Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Rave review: Zoeva make up brushes! (Stippling, Silk Finish, Face Shape, Concealer Buffer, Crease, Eye Blender, Eye Finish)

Zoeva make up brush love! I know this brand has been just exploding everywhere on blogs and on youtube! I've already owned these brushes for more than 4 months now and have had such an amazing time with each and every one of these beauties. If you can't afford expensive or top notch make up, you should at least focus on getting quality brushes! The best thing is that good brushes often don't have to cost you an arm or leg!

I purchased all of these in two different purchases from Luxola.com as it's the most convenient for me living in Singapore! I just couldn't believe how damn cheap these sold for as no name brands, eco tools and Real techniques retail here for up to double the price of most of Zoeva's!

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Zoeva make up brushes (#125 Stippling, #102 Silk Finish, #110 Face Shape, #142 Concealer Buffer, #228 Crease, #225 Eye Blender, #229 Eye Finish)

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Shimmery pastel eyes with Sleek Snapshots palette! (lunch at dian xiao er)

Shimmery and pastel! I'm a huge fan of shimmery and colorful shades! Especially most of the colors in the beautiful Snapshots palette which has some wonderful easy to use pale colorful shimmery shades!

I was getting ready to go out for lunch with my mom and the boyfriend and I wanted something fun and colorful on the eyes! When I was finished, I thought, "This looks like a bowl of colorful cotton candy on my eyes!" Tell me what you think below!

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Shimmery pastel eyes (Lotus flower, kiwi flower and Green iguana ) with Sleek's Snapshots palette!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Haul: Luxola and Shopping disctrict! (Alpha H, Steam cream, Z-palette)

Luxola haul time! This haul was done more than a month ago but I was so excite waiting for these lovely bits I made sure I was home when the order was scheduled to arrive! For those who don't know Luxola is a singapore based beauty store that has international shipping and is known for stocking up on a variety of brands that can't be found in Singapore or bought locally in South East Asia. 

They also carry a lot of Zoeva brushes which are mostly out of stock because they are so popular and more luxurious brands like Rouge Bunny Rouge and SKII, although don't expect full lines available for all brands.

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Skincare haul from Luxola!  (Alpha H skincare, Steam cream, Z-palettes)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dusty rose eyes and a moist pink lip! (Giant dim sum lunch)

Delicate dusty rose eyes! When in doubt, I tend to go neutral and pinkish or shimmery rose shades to be specific! This look was done with my new Lorac Unzipped palette! I am a huge fan of shimmery and satin eyeshadows so steer away if you're looking for a matte shadow look! 

The family went out to try a chinese restaurant down town which had a 40% off all their dim sum during lunchtime so we thought since they had such a wide dim sum menu we would head over and order one of almost everything!

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Dusty rose eyes and a moist pink lip! (Giant dim sum lunch)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Review: Majolica Majorca Majolook trio in BR799!

Want a perfect taupe trio? I know all beauty lovers who love neutrals will surely have a favorite taupe or two in your collection! I personally haven't experienced many mac eyeshadows but have been noticing how beautiful their neutrals are! I do like taupe although it's not the type of shade that I reach for immediately when I want to go neutral. I love bronzey types of browns a bit more than taupes on my eyes. 

This beautiful trio from majolica majorca caught my eye as the center taupe shade was the most silvery liquid taupe shade when I swatched it in store so I had to grab this trio!

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Majolica Majorca Majolook trio in BR799!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Snack haul for July! (Daiso, Japanese mini mart)

Japanese snack attack! This is my second snack haul featuring snacks from Daiso! It's a $2 SGD shop here and is extremely popular internationally! They have a lovely food section with miso pastes, snacks, chips, candies, seaweed, japanese sauces and all kinds of tid bits! This time around I picked up some yummy corn snacks and other awesome bits from a small Japanese mini-mart!

Do check out my first snack haul from Daiso here!

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Snacks from Daiso and more! Corn snacks, green tea chocolate chip cookies, Mug instant noodles!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store High Grade Flat Concealer and Foundation Brush!

Flat and for foundation! I've always been comfortable and still very much use my fingers for applying foundation. I don't need much coverage so having a perfectly even coat of base doesn't bother me sometimes but having a perfectly blended base is what concerns me! I have had two of my favorite fluffy stippling brushes die the last few months and I've since bought new face brushes.

One of my new foundation brushes is this petite flat top concealer and foundation brush! I have used it a few times now and I think I've got enough experience to speak about how I feel about its performance!

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Born Pretty Store 1Pc High-grade Flat Brush Foundation Brush Concealer Brush Makeup Brush

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Yellow and teal green eyes with bronzed cheeks!

Yellow and teal! Yes, yes, I've got absolutely no fancy names for any of my make up looks because I've just never been keen on thinking or putting much thought into names. It's not something that excites me although if I spend enough time I probably would be able to come up with something snazzy when when it comes to make up, a fancy name doesn't make a blah look any better!

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Yellow and teal green eyes with bronzed cheeks!

Empties for June and July 2014!

Mega empties for the last two months! I've been juggling so many things the last two months that I had to forfeit my empties post for June! Here is a compilation of the last two months of empties that I have produced! I've been going through tones of haircare, skincare and bits and bobs! I'm trying very hard to use everything I have without buying anything new as I'll be leaving to school overseas in December and won't be taking many products with me!

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Herbal Essences lavender and honey conditioner, St. Ives apricot scrub, The Face Shop Rice Water Bright cleansing foam, Daiso puff and sponge detergent, Roberto Cavalli perfumed body wash

Friday, 22 August 2014

Food post June and July 2014: Home made meals!

Baked pasta, stewed beef and seared scallops! Yes, I love cooking at home when I have the chance and I usually cook meals for my boyfriend and I or my family at least once a week! Recently I've been dying for pastas and more baked meat dishes! Here's what my boyfriend and I have been cooking the last two months at my house!

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Baked tomato sauce fusilli, pesto pasta and braised red wine stewed beef!
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