Sunday, 31 July 2011

Review: L'oreal Renewal Lash Serum (photos, tips!)

I'm not so sure when but there has been a flood of lash growth serums in recent years...From the famous Latisse and Lilash, the names and companies are endless! All claiming that their products, if applied consistently will give you longer, fuller lashes! Something most ladies fancy? I do at least!

Then again, I'd read of the 'side effects' some of these products have been reported to have such as...discoloration on the lid, lashes rapidly 'returning' to the original state after stopping treatment, hair growing in unwanted areas on the face...all the not so appealing things I'd say.

Last year in March I spotted an article in 'Simply Her' magazine here in Singapore, it was a 'Tried & Tested' article on 5 different lash growth serums...

The two most affordable and rated as second and third best out of the five were DHC's Eyelash Tonic and L'oreal's Renewal Lash Serum...I went out and bought both!

They can be purchased at most Watsons...I purchased L'oreal at $28.90 but the price of DHC's is now $27.90...what happened to $18.90 from a year ago?

Continue below to see the article, review, application and photos!

All the five featured... in Simply Her magazine...

Friday, 22 July 2011

Rave Review: For Strange Women@ / Absinthe Lipbalm! (photos!)

Jill McKeever is the artiste and creator behind her products and brand name "For Strange Women". Her online shop is found on an amazing site called "". This site sells handmade/vintage/supplies and has a lot of people like her making home made make up, soaps, lip balms and beauty products. 

I bought her "absinthe lips" lipbalm in a tin for about $10 USD ($4 worth of shipping to S'pore)

NOTE: This product does not contain actual Absinthe, it is only flavored to be like Absinthe.

You can find her shop at "" on 'shop' and then check out her amazing products! She is located in Kansas city in the United States.

She sells home made, all natural bath salts, solid perfume, natural oil perfume, lip balms (she calls them 'lip embellishments') and beautiful gift sets.

I was very tempted to try out her natural perfume oils but decided not to splurge as they are $28 USD a bottle without shipping. She has more than 6000 buyers that have given positive feedback and I was not surprised.

This review is on..."Absinthe Lips- Lipbalm in a tin" 

She photographs and describes her products with great care, the photos look like they belong in an vogue editorial. Everything looks professional, beautiful, elegant and fit for 'strange' women.

On her shop on etsy, it reads...

" For Strange Women is a collection of 100% natural artisan perfume and other concoctions fragranced with pure botanical essences. Victorian styles combine with the serenity of the deep forest to create sensory connections to nature as well as the past. All of my creations are made from scratch using the finest quality natural materials sourced from around the world (organic and sustainably wild-crafted).

The strange concepts, original recipes, and eco-friendly packaging make For Strange Women a one of a kind experience. I hope you love these as much as I love making them for you."

 Note: I purchased this online through her shop on etsy and paid by credit card through pay pal. It came in a bubble wrap lined envelope through airmail and arrived in only one week!

The lip balm is accompanied with her business card...a lovely photograph of herself on the front.

Review: Sheene Mascara/ Application Tips! (Photos!)

From my last haul post at Sinma outside Lucky Plaza I'd picked up a mascara by a Thai brand called "Sheene", it carries the usual array of items but I really wanted to check out the "Extra Curl" mascara because of the brush I saw on the tester. It's the bendy/plastic type which I love for separation and I hoped it would give me length/curl/separation for the $7.90 SGD I spent on it! Inexpensive compared to what's found at the pharmacy but it looked promising!

Continue below for before/after photos...

Today's review is..."Sheene Hi-Speed waterproof Mascara!"

Important: I'd like to point out that eye shape, lash type and application are three things that effect how a mascara works on a person. It is not usually possible for a monolided person to have the same effect as a double-lided person.

I have monolid eyes most of the time, they have a tendency to become double lided if I use waterproof mascaras which changes how the mascara looks.When my eyelids are single, less lashes are visible as half are hidden beneath the lid. Otherwise when my lid is double more is visible and it looks like I have longer lashes.

My lash type: Short, fine, slightly curled

This mascara is: Black and waterproof...

In a card board back packaging...not typically found at pharmacies....this was from Lucky Plaza's SINMA

At $7.90 I can't complain about the price but I don't get why it's called "Hi-Speed" mascara...
I only saw 3 of the 4 mascaras in the section..

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Shopping Haul for July @ SAM/Plaza Singapura (sinma, bourjois, Sheene, Coleur inc!)

I've been sleeping quite badly lately...(still summer break) and have resorted to listening to 30 min clips of heavy rain on youtube to fall asleep...sigh. Well, at least to my pleasant surprise I have NOT put any weight on even though I haven't been working out much. Yay!

