Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Holiday Special: Day 2 in Bangkok, lunch in Siam Square, Beautrium and the Gourmet Market! (March 2016)

Siam Square and visiting the Gourmet supermarket! Day two of my trip to Bangkok with my mom back in March consisted with having a huge delicious lunch at our favorite restaurant in Siam Square and then shopping around the area! Ban Khun Mae is a very popular and well known restaurant serving Thai food in Siam Square, they are opened all day and we headed for lunch. While in the heart of town, we spent most of the day at Siam Paragon and the amazing large gourmet supermarket there that has EVERYTHING!

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Holiday Special: Day 2 in Bangkok, lunch in Siam Square, Beautrium and the Gourmet Market! (March 2016)

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Pretty Powerful Pink look! (lunch with the girlfriends and lobster roll dinner)

Pretty Pink eyes and food with friends! For me nothing beats catching up with friends and quality food. I'm someone who has a huge appetite and am literally constantly trying to loose weight I've gained from over eating. OH DEAR. Sometime ago I managed to meet up with two lovely lady friends of mine and we had a good lunch at my favorite Crystal Jade outlet in town. After our 'little' lunch later in the evening the boyfriend and I tried a new place which I specially went after in order to try their lobster roll!

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Pink make up, lots of xiao long bao and lobster roll!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Review: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Flavored Gloss in So Jelly!

Glossy, shimmer and oh So Jelly! Like most girls one of my first ever make up type product was lipgloss and lipbalm. I've always liked glosses, the shimmery, super glossy and sweet smelling kind that turns a lot of ladies off when they get older. However in recently years I don't often wear glosses as it's the most annoying things when it's hot and humid and you're constantly sweating and the wind blows and your hair gets stuck in your gloss. I do have a soft spot in my heart for certain shades when it comes to lipglosses and recently while wondering through Victoria's Secret, looking for nothing in particular I saw this shade and HAD TO GET IT.

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Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Flavored Gloss in So Jelly

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Rusty, bronzed and simple pretty warm eyes!

Warm, rusty and simply pretty! For those who live in temperate climates with spring, summer, fall and winter it seems like burgundy shades, rusts shades and cranberry type colors get very popular with the latter half of the year. However in Singapore where it's literally summer all year round wearing darker, rustier and reddish type shades are a matter of trends than season. I've always like warm shades but didn't always like cranberry tones until the last two years. Here is my simple rendition of a wearable pretty rusty bronze eye.

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Rusty, bronzed warm pretty eyes! (sleek eyeshadows)

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Rave Review: Mustika Ratu Penyegar Face Toners (Jasmine, Cucumber, White Rose, Rose, Lemon Lime)

Gorgeous tonic waters! Besides my obsession with pressed powders, I have a freakish love for toners or in Indonesia commonly called 'tonic' water. Their supermarkets are filled with all sorts of local brands selling toners scented or made with local ingredients like jasmine and lime. The moment I smelled and bought my first tonic water when visiting Bandung Indonesia two years ago (check out my holiday post here) I knew that I had to get my hands on more of this amazing product the next time I visited or my boyfriend did.

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Mustika Ratu Penyegar Face Toners (Jasmine, Cucumber, White Rose, Rose, Lemon Lime)

Monday, 16 May 2016

Holiday Special: First Evening in Bangkok, Audrey's Cafe & Bistro! (March 2016)

Touch down and back in Bangkok! As always I was back in Bangkok last month was my mom! It's become a yearly affair that we visit Bangkok for short food and shopping trips. For those who have never visited, Bangkok is the epitome of tourist friendly, with tones to visit, experience, eat and buy! This trip was my first 'break' since starting my new job back in last November so it was much looked forward to. We arrived in the late afternoon and by the time we made it to our rented apartment and checked in we only had time for dinner that night before resting.

It was such a coincidence that a highly recommended pretty cafe was walking distance from our place which unfortunately isn't located near a BTS (train station). Luckily there were sooo many western, japanese and local bars/ restaurants just around our place!

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Holiday Special: First Evening in Bangkok, Audrey's Cafe & Bistro! (March 2016)

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Review: Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express mascara!

Mega Plush Lashes! I've yet to meet a girl online or offline who doesn't want great big long and thick lashes! For the majority of girls who wear make up having a good coat on the lashes seems to be a universal want. Maybelline has always been a brand I love going to for a solid waterproof mascara, especially concerning the types they release in Asia for the most part. One of my first favorite mascaras was their "the magnum volum' express' which has a dear place in my heart so I've given many of it's successors a try too!

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Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express mascara!

Friday, 29 April 2016

Food Post: Things eaten during December 2015!

Crave, see and eat! It's time again for another late food post! This one's from December so finally we're out of 2015 with my collective food posts. The month of december was filled with familiar and some new eats. My boyfriend and I have made a steady habit to visit several Chinese restaurants in Chinatown for our 'proper' China chinese food fix as Singapore chinese food is VERY DIFFERENT. Also we dabbled and tried some new places and food which all went really well!

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Things eaten during December 2015!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Review: 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation in Nude Beige!

Glossing, Waterful and Moist! Almost two years after my purchase this review is finally being written! Oh my, it's been waaaaay overdue! So basically about two years ago when I first managed to get my hands on a few 3CE or 3 Concept Eyes products...items from this brand were only avalible online on local webstores or from the brand's own site as well as being sold online by some very smart people and by small beauty shops carrying various bits and bobs. This particular foundation caught my eye as it boasted being very natural looking, moisturizing, giving that very famed 'dewy' korean look and I knew that even though I probably would powder it down I wanted to try it!

I ordered mine from a seller on Qoo10.com who carried various products from the brand. Now this can be much more easily purchased through Sephora.sg, in store at various beauty shops around Singapore and also online at competitive prices.

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3CE (3 Concept Eyes) Glossing Waterful Foundation in Nude Beige!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Special: Day out to Universal Studios Singapore!

Castles, rides and toy shops! Nothing brings out the inner joy and child in most of us like a good day out to a theme park like Universal Studios. In Singapore, this single theme park is located on sentosa island which is the south of singapore which can be reached either by a bus, from a mono rail train ride or by sky luge. Some months back my lovely friend and I had a chance and we both went to the park together! We spend a whole day from morning till night ending with a delicious dinner at chilli's after our long day at the park!

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Day out to Universal Studios Singapore!
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