Tuesday, 30 August 2011

To Do list! (Sept 2011)

Holy cow, it's already going to be September!! Unbelievable isn't it?

Yay! Sept 3 is when H&M opens in Singapore! But I'm definitely not going on the first few days! I'm sure it's going to be sooo packed and there may be minor issues they may face opening! But I will check them out! 

Apparently the first person was a guy? (think thats what i heard!)

Chaos, it seems during the opening day!

I've still got plenty I want to post but I've done more than 5 last night! So here's a list of things to do! 

  • Get a replacement mini notebook for jotting things down!
  • NOT buy any new cosmetics for a while! (with the exception of a few things...hehe)
  • Getting up to date with my blog posts...
  • Doing looks with my monolids! (sans strong mascara)
  • Do posts of nail polish! (i've got plenty of colors!)
  • More food posts! (photos are being organized)
  • Feature pets (which i sadly have not gotten around to!)
  • Thank my subscribers! (even if they get around to reading or commenting!)
Yikes! That's a big list! I'll do what I can! And most of all I'm looking forward to reviewing things I got my brother to get from the States!

Maybelline Define-a-lash...you are my one true love!! It's the testing period now! But I've got more make up than before and I need to use and buy wisely!

YEP! Keeping the pic small as to add to (mostly my own) excitement! The foundation isn't for me, so it looks much darker than my normal color!

Subscribe, follow and stay tuned for more beauty and foodie related posts! I guarantee nice photos!

EOTD: Teal liner and Champagne!

A quickie post! I wore this look to school and I loved it! No mess, no smudging! 

Photos were taken after 10 hours of wear! 

I've realized that all my EOTD looks are when my eyelids are double! This is because of the strong waterproof mascaras I use, I will make sure to do some looks when my lids are single!

I used...
  • Bourjois contour clubbing waterproof eyeliner (45 blue remix)
  • Bourjois pot eyeshadow in 08 (very light golden champagne)
  • Maybelline's "the Magnum" volum' express in waterproof brown
  • Skin food small eyeshadow brush
Simple and eye catching!

Magazine Special: Elle August (with Beauty Book and pouch!) (photos!)

I mean to put this up at the beginning of the month when it was more relevant but oh well! For those in Singapore you may have seen the advert on TV about Elle's August edition with a beauty book and make up pouch! I called my mom immediately (because she was out) to grab a copy for me! 

After looking around myself and not being able to find it, mom nabbed a hidden copy that a newpaper stand lady passed to her that was beneath all the magazines! Oh the joy!

I took photos and then ripped it right open! I've got plenty of make up pouches but it's lovely! The Beauty book is already great, I love anything make up! If there was a magazine purely of products, their prices and ratings...that would be my pocket pal!

Continue below for more photos of the Beauty Book and pouch!

It was quite a heavy pack!

Fuschia Lips!

I was just fooling around with lipstick pretty much! I got a bunch in my NYX Haul...mostly for mom because she's a lipstick queen and can finish a tube in a matter of weeks! I been loving hot pink lip colors and ended up getting 2 lipsticks and backups that are pretty much dupes of each other....Eucalyptus and Chloe from NYX's round lipstick line!

I don't know which this one is but it sure is great! I read that a 'warm pink' lipstick draws attention away from blemishes...hah! I like that but I haven't worn lipstick like this out yet!

Oh...the loveliness!!

It's a nice balance between a cool/warm hot pink!
Still looking at my forehead?

Thanks for stopping by!

Review on Rubbish: Bourjois Elastic Mascara!

I bought this a little bit before june at BHG...I'm a lover of plastic wands because I crave definition and length more than super volume. I haven't really looked into this mascara online, there weren't many reviews and unfortunately this wasn't such a great one! I was very disappointed!!

This is  review on "Bourjois Paris Elastic Mascara!"

The tube is kindly enough but errr...dildo-ish handle?? 0.o

Food: Mama noodles! (photos!)

Yes! I am on a blogging spree! I thought I want some variety so here's some noodles I made...we always add things and change things when it comes to instant noodles in my home!

This is a standard pack of Thai MaMa noodles, easily found at NTUC and other supermarkets here and in SE Asia...

Scroll below to see the steps I took to make this delicious bowl of noodles! Photos only!

Please enjoy!

A mouth water picture that will capture your attention! hehe

Shrimp Tom Yum Flavored MaMa noodles! Mushrooms, prawn, lemongrass and lime would make it complete!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Overview: Scrubs and cleansers! (photos!)

I meant to post this a loooong time ago, so apologies to myself (mostly) for not doing so. My facial regime has changed quite a bit since I took these photos but I use them. 

My skin is sensitive and is combination (oily and dry) Hence after doing a lot of research and looking around, I've come to realize the importance of moisturizing and using products with no alcohol for more sensitive areas of my face (eg above lips, cheeks, around eyes) Alcohol strips skin of too much oil sometimes and even causes pimples/acne to get worse, which I've experienced.

Here's a round up of things I've used/use!

