Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tropical Sunset eyes! (Purple, coral and pink with coastal scents)

Sunset eyes! Having owned my 26 shadow and blush palette from coastal scents for a while now I haven't touched it much and realized that I really need to start using it! The colors that jump out most to me from the palette are the warm bronze, golden and coral shades! My eyes also jumped straight to the purple shades and I knew I wanted to use it in the crease!

From my knowledge most ladies tend to go neutral when they go to school or work but if I can and have the time to think up something this is what I come up with!

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Tropical Sunset eyes! (Purple, coral and pink with coastal scents smokey palette)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rave Review: 1028 Brownie Eyes eyeshadow palette!

Brownie Eyes palette! Are you ladies a lover of neutrals like I am? Do you own the Naked palette? The Too Faced neutral eye kit? The Lorac Pro? Mac neutral palette? I on the other hand although I love eyeshadows I do not own that many eyeshadow palettes of the neutral sort! 

I was so happy to see this asian brand which I believe is from Taiwan selling at John Little Plaza Singapura and also now at Watsons! There were two versions of this 6 pan neutral palette and I chose this one although the other one had a pretty peach shade I really loved!

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1028 Brownie Eyes eyeshadow palette!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Purple brown smokey eye with the Urban Decay Smoked palette!

Purple brown smokey eyes! Wearable, sexy, warm and with a kick of purple! I knew I was going to do all kinds of smoky looks with color when I got the Smoked palette from Urban Decay from my boyfriend! I had lusted after the palette forever and loved how the colors were cool toned and metallic and would work so well with the other browns in the palette! 

I was on my way to an interview for the current part time job that I've had now for more than a month at a very well to do and successful restaurant here in Singapore and thought I would doll up a bit! I hadn't used the purple shade Rockstar yet and decided to go for it!

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Purple brown smokey eye with the Urban Decay Smoked palette!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer Skincare 2014! (What I'm using right now)

Summertime Skincare Products! I'm not sure if many of my dear followers have noticed but I don't often do overviews or round ups of products, either make up or skincare as it's not really something I'm used to doing. However since it's still 'summer' in most places around the world right now although we get 'summer' weather ALL YEAR ROUND in Singapore, I thought I'd share what I'm using right now!

Keep in mind, it's always between 28-35+ degree C and humidity is always 85% to 95% hence I use pretty much the same type of products all year around. However what I have here is a bit different from my last skincare overview many months back!

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Summer Skincare overview 2014!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Rave Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash!

Shadow stash! For those who haven't tried any eyeshadow sticks before you really need to jump on the bandwagon! I've tried eyeshadow pencils from Kiko and Urban Decay only as we don't have Milani or Jordana and I haven't bought any from any others. I really would love to have some from cheap brands that apparently have very good formulas.

This set was a complete steal as I got it on sale for $30 SGD from an online store "Doll to Doll Cosmetics" run by local beauty blogger Juli! I have been absolutely loving this set to death!

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Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash! (Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin and Clash)

Friday, 25 July 2014

My first GIVEAWAY: Win a set of Asian Beauty goodies! (2 sets to be won)

Join my first GIVEAWAY! I've never held a giveaway before but I really want to give up to all my lovely followers for reading my content, leaving me lovely comments and following me on my beauty journey! This blog has been running since 2011 but not 'properly' until 2012! 

I never thought in a 100 years that I'd have almost now 300 followers who are all complete strangers! I don't have more than 2 friends in real life who are my followers so I'm so proud of everyone who enjoys my work!

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First international Giveaway on The Blackmentos Beauty Blog! Win a set of Asian Beauty Goodies! (Star Lash, Hanskin, Cybercolors, Skinlite, Sasatinnie, Biore, Perfect)
Prize One!
 I've been wanting to do a giveaway for such a long time but after being sent 3 extra eyeliners from a local company I decided it was time for a giveaway soon! I was not sponsored at all to do this giveaway and it was all my own choice.

Other than the Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner all the other products were purchased by me with my own money.