This was when I went to check out the Video History Exhibition at the Singapore Arts Museum, partly for Art work and school and for learning about artists. It's pretty interesting and I appreciate all the hard work to set up the works. I'm always shocked by how much the space inside the museum can be transformed. However I'm disappointed by S'poreans who I see visiting! They walk around the sofas and chairs and just look and glance and leave to the next display! Hello! There is tv and seats and head phones so you can take a listen to what's on the tv screen! That's the art work! Oh well...I picked up some things that day too...

Just to say, I've been going over my shopping budget in the last few months so there will be plenty of reviews and posts about food in the coming months! Bear with my lack of new products! I will make it worth your while!

Note: Next post will be a mascara review!

I got my allowance this month in 2 dollar bills! Yay! I love small notes! Makes me feel a bit richer...hehe

Couldn't get nothing at M&S, right? I used to love Jaffa's when I was in the Uk, so picked this to try. It's sweeter than I like, almost too sickly sweet..the Bourbon biscuits just nice and the Viennese sandwiches have yet to be tasted!

Buy@ SAM (s'pore arts museum)...apparently a very durable and eco-friendly wallet...not too friendly to my WALLET at $25...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Crush! Better than Cherry Faster shipping to Asia-pacific!

While browsing for make up (as usual) I came across a fabulous site! It's a lot like Cherry, famous for lots of 'cheaper' and drugstore type make up brands found in the States...However I think Crush is better! (I haven't ordered anything yet but it's promising!)

It's an Aussie based site and sells lots more interesting and I believe quality make up brands such as
Lime Crime lipsticks are available on!

  • Ardell
  • Barry M
  • Lime Crime
  • China Glaze
  • NYX
  • Eyeko
  • Elf
  • Brush Gaurd
  • Wet n Wild
  • Z-palette

They don't carry as many brands as Cherry Culture but looking at those names...I'm far more interested than at the cheaper but wider range of things on

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Rave Review: Kiss Me Heroine VOLUME & Curl Mascara (before/after!)

Firstly I've got to say that I've heard rave reviews of this mascara brand and after seeing Kathi's lashes (i believe that's her name) from 'Lotuspalace', she reviewed the volume & curl version, I was almost willed to go out and buy this mascara from Watsons, since it's so easily available here! I paid $21.90 SGD...

Today's review..."Kiss Me Heroine~ Volume and Curl Mascara!"

Shout out! A big thank you to Toni from "SushiFlower" here on blogspot, her Maybelline Define-a-lash review motivated me to get on with my own reviews!

Important: I'd like to point out that eye shape, lash type and application are three things that effect how a mascara works on a person. It is not usually possible for a monolided person to have the same effect as a double-lided person.

I have monolid eyes most of the time, they have a tendency to become double lided if I use waterproof mascaras which changes how the mascara looks.

My lash type: Short, fine, slightly curled

This mascara is: Black and waterproof...

Drum roll please~! 

Kiss me Heroine, volume & curl in waterproof black! Niffty packaging!

It still baffles me that anime/manga and the girl here look nothing ethnically japanese! Oh well, it's part of their culture!

Here are the english instructions which actually is another piece of card over the original in japanese. And yes, the rounded tip does help to coat the inner and outer corners! I didn't have to read that before doing it!
 Heroine's Make up Law? Never heard of it before but yes! I totally agree!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Haul/Reviews from Cherry Culture Spree: NYX products! (Photos, swatches!)

Several weeks back I participated in a CC or cherrry culture (website) spree through another blogger on blogspot. Her blog is called 'under-twenty20' and sells full sized authentic make up items that are not easily found in Singapore, most items are under $20 SGD (singapore dollars).

I think I have found a better site (faster/cheaper shipping) to order NYX to singapore! (although things look more expensive)

Ever since I began researching more types of drugstore make up brands besides those found here, I was very eager to try out NYX products. They are labelled as inexpensive, good quality and have a wide variety. Through a spree I got myself a bunch to things to try out and here they are! The items were also on offer with an additional 20% discount on top, so I saved a bomb!

Continue below for, swatches and short reviews!

Note: Please remember this takes time, energy and money to do, so please DO NOT use my photos/review as your own!

What I got/ Things featured:

  • 16 round lipsticks
  • 4 mega shine lip glosses
  • 2 trio eyeshadow palettes
  • 2 blush powders
  • 2 loose powders
Ahh! It wouldn't fit nicely into my basket!

Don't it just look fab? I've tested a bit of everything so far and all's well!

NYX Loose Face Powder

(UP $14 usd/15g)

Oil Free: No                                        SPF: Yes (SPF10) 
Fragrance: Yes (light sweet smell)     Drugstore: Yes                                   
Coverage: Sheer/light
Finish: Matte

Avalibility: Not easily in Singapore, entire line can be found at 'Smoochiezz' showroom @jurong east (Found at Ulta in US, through NYX cosmetics site,, (best for those in asia-pacific)

Here are the two side by side, the pink and yellow colors very obvious although they both give a very natural finish.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Food: Spaghetti Dinner!

