Sunday, 6 May 2012

Food: May #1 (pic HEAVY of home cooked, spotted out and snack foods)

I've been documenting my meals, and things I've had around town worth keeping a photographic copy of. Here's what's been awaiting to be shared with the food and other foodies for the last two months! I've still more to share but this lot should keep you guys pleased for now!

Do be warned! lots of food coming at you!

Gorgeous cakes @ Food Hall in Takashimaya
Pies with 'funny faces' @ Food Hall in Takashimaya

More pretty cakes and logs slices!

Delicious  yam/taro cakes, steamed nonya goods and home made type savoury foods!

Omg...colorful macaroons!
Nice big brownie to satisfy my chocolate tooth!

Frying that sucker up!
Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside!

Chewy bun with roasted peppers/eggplants/tomatoes!

Vegetable curry hot on the table at home in the steam boat pot!

Pork belly, cabbage and chilli!
Chicken and potato curry!
French loaf bread for the curry

Tofu hot pot at the food court outside!

Home made lamb chops!

Mushroom soup!
Ribs! Oh so good!
Buffalo wings!
Chicken noodles!
Ducks feet with thai chilli sauce!
Nutella on chocolate bread with melted cheese slice.

Black Bean sauce steamed fish!
Raddish and carrot pork rib soup!
Stir fried gourd with eggs!
Ingredients for a delicious snack!

Beautifully marbled slices of beef


Extra sweet sauce to my liking!

There we have it!
Home made chilli crab!
Steamed fresh prawns!
Char sau pao!
And a fresh coconut!

I just love food! 
Hope the photos were pleasurable! Haha!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. This post was just cruel...Mouth watering uncontrollably...!!! Hahahaha! Just kidding. :') It looks like you had a delicious time! Such beautiful foods...

    1. Mwahah! Glad you 'enjoyed' it! ;)

  2. T.T
    I really miss southeast asian food!! :'(((

    1. Awww...yeah, asian food is awesome! Cook some at home when you've got the time? :)

  3. Oh yum! I just ate and I just got hungry again by looking at these photos haha. Yummmmy! I want some steamed buns now :)

    1. HEEHEE. The power of food, yes? :)


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