Giveaway Prizes!
  • Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner 
  • Biore Limited Edition Pore Pack
  • Skin Lite Mask (Seaweed/ Royal Jelly)
  • Star Lash Eyelashes
  • Hanskin BB cream mini sized (Gold Caviar/ Mineral Magic)
  • Sasatinnie Color fusion gradation blush (pink/peach)
  • Cyber Colors Gemstone Silky Gloss (pink/peach)
Prize Two!
 This giveaway is open Internationally! 

There will be two winners! One set of prizes for each winner! The set that the winner receive will be chosen at random!

This giveaway is open from 25th July 2014 to 4 August 2014 from 12 AM to 12AM Singapore time.

Two winners will be notified at the end of the giveaway by e-mail and if there is no response within 24 hours another winner will be chosen.

The giveaway packages will be sent by Singpost. I will not be held responsible if the packaged is damaged/lost in the process of reaching the winner. 

New followers are welcomed to join but please join only if you have the intentions of reading my content. I will be checking accounts of the winners and if anyone is using blank accounts for repeated entries.
First international Giveaway on The Blackmentos Beauty Blog! Win a set of Asian Beauty Goodies! (Star Lash, Hanskin, Cybercolors, Skinlite, Sasatinnie, Biore, Perfect)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

At this very moment, all fragile make up items have been bubble wrapped and everything has been packaged nicely into small boxes ready to be sent off to the lucky winners! Thank to everyone who has followed me from day one or since last week! I'm very grateful for all the lovely ladies in the beauty blogger community that I've come across. 

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Review: Beauty Buffet Scentio Pomegranate Pearly Cream Bath & Body Gel Scrub!

Pomegranate passion! How many fruity scent crazy people do I have here? Are you like me and just about love every single fruity, fresh and sweet scent? I love fruity smells and the more natural it smells the more I love it. Beauty Buffet in Thailand carries a great range of fruit/vegetable skincare bits and I fell in love with the super strong sweet and complex pomegranate scent and had to pick up two different body products!

Check out my beauty and skincare haul from Bangkok here!

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Beauty Buffet Scentio Pomegranate Pearly Cream Bath & Body Gel Scrub!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Flirty date night look with a hot pink lip! (Dim sum congee dinner!)

Be flirty and go pink! This look was put together in under 45 minutes as I was getting ready to meet my lovely boyfriend for dinner after his work! I wanted something simple, flawless and pretty! Hence I thought of big lashes and a bold pout! Power to big fun falsies and a pink pout!

After meeting the boyfriend we heading around the corner in Chinatown to one of my favorite places for congee porridge and dim sum!

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Flirty date night look with fluttery lashes and a hot pink lip!

Review: MUA Power Pout Colour Instense Tint & Balm in Crazy in Love!

Pretty Power Pout! How many of you lady fancy a bold, glossy, deep and beautiful polished pout? I have been amazed by all the crayon lip products released the last two years and have been getting one from each brand's line to try how their formulas work for me! I asked for one from the brand MUA when arranging a swap with the lovely Pam from Jade in the Palace blog! See the swap here!

I was so excited when Pam picked out this deep berry shade for me and on my first few uses I knew this was going to be something I'd be 'Crazy in Love' with!

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MUA Power Pout Colour Instense Tint & Balm in Crazy in Love!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Meet up with an old Highschool classmate! (Purple golden eyes with Sleek's Vintage Romance Palette)

Purple gold! That's what I think of when I did this eye look! I've done very similar in the past with the Vintage Romance palette from sleek and that's because I'm in love with the purples and gold shades! I love how there are cool and warm shades of purple and a bronze and light gold in the same palette! 

On the same day of this look, I met up again with an old highschool and classmate from Cambodia, she had studied there at the international school all her life and I met her when I moved there for grade 6! We were so keen on meeting up again as I've only managed to meet up with her three times the last two years!

Continue below for the look and day out!
Purple golden eyes with Sleek's Vintage Romance Palette!
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