Saturday, 29 November 2014

Special: Celebrating my 600th blogpost with a year end GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway Time! It's been a great few years blogging and after holding my first giveaway back in July I thought it was time for another in time for celebrating my 600th blog post and as well for celebration of the year end! I really hope that all of my existing and long time followers get a chance to enter this International giveaway!

I had actually wanted to do a celebratory post for my 500th post but I completely forgot and surpassed it! It's crazy how many posts I've written but I'm very proud of how my blog has progress the few years in terms of quality, organization and my personal make up skills.

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The Blackmentos Beauty Box celebrating 600 blog posts with a year end Giveaway!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Special 600th blogpost: My Top Foundations Overview (2014)

My 600th blogpost featuring Fabulous Foundations! Many of us love foundations, hate foundation and are confused by foundations! We all want to find that 'perfect' foundation for our skin color, skin type and skin condition but it's not easy and it's not cheap either. I was requested by a reader to considering doing a top foundations post and I hope this will be an extensive overview of my foundation experience.

I was actually about to do, "The Perfect Foundation Tag" which after some research I found was started by Sinead and you can (see her post here), she had taken, "The Perfect Palette Tag" and adjusted it for foundation. However although it's a great tag I realized it didn't cover all the things I would have like to cover when it comes to foundation. Therefore here is my 12 category top foundations post!

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My Top Foundations Overview (2014)

Sunday, 23 November 2014

FOTN: Smoked out chocolate brown eyes using Urban Decay's Smoked palette!

Smoked out chocolate eyes! When in doubt, I do a smokey chocolate brown eye for going out at night! It's the kind of look that can be beautiful, dramatic and so perfect for day or night. I love these warm chocolatey looks, you can use a pale shimmery beige on the inner lids, a pink or even a gold on the lids instead of a taupe or light brown!

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Smoked out chocolate brown eyes using the Urban Decay Smoked palette!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review: The Face Shop Mango Seed Cleansing Butter!

Mango Seed Cleansing Butter! Some months ago all The Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing balm was all I was seeing around and although I could get this here in store the price is just so ridiculously pricey that I decided on never picking it up. However I have to admit that I would like to try it, if only there was a smaller size on sale! Hence when I saw this cleansing butter from The Face Shop and it was half the price of The Body Shop's I had to pick it up to try!

In comparison to the Camomile balm, this is a 'butter' as it's more of a thick whipped buttery texture whereas The Body Shop's is a solid balm which isn't cream on touch. I knew I wasn't trying something that's a dupe but I just couldn't resist the mango seed scent!

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The Face Shop Mango Seed Cleansing Butter!

Friday, 21 November 2014

All About Eyes TAG!

All about Eyes Tag! Cheers to another fun tag! I saw this on Pauline's blog Asianhomie 101- Addicted to Make up! I personally am totally an eye make up girl. There are those of us who love bases and blush and contour and things to do with skin on the face...there are those who love heavy eyeliner and mascara...those who love bold lips and plain eyes and I'm one of those who love a beautiful butt load of eye make up!

I never thought I'd be so in love with doing eye makeup. I used to be quite crap to be honest. See (here) and (here) for my earliest make up looks and see how basic and sort of shady and crappy they were compared to what I do now (see here) and (here)!

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All About Eyes TAG!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review: Pond's Flawless White BB Cream in Light!

Flawless BB cream! I've always been a fan of new bb creams and love trying new products, so when I saw this on a few ladies blogs I had to get my hands on it eventually! When I was on a holiday in Krabi, Thailand some months ago I picked up this mini 8ml tube of Pond's BB cream at a 7-11 and I LOVE how Thailand is an asian country that has mini sizes of most beauty/skincare products!

As of a few months ago Singapore has finally brought in Pond's BB cream in two shades, however we only have them in the full size and not in this small mini size! When I travel next time I will be picking up more mini sizes like this!

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Pond's Flawless White BB Cream in Light!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Overview: My Maybelline Color Tattoo Collection!

TATTOO ME with Maybelline! Like many other girls a few years back I was totally in complete awe when Maybelline came out with the color tattoos. Unlike the ladies in the States I didn't go out and buy 4 shades or all the shades! They cost a lot more in Singapore so I bought two at first and then slowly bought more over the last two years. 

I'm so sad that we don't have any special shades here. We currently only have 10 shades if I'm not wrong at our drugstores. We have no matte ones and no limited edition ones! I would love more of the neutral shades both matte and shimmer!

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My Maybelline Color Tattoo Collection!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Rave Review: Clio Nail Styler polish (Glitz Pink, Disco Blue, Glitz Jade, Tropical Mint, Disco Red, Golden Peach, White)

Clio's Nail Styler Polishes! I really don't do any posts on nail polishes, although I do wear nail polishes quite frequently. Recently I cleared out my polish boxes which are two small boxes of polishes I've bought the last 5 years. I don't ever buy collections of polishes or sets so usually it's one bottle at a time but the last two years I've used so little polish that I had plenty of dried out polishes to get rid of. I never buy high end polishes so it doesn't hurt to do major clearing!

I never realized Clio had nail polishes but when I came across this range at Watsons at AMK hub I just so many shades that screamed out at me to buy them! 

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 Clio Nail Styler polish (Glitz Pink, Disco Blue, Glitz Jade, Disco Red, Golden Peach, White)

Friday, 14 November 2014

Everyday quick bronze eye and dusty rose lip!

An Everyday Bronze eye look! Let me be totally honest...I am super annoyed when ladies publish looks like this every other day. I personally will not post looks that are so visibly similar so close together or at all. I just find it annoying when people think using a slightly different crease shade makes your look 'another' look. I don't mean to sound snobby but as someone who loves eye make up I have done plenty of gorgeous neutral looks but I don't want to share but the best and most wearable ones!

It's sort of a bit funny that an effortless and pretty look like this which most ladies tend to wear when they're wearing make up out is a look I rarely have on. I either have no make up on at home, a basic face of powder, mascara and lip balm or a fully made up face!

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Everyday quick bronze eye and dusty rose lip! It might seem strange but I rarely do my make up simply like this! I'm either bare faced or bare basic or full on made up!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Review: Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2!

The K-Style 2 box! Yes, it's another Memebox ladies! I've been lucky enough to have the company sending me this second box and I almost died of joy when I opened it and realized it was all make up! If you've missed my first review of my first (memebox the Special #32 OMG 2 box see here!)

In a summary from the description card provided in this box (see below) this box is about Korean beauty and how the products will be able to help you recreate a K-celeb's look. It's about elegance and flawless bright skin, k-pop eyes with a lip to match. This box is meant to upgrade your beauty collection! I have to agree overall with the description. This box holds some korean beauty essentials and some lovely surprises!

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Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2!
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