Monday, 26 January 2015

Holiday Special: Day 2 In Bangkok, Thailand! (Jan 2015)

Day 2 in Bangkok, Thailand! For those who saw my first holiday post, I recently visited Bangkok with my mother for 4 nights and 5 days! We spent our entire time eating, eating, shopping, shopping and walking around a lot! On day 2 after a simple noodle breakfast and a stick of BBQ chicken hearts we took the train into town where I visited Beauty Buffet (which I planned to visit) and then the supermarket for pet snacks and the pharmacy!

Those interested in seeing my post on Day 1 & part of Day 2 in Bangkok see here! 

Continue below for the photos!

Holiday Special: Day 2 In Bangkok, Thailand! (Jan 2015)

The lobby of our hotel! The Asia Hotel! It's one of the oldest hotels in Bangkok celebrating 48 years this year! We booked through and got an awesome deal. It's in a great location but the hotel itself could use some improvements in room.
First stop of the day was Beauty Buffet! There's a shop on the exit of Siam BTS train towards Siam Paragon! It's Thailand's version of like NYX...except they have several lines and brands under their name. I freaking love how everything in Beauty buffet is super cute, fun and mostly all so affordable!
I was so pleased to see new lines of products both make up and in the body care line since I last visited in late 2013! Everything from the new watermelon line smelled so damn good I had to pick up something from it! (My beauty.skincare hauls will be done in a separate post!)
Mom posing outside of Siam Paragon which is next to Siam Center! These shopping malls are high end and are comparison to Ion and Takashimaya in Singapore! However a good meal in a restaurant or cafe in Siam Paragon is still 5X cheaper in Bangkok and there is sooo much variety!
Lunch at the famous and popular steamboat MK restaurant! We however choose not to eat steamboat! Here is a platter of roast pork belly and duck! Both meats were tender and the skin sooo crisp and delicious!
Deep fried taro dumplings! So airy and crispy on the outside and the taro and meat filling was so tasty, savory, sweet and fragrant! One of the best I've had and I've eaten a lot of fried taro dumplings!
Shark's fin dumplings! It's unlikely it's actually shark's fin but more like a mix of shrimp, fish and other seafood meats! These were just nice, not over steamed and so tasty! Wish there was at least 3 pieces!
My mother ordered a simple bowl of char sui, roast duck and shrimp wantons!
A shot of our lunch! I had a bowl of spinach noodles and prawn wantons! We also had a plate of oyster sauce kai lan! The sauces for the roasted meats were a mix of traditional sweet chinese plum sauce and other ingredients! Like maybe fish sauce and some pickled chilli.
After our delicious chinese lunch we saw this frozen yogurt outlet called 'yoo moo' and I had to try their 'tropical moo' which was plain yogurt with mango and passion fruit! Unfortunately it only came in a medium or large so we couldn't finish!
Look at how colorful the seating area is! Love how every shop  and cafe no matter how small in the malls in Bangkok are have such great interior designs!
Here was our 'tropical moo' yogurt! So refreshing and yummy, I wish there was more mango pieces! Thai mango is the best! Love the super sweet light flavor!
Pet clothes!! Just look at the array of designs and sizes at the huge pet section at the Gourmet Market Supermarket inside Siam Paragon! All the clothes range from $8-$40 SGD! Such an affordable price range!
There are sizes from everything from a tiny chiwawa to a large german shepard! There's cute formal outfits to simple sweaters to santa outfits for ALL sizes!
Look at that! All the beds and mattresses of all sizes for cats/dogs! I ended up buying a small one for my cat! She absolutely loves it! These are also sooo affordable compared to the same thing in Singapore! Can you believe this is in the supermarket?!
The huge aisle of nothing but asian sauces/seasonings! So many brands of fish sauce, oyster sauce, fermented soy bean paste, chilli sauces and more! A paradise for cooks! I totally will buy some next time I visit!
The instant noodle aisle! Of course! Here's the huge range of packet noodles! It's a haven for those who love spicy, strong flavored noodles! From various types of tom yum, meat flavors, rice noodles and more!
The cup noodles!! Just like the packets they are sooo many flavors you cannot find in Singapore! So many thai curry flavors and more! Love how tasty, fragrant and strong the flavors are!
The glorious section of dried, roasted and deep fried fruits, nuts, meats and spices in the supermarket! Packed in bags, boxes and plastic containers!
Fried rice crackers! This type is where each grain of rice is still intact and they're toppings range from sweet like nuts and honey to savory like pork floss and anchovies!
These beautiful mini vegetable and fruits are made of sweeten mung bean paste. They are hand painted and then sealed under a gelatine coating! I never pass these up!
These goodies are all made of egg yolk and sugar! The round and long shaped ones are chewy and the shredded one has a lovely dedicated coconut type texture!
A truck food shop that opens at night for dinner all night long! They sell three dishes! Egg noodle pad thai, seafood pad thai and fried mussel omelet!
The tables and chairs which are all set up by the vendor every evening! This shop's sitting area was right in front of a 7-11 near our hotel! Yes, that's my mom on the left behind the guy eating!
Seafood pad thai! I really liked this but found the gravy on the side a bit too much tasting of sweet chilli sauce instead of that palm sugar flavor in classic pad thai sauce.
After mixing everything up with the sauce, bean sprouts and fresh chives! The hot noodles cook the fresh vegetables just enough! This was so fresh and yummy!
Fried mussel omelet! This was amazing! Exactly like the oyster version you find in singapore it's filled of crispy bits of potato starch pancake that are chewy in parts. Fried with egg, bean sprouts, chives and mussels!
A vendor selling a bread exactly like the indian prata bread! Choose your fillings from egg and banana or plain and then sauces from chocolate, condense milk and jams!
After the dough balls are flattened and fried slowly on the hot plate with a butter spread, our chosen filling of egg and banana was poured inside! Then the lady started to fold the bread onto itself to make a square pouch! This is exactly how indian prata is made too!
Flipping that deliciously stuffed fried prata!
The prata bread perfectly golden brown and crisp! 
Cut up into small square bites before our choice of sauces are drizzled over!
Chocolate sauce and condensed milk! Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, moist hot egg and bananas with the sweet sauces! Omg, this is my kind of perfection!
Later after dinner we walked around and passed this street restaurant! It had so many tables all the way down the side walk even across the break of the side walk. They serve an array of BBQ fish, meats, stewed meats, stir fried thai dishes and more!
Hot pots keeping stewed meat dishes warm in the shop front!
An open BBQ pit with whole fishes being roasted!
And of course we stopped by 7-11 before heading back! Check that out! You'd never find so many types of face masks, skincare and small sample sizes of products in a convenience store like 7-11 anywhere else!
Purchases! Tom yum and mince pork instant noodles, Crispy sugar buttered bread strips, instant pork flavored porridge, soybean and black sesame milk, chocolate banana milk and sago bean coconut cream dessert!
Selfie with my mom outside Siam paragon! She kept on asking to take this 'selfie' she'd be seeing and hearing about! And I was like, ''s just a photo of yourself'...Imagine! Trying to divert my mother from wanting to take a selfie when I'm eagerly waiting for our food to arrive! Oh well!

