memes or characters! There was a whole range of these which had more than what I have here to show but they all have since been discontinued temporarily as they are reformulating them to have improved texture so the product will last longer.

After seeing the beautiful swatches online and also lip swatches of the whole range (Check them out here!) 

Continue below for the review and swatches!

Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes in Forty Cakes, Nyan Cat, Why Not Zoidberg, Shoop Da Whoop, Yo Dawg (raspberry) and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Pinky bronze eyes with Sleek and lunch at Chinatown!

Pink eyes and Chinatown lunch! When I'm feeling girly, feminine and want something simple and flirty I go with browns and pinks! The palette or range of shadows that will always come to mind is the Sleek Oh So Special palette! I love neutrals but I love pinks, golds and other shades to mix with them for pops of fun color. 

My boyfriend and I had a delicious lunch at my favorite hawker center in Chinatown and we ate some Singapore food favorites before he had headed off to an interview!

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Pinky bronze eyes with Sleek Oh So Special and lunch at mince meat noodles and roast meat rice lunch at Chinatown!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Skincare: Boots Tea tree+Witch Hazel Anti Blemish Day Moisturizer and Purifying Toner!

Teatree + Witch Hazel goodness! As someone who had quite oily skin when I was younger, it was a god send so to speak when I discovered the local tea tree and witch hazel toner and face scrub in the local pharmacy here but after a good year and a half the line was scrapped! 

Since then I've come to know the goodness of tea tree oil for blemishes and the line from The Body Shop which unfortunately although effective is very strong and can dry out and hurt already sensitive and blemished skin. On my holiday to Bangkok last year I discovered Boots line of this ingredient and had to snap up these two products!

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Boots Tea tree+Witch Hazel Anti Blemish Oil Control Day Moisturizer and Purifying Toner!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Cherry red lips and gray eyes!

Date night look! So for those who have been following me for more than a year, it would have been rare to see me sporting bold lip colors! Not because I'm no fan of red or pink lips but because my lips are super sensitive, dry and peel like crazy! In the last few months I've been slowing getting back into using lip products and here I'm featuring a lipstick from Sleek!

The proud owner of 7 Sleek true color lipsticks (my review here) , all in the 'sheen' formula, these are super creamy, opaque in one layer and have a slightly glossy finish without being too slippery or moist. They last forever and look great without the need of blotting or touching up.

Continue below for the look!

Pink, bronze and gray eye look with bold deep cherry lips!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Review: Catrice Camouflage cream concealer in 020 Light Beige!

Camouflage Cream! Are any of you fans of heavy concealers? I've never been a fan or been in need of a high coverage concealer because I get enough coverage from my foundations/ bb creams so I almost never wear concealer. 

The only times are when I know I'm going to be very hot and sweaty or if I have scars healing. As part of my first huge first haul from Catrice I picked this up!  (Check out the haul here!)

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Catrice Camouflage cream concealer in 020 Light Beige!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Simple two shade smokey deep brown eyes! (roast pork belly sweet sauce noodles)

Simple eyes for a simple day! I was off to an interview for a well known microbrewery here in Singapore that also serves food and decided to go with a super simple look! It's not often that I do one or two shadow looks but I've almost forgotten how simple, fast and enjoyable they are! I really should feature more super simple looks!

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Two step smokey brown eye and roast pork belly sweet sauce noodles!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Haircare: Herbal Essences Touchable Moisture Honey & Lavender Conditioner!

Honey & Lavender conditioner! I've used and loved Herabl Essences since I was a child and it was the brand of shampoo and conditioner that I used when I started buying haircare form a 'grown up' brand! I've loved every single scent from their line, the old and the now reformulated one. I saw this in the supermarket and realized that this was completely new and from Japan!

There are two scents from Herbal Essences Japan which is a rose and this honey and lavender! I smelled this and holy cow!! The scent made me want to grab all of bottles!

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Herbal Essences Touchable Moisture Honey & Lavender Conditioner!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Rave review: Gino McCray Eyeshadow singles in 09 Peach Pink and 19 Olive Blue!

Beautiful single eyeshadows! These two beautiful single shadows were picked in the very famous beauty store chain in Thailand called "Beauty Buffet". Their products are formulated and made mostly in Korea and the delicious fruity and natural skincare line are made locally in Thailand.

This brand is under Beauty Buffet and had lots of shadows, on first impressions I thought I had spotted a nice rose gold shade but on closer inspection, the golden in the shadow was like a duochrome effect! Then I spotted a blue with the same and I had to get both!