Hah...this might start sounding old but this was from a week ago! I said, I was behind on my blogging! It was a late night and I made spaghetti for the family since we were all tired!

I've always found western food to be so much faster with less preparation on average so this dish was fast to whip up! I didn't have time to chill the meat balls before cooking so they sort of fell apart when I was pan-frying them!

Things I used:
  • Spinach Fettuccine
  • Mince pork
  • Coriander
  • King Oyster mushrooms
  • White onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Garlic
  • Black Pepper
  • Seasoning
  • Herbs

Sorry, took no photos during prep time!

Yum yum...the 'crushed' meatballs are hidden below everything!

I like meatballs and I can-not lie...hehe

Yep, that's all folks...

Feel free to leave me comments!

FOTD: Pop of Teal w/Bourjois Eyeliner (swatches!)

Hello! Like the first FOTD I posted on my blog, this one was from two weeks back. It was just a quick simple look since I was going out early and wanted to do something bright and fun! I will be posting a haul photos of NYX products I bought a while ago from Cherry culture through another blogger on blogspot.

Hope you enjoy the simple look! I sometimes rather like using colorful eyeliner on my lids! It's much faster and I don't need to worry about fall out!

Continue reading to see the finished look!

Things I used:
  • Maybelline Mineral Compact Powder in shade OC 2 (Natural Ochre)
  • Revlon Matte Khol Eyeliner in White
  • Bourjois Contour Clubbing waterproof eyeliner in 45 remix blue
  • Maybelline The Magnum in waterproof Black 
  • Ecotools Powder Brush
  • Skin Food small eyeshadow brush

Note: I am not wearing any concealer or lip products, I also am using a powder that is slighter more yellow-neutral to counteract the cool/red undertone I have as I tend to get very pink cheeks!

Products are different in various regions in the world and so are prices and shade names.
Ta da! I used a sponge to press the powder on and yes, I crushed it into powder since a part broke! The brush is dirty from blending, even though I didn't do such a great job! Love Skin Food brushes, they are perfect for little lids.

My face powder in OC 2 (my perfect match), revlon matte eyeliner, Bourjois waterproof liner, Maybelline Magnum mascara! Thought swiggly lines would be more fun!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Haul for June @ Tangs, F21, swarovski!

Hello again! After a week of constant going out for medical tests and random shopping along the way I've got time to post up hauls and things from the last three weeks! 

Things featured:
  • 2 men's graphic t-shirts from F 21
  • 3 necklaces from F21
  • 1 pair of loafers from Studio Tangs
  • 1 PVC bag from Studio Tangs

Forever 21 is sort of new in Singapore, it's been here for more than a year. It's considered 'fast fashion' I'd say, with pieces reflecting elements of what's 'in'. In Singapore F21 is considered quite 'cheap' compared to regular departmental store clothes. Most pieces sell at $21, $25, $33, $35 SGD (approx. 17, 20, 27, 29 USD) with jewelry at $5 and above, shoes from $20 and above and bags from $15 and above. 

Personally I don't see myself buying shoes from them, they don't seem to be of quality. I love the cheap and vast range of jewelry and so does my mom. Clothing wise, I wouldn't buy many things, some feel too thin and the size range is a bit limited (S-L). Although F21 is one of the shops in Singapore that carries an L size big enough for ladies of 12-18 UK depending on the material and cut.
Forever 21 only came to Singapore just more than a year ago. The standard yellow plastic bag!

Garfield and all things nostalgic and known! (the beatles, pacman, game boy, play station, vinyl discs, cassette tapes! ahhh!)

FOTD: Kate Gradient Eyeshadows- Neutrals (Swatches, photos!)

 This was a look from two weeks ago...unfortunately I've been having trouble keeping up as I'd wanted with this blog! My new camera was taking lovely photos but had far too many problems in terms of taking out photos and charging so I ended up getting a cannon ixsus to replace it! I'll rant about digital cameras another day, now to get on with the old 'Fotd'. 

Here's basically what I used for the look, it's missing the mascara and lip gloss I added on in the end!

 Things I used:
  • Vichy Aera Mineral BB Cream
  • Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush
  • Skin Food small eyeshadow brush
  • Kate gradient eyeshadow palette (neutrals)
  • NYX Loose Powder in Light Beige
  • Maybelline Magnum mascara in Blackest Black waterproof
  • NYX Mega shine lipgloss in Juicy Red
Bought this when I was in Cambodia at a counter for about 6 US's available here (singapore) and costs $27.90 SDG.
Swatches corresponding to the eyeshadows in the palette...

They all have a lovely metallic/shimmer finish...the darkest brown-black has plenty of glitter...

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