Day 2 in Bangkok basically was a day into Siam area...! Mostly for hitting the supermarket, pharmacy and some beauty shops! Of course all the shopping was sandwiched between snacks and our meals! For those new to Bangkok the Siam area is a must visit as although it's full of mostly high end type shops Siam square is a funky area full of individual shop holders and sometimes pop up booths and lots of local eateries!

What do you think of Bangkok's huge supermarket range?
Have you heard of beauty buffet before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Bangkok is food paradise! Oh my gosh looking at all those food pictures is making me hungry Sharlynn. I always the look of the mini vegetables, so cute but haven't developed a taste for sweetened mung bean paste.

  2. Wow, really special day, it's a delicious post full of yummy food! I always love food posts on your blog. I'm feeling hungry,, and yes, you are looking sooo cute in checked shirt! Loved your makeup too. Have a happy Monday! Kisses <3

  3. Oh Sharlynn, the food!!!! Great that I am having my dinner while reading this, but still it doesn't stop me from drooling xDD
    Bangkok is such a nice city, right? everything is so affordable esp compare to Singapore's prices.. This makes me want to go to Bangkok :D

  4. I totally gasped out loud at all of that adorable pink makeup packaging! My friend just bought a blush set in a sailor moon compact, and it's super cute. Ah, the girl girl in me is so jealous!

  5. Girl you are killing me with these delicious looking pictures!!
    First of all, these mini vegetables and fruit made out of mugbeans
    looks absolutely stunning! I don't think I can eat it since they
    are so beautifully made :c
    And man, shopping sounds heavenly! I swear I'd need an
    extra suitcase or 3 for the shoppings :') Xx

  6. OMG Look at all of those makeup and food, *drools* I love those mini fruit things, they're yummy ^^

  7. Hi Sharlynn,

    All I see is food, food, food, shopping, shopping, shopping.... food and shopping!!!! I LIKE!!!! This trip looks really fun to me :D


  8. I would love to shop at that beauty buffet area! WOW! And your food pics are making me hungry again. haha! And those mini veggie mung bean paste looked like they are some decorative figurines! So cute!

  9. All of that food looks so much more exciting than Australian food, lol! Love the look of those pet clothes, we don't have access to as many different styles over here and I would love to have more options for Charlie to wear. Looking forward to your haul post :)

  10. I just had lunch and now I'm drooling again, even worse because I can't have things like that frozen yogurt YUM. D:. I haven't heard about Beauty Buffet before, but that's a really cute name. Can't wait to see your haul because those shelves sure look promising! Was everything really cheap in there?

  11. Your mum is so darling!!! Love that shot of you two. You know it's been well over a decade since I went to Bangkok but the thing I remember most about it was the mung bean paste mini fruit and vegetables. Isn't that so strange?! I think I'll go back just for them.

  12. Beautybuffet is the best! Sadly, they don't have an online shop ><
    Btw the thing which is similar to pancakes is called 'Roti'. I love it so much! I miss it o.o

  13. Eating and shopping! Sounds like the perfect holiday to me! :) Loved to see the supermarkets pictures! So different from here and so unique!


    BUT OMG BEAUTY BUFFET! THAT WALL OF ASIAN SAUCES! THOSE MINI VEGETABLES! THOSE TARO DUMPLINGS! (I always get those at dim sum, just because I love the airy crispiness of those things!)
    I can't even with how many pet/dog costumes are on that wall. I'd go crazy, but my dog really doesn't need any more outfits! SHE'S GOT SO MANY SWEATERS, AND I RECENTLY GOT HER A FUR HOODED dog is more stylish than me :(

  15. I was just there a month ago and I miss it so much, was so glad to see this post of yours! Looks awesome, thanks for sharing all the pics :)

  16. Girrrrl... You make me miss Thai food so much and I'm so hungry now. Going outta my room to get some food after this. The pet clothes are adorable. I initially thought they were babies clothes when I first saw the pics. Glad you enjoyed yourself food-wise, shopping-wise and company with your dear mum.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  17. The mini vegetables are so cute and that prata bread looks DIVINE WOW. Girl, you are killin' me with these posts.

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo (previously à la foliee)




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