Thursday, 5 May 2016

Review: Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express mascara!

Mega Plush Lashes! I've yet to meet a girl online or offline who doesn't want great big long and thick lashes! For the majority of girls who wear make up having a good coat on the lashes seems to be a universal want. Maybelline has always been a brand I love going to for a solid waterproof mascara, especially concerning the types they release in Asia for the most part. One of my first favorite mascaras was their "the magnum volum' express' which has a dear place in my heart so I've given many of it's successors a try too!

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Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express mascara!

Friday, 29 April 2016

Food Post: Things eaten during December 2015!

Crave, see and eat! It's time again for another late food post! This one's from December so finally we're out of 2015 with my collective food posts. The month of december was filled with familiar and some new eats. My boyfriend and I have made a steady habit to visit several Chinese restaurants in Chinatown for our 'proper' China chinese food fix as Singapore chinese food is VERY DIFFERENT. Also we dabbled and tried some new places and food which all went really well!

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Things eaten during December 2015!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Review: 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation in Nude Beige!

Glossing, Waterful and Moist! Almost two years after my purchase this review is finally being written! Oh my, it's been waaaaay overdue! So basically about two years ago when I first managed to get my hands on a few 3CE or 3 Concept Eyes products...items from this brand were only avalible online on local webstores or from the brand's own site as well as being sold online by some very smart people and by small beauty shops carrying various bits and bobs. This particular foundation caught my eye as it boasted being very natural looking, moisturizing, giving that very famed 'dewy' korean look and I knew that even though I probably would powder it down I wanted to try it!

I ordered mine from a seller on who carried various products from the brand. Now this can be much more easily purchased through, in store at various beauty shops around Singapore and also online at competitive prices.

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3CE (3 Concept Eyes) Glossing Waterful Foundation in Nude Beige!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Special: Day out to Universal Studios Singapore!

Castles, rides and toy shops! Nothing brings out the inner joy and child in most of us like a good day out to a theme park like Universal Studios. In Singapore, this single theme park is located on sentosa island which is the south of singapore which can be reached either by a bus, from a mono rail train ride or by sky luge. Some months back my lovely friend and I had a chance and we both went to the park together! We spend a whole day from morning till night ending with a delicious dinner at chilli's after our long day at the park!

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Day out to Universal Studios Singapore!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Rave review: Addiction by Ayako single eyeshadow in Nostalgia 015P!

Bring out the Nostalgia! For those who may have missed out, I did a big year end haul some time ago where I showed a bunch of products my best friend sent me from a Japanese brand called Addiction by Ayako. This brand can be purchased by those not in Japan from This brand was created by someone who used to work for NARS so there are similarities when it comes to packaging. I got my friend to get me me range of products to try which included this gorgeous single shadow. 

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Addiction by Ayako single eyeshadow in Nostalgia 015P!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Special: My Grandma's 81st Chinese Vegetarian Birthday Dinner!

Bold make up and delicious vegetarian food! This post is sooooo late! It's from last July when my family had a delicious chinese vegetarian dinner for my grandma's birthday. Her birthday fell on a friday which is a day every week that she takes fully vegetarian so we ended up eating at a popular vegetarian restaurant in town. Some of the dishes were so good I still can't stop thinking about them and would love to go back to have them again.

Since this dinner was for a special occasion I wore a new blue and white cheongsam inspired dress and matched it with a simple blue smokey eye!

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My Grandma's 81st Chinese Vegetarian Birthday Dinner!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Rave Review: L'oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in Turbo Turqoise!

Turbo Turqoise Teal! When it comes to eyeliner, two colors will always draw me in. Like most girls I love and appreciate a good solid rich black and then there's teal which I always grab to line over my regular eyeliner or for the waterline for a pop of color! When it comes to eyeliners which are in the pencil form I always stick to gel pencils as I've had no luck with other formulations no matter how "smudge proof" or "waterproof" they claim to be. Gel pencils have always been a winner for my super watery eyes so when I saw this gorgeous blue toned liner from L'oreal I had to get it!

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L'oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in Turbo Turqoise!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Food Post: All things eaten at home and out in November 2015! (chinese takeout, Indonesian, Japanese)

Eats, eats and more eats! My food post have been quite delayed the last few months due to work commitments and having to slow down my blogging. Things are definitely going to be a slower on my blog but I definitely am not going silent for huge chunks of time! This food post is from all the delicious edibles I had during the month of November. It was a month filled with lots of new eats like having Dosai at a joint I've only patronized for prata, eating at a new Indonesian place, having a late night Japanese supper and having korean fried chicken with my brother!

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Food post for November! Indonesian goodies, japanese, indian, local and more food bits!

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Review: Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C!

Powder me up with Mineral Powder! It's definitely no surprise to long time readers that I'm a powder freak! I must have pressed powder with me at all times. My favorite type of foundation is pressed and powder as I love being matte. Setting my liquid foundation with pressed powder is also a step I never skip unless the foundation truly has a dry touch finish, I find that most liquid foundation will eventually melt off, sweat off or fade due to my oils at the end of the day and powder keeps everything in place and looking great.

Currently there is only one pressed powder that I've repurchased year after year from ZA, their Perfect Fit two way foundation powder as it's been my favorite. However recently I've purchased  powder from many different brands, giving them all a go since it's the one product I really manage to go through and finish regularly!

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Kate Mineral Powder Foundation in OC-C!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Special: Lunar New Year Celebrations, Outings and Food 2016!

Let's welcome the year of the Monkey! Happy Lunar New Year to all my fellow followers who celebrate Chinese New Year! It's that one time of the year when Chinese all over the world try to be around family to celebrate and to spend time together. As I always tell people, the Chinese New Year is like Christmas, Independence day and New Years all in one for the chinese people! For my family it's usually a private affair, my immediate family has dinner together and I love visiting Chinatown multiple times before the new year day itself as its bustling and so full of temporary shops and sellers.

This post is super photo heavy from my visits to Chinatown and the meals I had with family at home as well as at my favorite restaurants in the Chinatown area with the boyfriend!

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My Lunar New Year Celebrations, Outings and Food 2016! Visiting Chinatown, shopping around, meals out and reunion dinner!
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