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Gino McCray Eyeshadow singles in 09 Peach Pink and 19 Olive Blue!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Nude eyes and bold lashes with Urban Decay Smoked! (Lunch at BERGS)

Nude look with Urban Decay and big burgers! After having received the Urban Decay Smoked palette from my Boyfriend as a belated Christmas gift I've been digging into it and using it in all ways that I can think of! This was my first nude eye look with it as there are some beautiful nude matte shades!

For lunch, we headed back to BERGS gourmet burgers for their giant delicious and super filling burgers! Do check out my review of the Urban Decay Smoked palette here! 

Continue below here for the look and lunch!
Nude eye look using the Urban Decay Smoked palette! Delicious big gourmet burgers from BERGS!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Skincare: Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Milk!

Whitening Milk! How many of you are like me and prefer a lighter, more fluid texture of moisturizer? I really can't stand thick, creamy formulas that don't sink into the skin or that are greasy or rich as I've got oilier skin on the face. This is now the second time I've purchased this and it's from the Japanese brand Hada Labo that has a line of whitening skincare and a line of skincare for mature skin!

I've used and loved their AHA+ BHA exfoliating face wash (my review here) and for those interested they're products can be found online at or locally at supermarkets and pharmacies!

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Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Milk!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Genie Green eyes with Urban Decay's Deluxe shadow box!

Green eyes with Urban Decay! For those who don't know I'm a huge fan of cool tones, I love greens, blues and purples for colorful eye looks! Having received the very beautiful and colorful Urban Decay Deluxe shadow box in a beauty swap with Pam from Jade in the Palace I knew that there would be many looks following! Here I used the green shade from the kit to do this look!

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Genie Green eyes using Urban Decay Deluxe eyeshadows, Catrice and Bourjois eyeliner!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Rave Review: Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink!

Marble baked rosy blush! This blush was an impulse buy the moment I saw it on a blog sale on a local beauty blogger who I love and adore by the name of Juli from Bun Bun Makeup Tips (See blog sale here). Her blog is amazing for asian girls who want to become technical with eyeshadow placement as she has the best online guide for shadow placement and explanations of types of lids, and where to place what for desired effects! (See her amazing tutorial here, here, here and here!)

I didn't even know that this product was released or even sold locally in store so when I saw that she was selling this at a discount I jumped at the chance and HAD to get the beautiful marbled rose one!

Continue below for the review and look!
 Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink!

May 2014 Home made Food Post!

Delicious food for the month of may! The month of May was a big one for me, my final school project for my culinary course and then two weeks of resting and then now starting some part time work before continuing studies next year! My family cooked a lot of home made meals this month, stir fries, noodles, meats and my brother made his own birthday dinner!

Continue below for the yummy food!
My brother's self made birthday dinner: Roast rib eye with parsnips, carrots and baby potatos, baby spinach and raddish salad, mustard mayo potato salad and roasted cauliflower and pineapples

Monday, 16 June 2014

Pink and blue eyes with Shiro Cosmetics pigments! (Boyfriend's birthday dinner)

Pink and blue Shiro Cosmetics pigments! I was in the mood for a super bright pinky/blue look some while back and looking through my stash I realized that I hadn't touched the multiple sample sized sachets of pigments I had ordered from Shiro Cosmetics last year! I reach straight from a lilac pink and a bright cobalt blue!

On the same day I did this look, I celebrated my boyfriend's birthday in advanced with a home cooked dinner of singapore chilli crab, stir fried vegetables, steamed prawns and fried bread!

Continue below for the full bold look!
Pink/blue eyes with Eye Contact and Ocarina with Shiro Cosmetics pigments!

Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Eyelash Serum!

Eyelash Serum time! In the past I have tried two different eyelash serum and I swore by one until it was no longer sold in Singapore as of 2 years ago. I tried one from L'oreal and one from DHC, both seemed to keep my lashes strong however because the L'oreal (my review) is no longer sold and the DHC irritated my eyes and is now $10 more I thought I'd try another brand!

I was in Sasa some time back when I saw this eyelash serum by Kiss me Heroine make up, the brand which produces my holy grail mascara of all time! I thought I'd give it a shot!

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Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Eyelash Serum!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Empties: May 2014!

May Empties! Yes, yet again it is time for another giant empties post! Since graduating my diploma school course in May I've been picking up again on using make up more often instead of just once a week which was painful! Also I've been having more time to use skincare and get a routine back on so in the mean while as all of that is falling in place I've been clearing my stash!

Continue below for the empties!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Warm copper and purple eyeliner look! (Indonesian lunch)

Simple eyes with a slick of purple! Having been getting back into neutral eyes and at the same time playing around with lots of colorful shades I saw so many ladies wearing just slicks of bold color on their lids and I realized I haven't done that in a long time! I've got these beautiful bold and super waterproof eye cream shadows from Kiko and decided to go purple!