NOTE: It's actually 'theblackmentosbeautybox.blogspot'!

All in a tub! Yep...I came up with the sign in  a moment's notice, and that's a 'blackmentos' you see there!

Introducing my holy grail tool! A silicone scrubber that comes with the L'oreal face wash...you can easily buy this at Sasa outlets and watsons in Singapore!

Quickie Post: Curled hair?! (opinions!)

I've been one of those people who eagerly watch youtube videos on hair curling and wish so much to be able to try them out...well...I did!

Finally after getting a new flat iron (one that was very expensive! but technically free due to matters I will not disclose on here) I sat for more than 30 mins, watching different videos on how to curl hair with a flat iron!

Finally after watching the thumb on a girl's video and where  and how it changed position, I finally got it! I was so happy I rushed around the house, showing everyone my newly curled hair! It was late at night so I slept in it and woke up with straight hair! wahahah!

Here are some photos I took that night, mind you, they aren't very clear but you get the picture, I've cut my hair shorter now in the back but the front is pretty much the same length!

Uneven and lots of straight bits on the left side! But the curls are so prettyy!

Review: The Body Shop lip & cheek stain and lovegloss (swatches, application!)

Sorry, I haven't had time or the energy to post recently! But anyways....

Here are a couple things I got back in june with a redemption with my member's stamp card! I've always liked the Body Shop glosses but the clear ones tended to smell really funky after a while. Having bought lovegloss 16 before i decided to go for that and two lipstains which aren't the best but work well for layering. Here are my thoughts and photos on the lovegloss and lipstain!

Continue below to see swatches and application!

The Body Shop Lipstain in 01 and Lovegloss in 16...

The stain only comes in one color, lovegloss 16 is a lovely pink.

Monday, 15 August 2011

EOTD: Green w/blue liner (photos!)

Hey there! School's back but I'm going to try to post a little something now and again. Here are a couple photos from a look I did a while ago with a shimmery foresty green color and a bourjois waterproof eyeliner.

  • Forest green eyeshadow from my 24 shimmer eyeshadow palette from "Rhomlon"
  • Teal waterproof eyeliner from Bourjois "45 blue remix"

The forest green I used, it's actually 3-4 shades darker (look below)...they are all shimmery colors!

2nd row from the top the dark green, the palette of 24 colors, all shimmery and wearable of a nice amount (all slightly smaller than a 50 cent coin)

Rhomlon is brand locally found in SINMA in Singapore, I've heard great reviews about its liquid eyeliners...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

FOTD: NYX Trio Rust (photos, swatches!)

Just squeezing in a look a did a short while back with my newly purchased NYX eyeshadow trios which I have been loving! Unbelievable quality, like MAC to me but more affordable and fun! Visit my NYX haul to see the other things I got and swatches!

I've been very into neutrals and so this palette is a great way to spice up plain browns and earth colors.

Things used for this look!
  •  NYX Loose Powder in Light Beige
  • NYX Mega shine Lipgloss in Clear
  • NYX Triple eyeshadows in "Goldden/Rust/walnut bronze"
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Foundation in 103 True Ivory
  • Maybelline's "the Magnum Volum' Express" waterproof black mascara

Swatches of Golden, Rust and Walnut Bronze...no primer no base..

Grandma's 77th birthday BBQ! (All Photos! Food & Family!)

This may be my last post for a few weeks, school starts on monday and it's going to be a heck of a year..the last year of highschool and so I will be very busy! I'll continue taking photos and will try to post once a week or a fortnight!

Enjoy these photos from my grandma's birthday BBQ table grill! 

NOTE: Please respect my photos, DO NOT copy and use them as your own. Think about the time, effort and money put in.

Made from boxed mix, I used a fancy mould, the bottom was messed up!

Lemon frosting! Adding extra icing sugar and margerine to cove the cake!

Frosted up with a silicone spatula! Any would do!

Close up, the frosting looks lovely, always frost after the cake is cooled and then keep it in the fridge!

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner! (photos!)

There has been raves going on about 'Tea Tree' products, especially since the active ingredient is plant derived and not chemical. I've been using tea tree products (gels, oils) for the last 5 years from different brands. I used to religiously use the old 'tea tree and witch hazel' line from Guardian pharmacy, surprising it was mild but strong enough to keep my oily t zone in check. However after it was discontinued about a year ago, The body shop's tea tree range caught my eye and the first thing I bought from them was the toner. At $21.90 SGD...I was a little hesitant!

(The price has gone up! It's now $22.90 when I got back ups last week!)

A review on..."The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner!"

Green and in semi-opaque bottle, you get 250ml, so it's a generous amount!

Tea Tree

For those new to 'tea tree', it's not an edible type of tea at all! It's from the leaves of a type of tree native to australia. The leaves are often used to make oil and hence, tea tree 'oil' which typically has a clear to pale yellow/green color. Tea tree products are for acne/oily prone skin as the natural properties of tea tree are antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungi and hence it helps to dry up and kill bacteria forming pimples!

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