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Rave Review: Dior Cannage Voyage Eyeshadow Collection! (Duty free only)

When I used to travel more frequently my lovely mother would let me choose duty free items on board and this beautiful Dior Cannage palette was something I received more than a year ago. I only wished I'd taken photos of it when it was newer!

For anyone who doesn't know, Dior eyeshadow quints retail at between $80- $100 SGD depending on which ($64- 80 USD)

You get 8 dior eyeshadows of a variety of extremely wearble, blendable, high pigmented shades that are just stunning allow or used together! This is a treasure in my collection!

The woman who writes the Cosmetic Candy blog did a quick review on this palette! However I think it lacked a lot of information and the swatches weren't that great!

Continue below for the review, photos & beautiful swatches!

Dior Cannage Voyage Eyeshadow Collection!
Dior Cannage Voyage Eyeshadow Collection!   

Yes, I know! I had an 'accident' with it! I'm just so glad the shadows are okay! The metal Dior letter 'D' fell off! And it's happened on an older kit my mom got on board too!

Dior Cannage Voyage Eyeshadow Collection!
Each square of eyeshadow has the same pattern embossed onto it!

The packaging is just stunning, shiny purple patent leather type of look. It's a sturdy magnetic snap that holds the palette shut. The palette is a nice size that can be held in one hand. I love how it's all eyeshadows and nothing else, I don't care for lip products or mini liners of any sort!

I just wish the shade indications were is what is labelled on the back.

The numbers correspond to the individual shades, there's one indication of the finish and it looks like different shadows have different amounts!
  • 965-005-515
  • 3 x 1.6 g 
  • 5 couleurs iridescent
  • 929-822-682
  • 3 x 2 g
  • 096-194
  • 2 x 1.9 g

Just once touch of the black, it is the darkest, most pigmented ever. Far richer and better than MAC carbon!

 Note: I swatched the shadows in the same way they appear in the palette! All were swatched with clean fingers with NO base.
First column swatched!
Shade descriptions:
  • Rich dark navy iridescent with micro blue shimmer
  • Shimmery pale pink lilac
  • Rich matte purple with micro gold shimmer
  • Rich matte black with micro silver shimmer
Second column swatched!
  •  Rich dark shimmery brown
  • Shimmery peachy nude
  • Shimmery sand champagne 
  • Shimmery white
These shots show how the shades are just so rich and shimmery...!
Check out the pigmentation!


Let's keep this short and sweet! The shadows are of phenomenal quality. Especially these iridescent, shimmery and rich matte finishes. Most of the eyeshadows in Dior quints are iridescent and I can understand why anyone would pay so much for these.

They are soft, buttery, highly pigmented and give dimension and depth without the use of other shades together. Be careful of dropping or denting these as they have broken off in little bits because they are so soft.

These are perfect for creating night time looks, smokey looks, easy to wear looks and so on. I find the colors included in this palette are of such a useful and great selection. I've got no issues with any of the shades except maybe to note that the silver shimmer in the black doesn't show up when applied and the white is a bit frosty.

The quality of these are so good, I'd wear them without a base and they'd last and look as good with a base. Totally a steal for 8 shadows in one convenient palette. 

 Close up of the eyeshadows!
 Navy blue & lilac pink
Purple w/gold, matte black w/silver (the silver isn't visible!)
Rich brown and peachy nude
Sand Champagne and white!

  Full set of swatches for Dior Cannage Collection!
Dior Cannage Voyage Eyeshadow Collection swatches! (cooler light)

Dior Cannage Voyage Eyeshadow Collection swatches! (warmer light)

Paid: $80 SGD (approx)   ($64 USD)

Recommend: If you've got the budget and are looking into investing into a high end kit of eyeshadows, YES!

Repurchase: Maybe in the future as a present! But for me not this set, but a Dior quint for sure!

Bottom Line: Amazing quality, great selection, versatility and packaging, this makes a wonderful gift or make up investment! Please take care of these or get them for someone who will appreciate the artisan quality! Approved for purchase without testing!

What Dior products have you tried? 
Experience their eyeshadow? 
Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! 
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  1. Gorgeous shades <3 They are soo pigmented!!!

  2. Those colours are just OMGWOW! And that black, seriously? O__o Amazing!

    1. I know! The black took my breath away! thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Wow! What a beautiful palette! Those shadows are insanely pigmented i'm jealous:P

  4. I have this palette too and I love it! Feel so bad for you that the mirror cracked! =(

    1. Hehe...i feel your love for it! and it was my own clumsiness! :(

  5. Never tried Dior eyeshadows, but this definitely has me interested. They do look super pigmented! I rarely wear eyeshadows without a base, so it's good to hear that they're of such good quality that you don't need to necessarily apply an eyeshadow base beforehand. I really like that smokey/taupe brown, think that shade's my favourite, but they're all gorgeous.

    1. If I had to choose one shade only I too would go for the brown! Its just so rich and beautiful. Yeah, no base and they're still awesome. This is my second time experiencing dior shadows...the first was from an older travel set, it was white on the outside and those shadows were much chalkier...these are just amazing on the other hand and are the same formula as the ones in quints! :)

  6. oh this one is pretty! I have 1 dior eyeshadow palette,it's pretty but the price is just too high ://
    btw sharlynn,do you have facebook or twitter? it's easier for us then to communicate ^^^


    1. Yes! I shall send you my fb! :)

    2. yeees please add me ;) my fb name is cassandra pamela ridwan ;=)

  7. Wonderful colours.
    I like it!

    1. They are wonderful! thanks for commenting! :)

  8. nice idea.. thanks for sharing...

  9. Romantic colors ... Love ya !

    Turtle <3




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