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Review: Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Be Brown set!

Clio Gelpresso Brown eyeliner set! As an girl with smaller asian lids, who has oilier skin and who has super sensitive watery eyes...finding a pencil eyeliner that will stay vibrant and long lasting without smudging is quite a task! For few years I tried looking for a typical waterproof pencil and nothing will stay in my lower waterline for more than an hour however more than two years ago when I discovered Clio's gelpresso eyeliners I had hit jack pot!

For those interested in seeing my review on the full sized Clio Gelpresso gel liner pencils (see here!) This set was purchased online during a sale from one of my favorite sellers Best Price BREEZY on the website Qoo10, which is a sort of regional asian  ebay type site. Do check out their other awesome asian cosmetics/skincare products and look out for their sales and great exclusive products!

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Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Be Brown set!
Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Be Brown set!

Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Be Brown set!


This mini set of eyeliners come in a gorgeous sleek, slender tin which is light and thin enough to even bring around! Since this set is a set of five brown based eyeliners the tin also is a cool woody brown and is covered on the front with typography of the set's name. It's a simple, pretty and yet very good match for the product.

In terms of the packaging of the eyeliners in the kit, they are extremely well done! The original individual gel eyeliners come in a matte finish plastic handles with the names on each eyeliner handle matching the color of the eyeliner. This set of minis come in a shiny brown plastic twist up with a long base handle and a cap that's about half the length of the entire piece unlike the original pieces. However just like the full size the color of the names on the handles are matching exactly the color of the product itself. There's nothing to criticize about the packaging of this kit! Inside and out!

Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Be Brown set!
Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Be Brown set!
(No. 17 Be Royal, 18 Be Free, 19 Be Brave, 20 Be Classy, 21 Be Proud)

For those unaware, Clio's gelpresso eyeliners are my HOLY GRAIL pencil type eyeliner. I tried everything pencil and the only thing that will even last more than an hour in my lower waterline has to be gel and even normal gel eyeliner doesn't do it sometimes! I've got a review of several shades from the full sized line (see the review here!)

Pretty much like the full sized counter parts of these minis the quality is superb! If you have very very watery waterline and nothing will stay put and you'd like something that fades and doesn't smudge at all, this is your answer. All the shades take only one or two swipes for full pigmentation and they are creamy enough to apply into the lower lash line without any pressure.

This formula is holy grail to me as when the color fades in my waterline, it just goes away and doesn't smudge at all below my lash line which is a major pet peeve for me. These last a good few hours before I need to do touch up, however if you use this on the upper eyelid or lash line it won't budge!

The only difference between this mini sized product and the full sized gelpresso eyeliner is that these minis are quite slim and therefore when applying you need to ensure not to have too product twisted up or else it may break off. Other than that these mini pencils are just as good the full sized ones and these shades are not available in the regular line anyway so it's a great deal!

Swatches of the Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Be Brown set! (No. 17 Be Royal, 18 Be Free, 19 Be Brave, 20 Be Classy, 21 Be Proud)
Much like the names of this set, "Be Brown", you get 5 neutral type shades! The shades are number 17 Be Royal (golden bronze), 18 Be Free (medium golden chocolate), 19 Be Brave (cranberry red), 20 Be Classy (soft milky taupe), 21 Be Proud (deep red tone brown).

I purchased both of these mini eyeliner sets from Qoo10 from the seller Best Price BREEZY! One from Peripera and this one from Clio both which are trusted asian brands!
Size comparison of the box packaging to another set of mini eyeliners I bought also from the same seller but by Peripera!
Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini Be Brown set!
Paid: $14.50 SGD plus $0.90 shipping (On sale) (Purchase this set from the same seller!)

This set retails for $24.90 SGD (not on sale) and a full sized individual pencil is $11.90 SGD from the same seller on Qoo10 or retails for $18.90 SGD in retails stores in Singapore.

Recommend: YES. If you are able to purchase this set online or in store in any way do go ahead! It's a fantastic deal and not to mention a great range of colors and quality!

Repurchase: No, I love these eyeliners and would buy more colors I don't have but not this exact set!

Bottom line: This set of eyeliners is perfect for all those who want their gel liners to stay put no matter what! If you love strong neutrals and a range of tones this is a perfect set for yourself or as a gift for an eyeliner/make up lover!

What products do you own from Clio?
Do you love gel eyeliner too?
Let me know!

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  1. I always feel like brown and red eye makeup makes me look strange but I would sure love to try these in blue or so as the colours are super intense :)

  2. love the packaging and that be brave color! Such a gorgeous warm color!

  3. Great review! I've never heard of this brand before but the product sounds fantastic. I'm gonna hunt it down when I go to Asia!

  4. Ooooh! I love this! I remember you recommending Clio products to me and this set looks wonderful. I also love the Cranberry color

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  5. I didn't see these in Korea, but I saw them in Taiwan but I was literally out of money!!
    If I ever see them again, I WILL BUY THEM! The browns are so pretty. These are also my HG liners. :D

  6. I don't own any Clio products but this is definitely something I'd pick up! They look pretty cute too ^^ and I looooooooooooooooooove those swatches arrghhhhqwdkfjsakcjah, all the colours are perfect!
    ~Weng wengiful

  7. I like the colors of this set especially the red-brown one. Really pretty!

  8. I definitely nee this in my life! I've literally tried every single pencil liners that claim to stay put but they just didn't work. Gotta try this! Thanks for the review :)

    Pastel Boulevard l Extravaganza K-Cosmetics Giveaway

  9. The packaging does is indeed cute and sleek and very
    travelfriendly c: I also love the swatches, they do remind
    me of coffee, hence the name 'gelpresso'? :P
    Anyway, nice to hear that these eye liners do their job
    well! Xx

  10. i absolutely LOVE the clio gelpressos! i really wish they were easier to buy in canada!!!

  11. Clio is a brand I must try now! These pencils look great, the tin is so cute and I like the shape of the pencils. The red liner looks gorgeous too. I'm not sure I'd buy this set though because I'm such a black liner girl, I know I wouldn't get much use of out this many neutral brown shades :(.

  12. It's so neat to have all the colours in one box! Looks like an art class ready to start anytime! Hahaha!

  13. That is such a lovely set! I love the sizes too, as I never get through a whole size liner very often as I love to change my makeup around everyday x

    Gemma |

  14. OMG! They are soooo pretty! Love the colors and I need them *lol*

  15. I know I'm commenting again, but I just wanted to tell you that I ended up buying this set!! hahahhaa

  16. All the shades are so pretty <3 Would love to own this set!!! Great review honey!

  17. These colours are a fantastic investment and the pigment looks so true. I miss Clio as a brand :)

  18. Ooh the packaging is so cute! Reminds me of those Tosowoong Makeon Princess eyeliner sets x

  19. Love the look of this set so much, what a perfect combination of colors! I love the burgundy, that's stunning. I might have to see if this set is still available because all the colors seem so wearable and we're headed into autumn and the colder months, and these shades would be perfect!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo (previously à la foliee)

  20. I really like the step by step approach to the final solution. I really like analytic functions now after reading this post. Thanks!!!

    Best Eyeliners




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