Thursday, 27 September 2012

Review: Milani Baked Blushes in 07 Fantastico Mauve and 08 Coralina!

How's 'fall' been for you? I step into shops now and everythings in a dull, dark and gloomy color scheme! Make up trends have been going the same too, darker, smudgey, grungy and not bright and tropical like during summer!

I completely missed my chance to buy brightly colored shorts from New look during the summer and now as they're clearing out last pieces in store, all the sizes are too big! Oh well, the search goes on in sunny singapore! No rush for more clothes, I've got plenty!

These blushes were bought for me by my brother's wife, then girlfriend when she came to singapore some months ago. When I found out I had the chance to get some make up products that have been raved about so much I decided to get a few of these, I really wanted the bronze shade Terra Sole but she couldn't find it at the time in stores.

Oh! How I just wish such products at such prices were more easily found in Singapore! It' so exciting I wish more girl could try products!

Continue below for swatches and the review!
Milani Baked Blush in 07 Fantastico Mauve and  08 Coralina!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Food: Home cooked pasta, steak, vietnamese spring rolls, pork chops and eats out! August 2012

Who doesn't love eating? If you honestly don't enjoy putting food down your gullet and don't find pleasure in tasting new textures and old favorites you need counseling! Food is a nessecary, it's an important part of our lives, daily choices, routine, culture and so on! Enjoy, have fun and be healthy!

Here's food bits of what I've been eating and making for the month of August! Thank you to my newest followers to helping me reach 100 followers! It's been a great time this last few months blogging and I promise to keep on doing so even when times get busy!

Continue below for photos and step by step on crusting pork chops and making spring rolls! ^.^
Food post for August! Home cooked pasta, fried rice, my boyfriend doing the grill for steak and corn and smoked duck h'orderves!

Review: Canmake Powder Cheeks Blush in PW25 Sugar Orange!

Blush baby! Throw them at me, one by one and please be gentle! I've been rocking blush quite often this summer and with more variations than I used to. I only used to love rosy shades but now after using a few peachy blushes I've noticed that they can look just as amazing on my skin!

Comparable to lancome subtil blushes, I've picked up some other shades from the Japanese brand Canmake before and these are pigmented, soft, silky and such great to wear blushes!

Continue below for the review and swatches!
Canmake Powder Cheeks blush in shade PW25 "Sugar Orange", a soft shimmery peach

Summer looks & nails! (Smokey, neutrals & fresh~!)

Summer is not over! Or at least not here in hot humid Singapore! I feel like it's summer all year round and hence I was so depressed walking into the shops yesterday and noticing nothing but fall colors in the clothes. So dark, drab and sad! No more brights and neons and pops of colors everywhere!

Here's a compilation of eye make up looks I did throughout the summer, a lot of neutrals and lots of blush!

Continue below to see the various looks!
A mix of smokey, neutral eye make up looks and bright nail polish!
Gold eyeshadow really looks great on pale to tan and to deep skin tones!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Review: Barry M Dazzle Dust in shades 98, 89 & 51! (Petrol black, Oyster Grey, Mushroom)

Oh holy Dazzle dusts! These amazing things were acquired through a friend's uncle coming from the UK back in early June during my school graduation. I only asked for help to get three, thinking that the other products on my list would be bought as well.

Unfortunately many of the items weren't able to make it in the short time I gave my list out and so if I'd only known the Dazzle dusts were going to make it for sure I'd would have put down at least 10 and not 3!

Overall I'm very satisfied, my grateful for the help to get my first taste of such amazing British drugstore quality make up and three has been more than enough for now.

Continue below for the review, swatches and look!
Barry M Dazzle Dusts in 98 (Petrol Black), 89 (Oyster Grey) and 51 (Mushroom)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Peaches, Stripes & Fries.

I'm still sick, fever today. Recovering but slowly.

Do enjoy this look, artisan chips, dip and outfit!

Continue below for more photos!
Flushed cheeks, easy eyes, cold drinks, crunchy skinny fries and flowy skirts! Summer all year round, that's my kind of day!

Combined Things to Trash for June & July! (Hair products galore!)

Oh, the amount of hair products I've finished!

So sorry, ever since part time work (which seemed like a full time job the first few weeks, I mean...4, 5 days a week? Yeah, they were in need of help at the time! I'm back blogging and excited as always. Catching up with my own blog and visiting all your lovely blogs too!

These are the complied products I've used up for June and July. Tonnes of hair products and some skin care!

Continue below for photos and mini reviews!
Things to trash for June and July! Hair products crazy I say!

Rave Review: Peripera 'Very Nice Brush Eyeliner'!

Just a very quick rave review! This is the black liquid liner I've been using for the past several months! It's so quick, easy and stays put the whole day!

I can't rave enough about the ease of learning to use this for either a thin line, a winged tip or using it to draw! This may be the optimal solution for eyeliner for the petite asian eye!

Continue below for the review!
Peripera Very Nice Brush Eyeliner...what a sweet name? Just so happens this is the best liquid liner I've used!
Exactly like the famous Dolly wink eyeliner in looks, the Peripera Very Nice Brush Eyeliner has a super fine tipped felt pen which is soft and flexible!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My late Summer shorts & tops haul~! (New look, H&M)

Here's a sizable haul of clothes I acquired in the recent month or so...I've lost some weigh over the last 6 months for most of you who don't know. In real life I don't seem to be as large as my weight as no one seems to be able to guess very accurately.

Being a big chubbier than all the other girls was an issue I was fine with growing up but buying clothes became such a big deal I used to wear nothing but oversized black t-shirts and large board shorts.

Ever since learning how to dress myself and developing a more adult figure, shedding kilos, I've never been so happy to buy clothes and being able to get smaller sizes than I would think I'd ever be able to wear has been such a relief and surprise.

Got most items on sale and had additional birthday and further discount at New look! Woo hoo! Smart to speak!

Continue below for pieces from my favorite shop New look! And a few things from H&M!
Went a bit crazy picking up light weight, patterned, colorful and fun pieces for hot weather here in Singapore!

A meal at Broitzeit, make up bits & River Island news...!

Hiya all! I'm finally feeling better after several days down and sick with a runny nose, heavy head and my recurring sinus problems! Here are some shots of a meal I had with my mom a short while back.

I did a quick smokey purple look out that night. I also bought two shirts from the Sesame street store at work, one for me and the other for my dearest (I'm very glad he wears it proudly).

Continue below for my FOTD, food shots, make up bits and my last purchase from River Island before it closed down!

Sesame street characters t-shirt, make up bits, a mixed grilled veggie salad, weis bier, River Island!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Tutorial: Easy pink and purple look for going out!

Hey there! Many a sorry for the late and infrequent post! I've been busy with work! For those who have recently joined my blog followers, thank you and please be patient!

Here's a pink and purple eye I did to go out with a girlfriend a few weeks ago, simple and eye catching, I just love the girly fun colors!

Continue below for the step-by-step tutorial of this look!

Pink and purple winged look!
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