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Warm copper and purple eyeliner look! Another delicious Indonesian lunch!

Rave Review: Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette! (Swatches and looks)

Smoked eyes with Urban Decay! This post has been LONG awaiting since last year Christmas! My boyfriend handed this beauty over to me new years as a Christmas gift since he didn't get to give it to me in December and I was soooo pleasantly surprised that he got me this instead of the Soap & Glory skin care set I was going on and on about!

He told me that he knew I'd been wanting this and that I can always get the skin care by myself and thought that since I told him I was trying not to buy make up, he'd get this instead! (And it did cost like $30 more than the skincare set! I was sooo excited and have been loving everything about it!

Continue below for the review and looks!
Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Forest fairy green and purple look! (home baked dish meat pie)

Purple and green fairy eye look! This look was create almost a month ago, I've always got usually quite a big back log of posts that are in preparation but will not be published until 2 weeks to a month later from the day of when I took the photos! I had pulled out a beautiful duo baked eyeshadow which was gifted to me in a beauty swap from Pam who runs Jade in the Palace!

I used both the green and purple baked shades and then dipped into a few shades from the Sleek snapshots palettes to finish it off. This turned out much prettier than I thought it would!

Continue below for the complete look!
Forest fairy green and purple look using P2 Eye dream baked eyeshadow and Sleek's Snapshots palette!

Review: 17 Whitening BB Foundation Powder SPF 20 in Beige!

Whitening BB Foundation Powder! In this day and age, BB products are both being made by asian and western brands. There are the sheer ones and the super full coverage ones. There are BB creams, concealers and powders! The term 'BB' has been exploited to the full extent and I'm not surprised if just a regular powder is being called 'BB' so more people would want to buy it!

I picked this up while on holiday in Bangkok last year! We raided boots, korean make up stores and their local beauty stores like the asian version of Sephora while there! Check out my shopping haul here!

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17 Whitening BB Foundation Powder SPF 20 in Beige!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My perfect pinky brown eyes! (Peach Garden dim sum lunch)

Pinky brown eyes! One of my favorite combination for go-to quick and pretty eye looks is a soft pink and brown! I love the combination on the lids and how soft, feminine and easy it is for me to do! I've done this type of look using high end and drugstore shadows and here I used wet n wild shadows for this easy and pretty look for my new passport photos!

On the same day, mom brought me out for an all dim sum lunch at a restaurant I hadn't visited in years in a local shopping center! It was so nice to just eat nothing but dumplings and buns!

Continue below for my perfect pinky brown eyes!
My perfect pinky brown eye look using wet n wild trios in Sweet as Candy and Knock on Wood!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review: Kate Lash Extension Mascara in Long & Curl BK-1!

Lash Extension Mascara! Which one of use doesn't want longer, curlier and thicker lashes? We all want beautiful better than what we have lashes but it's not always easy to find "the mascara" for you! I'm lucky enough to have a holy grail that I've been using for the last 4 years. It's the Kiss Me Heroine make up Long & Curl (my review here), it's super super swimming and crying waterproof and is amazing at boosting everything I need. 

Once in a while my eyes wander to the mascara sections when I'm out and I thought I should just try this one by Kate as it's a fiber mascara and my holy grail is also a fiber mascara and also by a Japanese brand. I realized this was not waterproof but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway!

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Kate Lash Extension Mascara in Long & Curl BK-1!

Fish & Chip and vegetarian lunch! (Frosted forest green look)

Fish & Chips and vegetarian chinese food! It was some weeks back when I was craving for fish & chips and I wanted british style fish & chips where the fries are chunky and uneven and the fish was battered and not bread crumbed! My boyfriend and I ended up lunch hopping by sharing a portion of fish & chips and then going to another cafe to finish off lunch!

It was a super hot and lazy feeling day so I did a super easy and flawless one shadow look! I went for a more unusual but nonetheless very beautiful frosted foresty green cream shade!

Continue below for the look and lunch!
A double lunch at Smith's Authentic British Fish and Chips shop and Fusion Vegetarian Cuisine!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Rave review: The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumic Foot Scrub and Foot Rescue!

Peppermint foot therapy! For all of those ladies who suffer now and again from thickening heel skin and calluses or other foot related skin issues here are two products that can and will change your life! I've been using this scrub for now 5 years and the cream now and again but both products are worth the cost and worthy of being repurchased due to how effective they are!

I almost never buy anything from The Body Shop, I used to be a big fan but no more. I can buy shower gels for much cheaper and buy tea tree oil from Thursday plantation that gives you so much more product! Their body scrubs are so pricey here and you only get 200ml! 

