About Me

[Updated Oct 2013]

Who are you and what are you doing?

I'm Sharlynn and a Singaporean, currently a Culinary Arts student in the sunny and wet country of Singapore! I've been living and studying abroad since I was 1 year of age due to my father's work placement and have friends everywhere on this planet!

When and why did you start this blog?

I started this blog after being encouraged by my best friend Anna. I made my first post in April of 2011 but only started blogging regularly as of June that year!

Cosmetics, beauty and skincare has always fascinated me and I admired how other ladies had their own blogs and so I wanted to start one too!

What will I see on this blog?

My blog consist mostly of reviews of beauty products, looks using products I've reviewed, shopping hauls and sometimes post to do with food and days out with friends/family. I like being detailed and try to cover all aspects of what I'm reviewing. I also want to provide clear accurate photos as that's something I personally find important in blogs.

Below are some photos to get to know me!

From outside where I lived in Cambodia...beautiful sunset! Like a total fantasy! No photoshop!
Pebbles, my dog of 14 years this year (2011) She's now lived in 3 countries!
When Lis was a little kitty after we found her one night walking home!

My brother's Husky! Sirius or aka mr. prawn boy or gay boy! Isn't he just gorgeous!
Anna (very great friend) and her nails done in Phnom Penh! I think she paid $3 USD for it!
My favorite blush from Bourjois Rose D'Japse!

Chocolate chip cookies at home!

Sleeping cat at East Coast!

I love deep fried Man tou buns!

Huge fan of La Senza Lingerie! I'm a 36D and wear Medium for panties!

Ayam Penyet (smashed chicken) and Lele (catfish) are my favorite indonesian dishes!

My family together celebrating with a seafood dinner and Yu seng!
New Years look for welcoming 2013!

My beautiful boyfriend and I and his famous duck lips!

Huge fan of skater/flared dresses! Here I got three colors of this one simple model!
One of my favorite dim sum dishes, cheong fan, I love it plain or with prawns!

My best friend Anna attending my graduation!

Attending my best friend's graduation in Cambodia!

Hanging out with lovely friends!
Reapplying my lipstick on graduation day!

Me and the ladies at the Bourjois counter in Cambodia (I was sooo tanned!)

Our two dogs sitting out front!
Summer clothes haul, New look, H & M!

Being silly!
Rainbow cuppie cakes!

My favorite time of the year in the Supermarkets here, Chinese New Year!

Who doesn't love a sale at Watsons!?

Some of my fave undies from Topshop!

Pajama day!
Having fun on the last week of school!
My then good friend, now boyfriend and our close friends!

Visiting my best friend in Cambodia!

Awesome rack of pork ribs in Takashimaya!
Buffalo wings!

Home made spicy tomato sauce penne with home made beef and pork balls!

My cat Lis...
In the pool at Baiyoke Sky Hotel!
Lemon grass ice tea, pork kway teow, tom yum and the best prawn cakes at Black Canyon Bangkok!
Amazing crab meat fried rice and fish cakes!
Delicious lunch in Siam Paragon!

Tuck shop in Bangkok!

Home made Guo Tie pork filled pan fried dumplings! All from scratch!
Here's my gorgeous boyfriend and myself at the beach! I love visiting the beach just for the sun, sugarcane juice and satay!

I hope these photos give you a glance into my life! I'm a very busy person, trying always to squeeze in going out to do things, to see my boyfriend, to cook on my free days!

 Thanks for stopping by!

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