Continue below for the reviews!
The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumic Foot Scrub and Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Rave Review: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Radiant Lipstick! (nude beige & fetish pink)

My first YSL lipsticks! Oh yes, that HYPE! That giant bubble of literally 99 out of 100 ladies saying that they love this formula and these lipsticks so much that I too felt that maybe it was worth trying since so many others have and did love them! 

I don't often buy luxury make up as drugstore make up is already quite pricey here with eyeliners, eyeshadow quads and single blushes starting at $16 USD cheapest so when on holiday in Bangkok I grabbed this duty free travel duo of YSL's Rouge Volupte lipsticks! Check out my full Bangkok beauty haul here!

Continue below for my review!
Yves Saint Laurent Travel Selection Rouge Volupte Radiant Lipsticks! (shades 1 nude beige & 8 fetish pink)

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Lunch at Nam Nam Noodle Bar and a bronze eye look!

Easy bronze eye and a yummy Viet dinner! Nothing particularly special but a visit to the super affordable, authentic and delicious Nam Nam Noodle Bar is always worth a share! They have a few outlets in Singapore but the main one is at Raffles and is open for lunch and then later in the evening for dinner. They are extremely popular so be early to get a seat or you're going to have to wait outside in the line!

Continue below for the look and dinner!
Vietnamese lunch at Nam Nam Noddle Bar at Raffles and simple FOTD!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Summer Skincare Products!! 2014

Summer skincare! Yes, it's that time of year but whether or not we have four seasons or just two, like Singapore (hot or wet), the middle of the year for most of us mean hotter, dryer and maybe even oilier! It's the time when some ladies need to change up their skincare and make up routines to suit the weather so that our faces stay intact! 

My make up routine doesn't change as I always powder my face all year round regardless of the weather. I love a matte finish. However I will be using a different rotation of skincare for the months when my skin gets oilier! 

Note: Please keep in mind that I am not using ALL of the products at the same time, I've just included a few in each category that I would reach for at this time of the year!

Continue below for a look at my skincare!
My Summer Skincare Products! 2014

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Glam brown eyes and a glossy fuchsia lips! (Indonesian dinner and durian dessert)

Glam brown eyes and date night dinner! I always try to eat healthy or try to cut out the fried and oily things but on the days I don't give a crap and just want to purely enjoy I really crave deep fried indonesian dishes! This was on a dinner date out with my boyfriend to the local famous indonesian restaurant "Ayam Penyet Ria"which is located at Lucky Plaza in Orchard road!

Continue below for the look and dinner!
Glamorous shimmery brown eyes, rose cheeks and a glossy fuchsia lip!  Indonesian dinner and durian ice cream!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Review: Shiseido Aqua Label White Up Liquid Foundation in BO10!

White Up Liquid Foundation! When I think drugstore, the brand Shiseido does not come to mind. It's a departmental store brand known for high quality make up and foundations. I'm fortunate enough that in Singapore they have released a drugstore sister brand called "Aqua Label" which is by Shiseido that sells skincare and a few cosmetic products!

I've tried their face cleanser and whitening cream (My review here!) and their softening lotion which were awesome and worked amazing well (except the cream). I've tried their compact powder once but I found the shades too yellow or too beige but this foundation looked great and I had to get it!

Continue below for the review!
Aqua Label White Up Liquid Foundation in BO10

Review: Ai Mei Eyelashes #B20 from the Born Pretty Store!

Plush, luscious and beautiful lashes! I've never been a false lash lover but when I was approached two months ago by a representative from the Born Pretty Store to try products from their store for review I jumped at the chance and immediately knew I wanted to try some lashes! There were lots of designs but I settled on this natural looking yet super bold flirty style!

I've seen plenty of mixed reviews on products from the Born Pretty Store. They are an online store selling wholesale nail art, cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, accessories and many more item! Lots of people have loved their nail art and accessories however when it comes to the make up, things seem to be more hit or miss. 

Continue below for the review!
 Ai Mei Eyelashes #B20 from the Born Pretty Store! (Link to the product here)

Sunday, 1 June 2014

A blue pop on the eyes and a pink pop on the lips! (Lunch at China town)

Blue pop, pink pop! I was going to have a yummy lunch date with my boyfriend and was going to be romping around Chinatown on a hot and humid day. You'll almost never see girls here, young or older wearing colorful eye make up but the most common way girls wear color on the eyes is with one sweep of a brighter shade or a slick of colored eyeliner.

I decided to whip out a beautiful super pigmented and long wearing cream shadow that I asked for a in swap with Pam from Jade in the Palace for this look! (Check out my swap here!)

Continue below for the look and lunch!
Shocking Kiko blue cream shadow in 06 Lagoon Blue and cupcake NYX butter gloss on the lips!
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