Sunday, 22 April 2012

Rave Review: Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in 3 shades (33, 95, 74)

Blush! Oh what a glorious product!  

How a quick flush of color can really wake up the face and look fresh. We've all probably heard of Bourjois's pot blushes. I've got three and love them!

Continue below for the review and swatches!
Bourjois little round pot blush in 33 Lilas D'or, 95 Rose de Jaspe & 74 Rose Ambre
Bourjois little round pot blush- comes with a mini fan brush!
Bourjois little round pot blush- Mini fan brush and inserted tips sheet

Quick look: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Lipguard!

Thank you to all my new followers the past month! I'd never thought my blog would have followers at all! I really enjoy blogging and reading others blog when time allows, I really appreciate the support!

I've been missing the last two weeks due to my final IB exams coming up next month! I hope to try to post once a week or whenever I can, but I might be missing for a while again!

This is a quick look at Thursday Plantation, an Australian brand known for Tea Tree and Eucalyptus products. I used to use their oil for blemishes but not so much anymore. This is a tea tree lipbalm my mother picked up when we were in Melbourne.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Lip Guard (lip balm)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Shopping Haul: Top shop & Bershka! (skirts, pants, stockings, awesome underwear)

I told myself no shopping after Decemeber but it couldn't be helped!

These are things I've got over the last 2 months mostly from Topshop. If you didn't know, they have an amazing line of wearable, sexy and fun underwear!

There was a 3 pairs for $20 SGD ($16 USD) going on the last week few weeks and after picking up 3 the first time and realizing how awesome they were I went back for another 6!

It's such a bargain as usually they're $13 a pair! They are all cut slightly differently but most of them are not too low cut and have a more brief like fit, or at least the ones I picked!

Continue below for other things I picked up!

Topshop underwear! Mine are all in size 10 UK with the exception of one.
Favorite pair is the Supergirl pair! I feel compelled to get another next time!

Food: April #1 Pretty popsicles, japanese eats and hand made candies!

Photos of food I ate a while back, some yummy japanese stuff in takashimaya down town in the food hall and lots of awesome artisan looking popsicles featured by a company called "Love Token".

I just got a plain dark chocolate ice cream cup from them but they rest look amazing.

Fancy ice creams and popsicles from Love Token!
Fancy ice creams and popsicles from Love Token!

Review: theBalm Mary-lou Manizer aka "the luminzer"! (highlight)

Raved about by certain youtube beauty gurus and make up artist such as Wayne from Gossmakeupartist I got my hands on this a few months ago!

I'm very happy to say theBalm is avaliable in Singapore at certain Sasa outlets! And they are selling at exchange rate prices...not inflated like crazy like drugstore brands!

 However recently it looks as if they are getting rid of the products left in stores! Maybe pulling out of Singapore? I don't know but if that's the case I've got to grab a few more things!

Check out my theBalm haul from last year!

Continue below for the review and swatches!

theBalm Mary-lou Manizer aka "the luminzer"
theBalm Mary-lou Manizer aka "the luminzer"

Quick look: Make up removing wipes (Biore, Elianto, NuFresh)

We all know we should be removing our make up with cleansers, scrubs, make up removers or some sort of oil but then there are those lazy days...or times we need to get it off quickly!

Here are different wipes I use for removing make up and cleaning make up brushes on the go!

NuFresh Facial Cleansing wipes! From NTUC Fairprice in Singapore!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rave Review: Dior Cannage Voyage Eyeshadow Collection! (Duty free only)

When I used to travel more frequently my lovely mother would let me choose duty free items on board and this beautiful Dior Cannage palette was something I received more than a year ago. I only wished I'd taken photos of it when it was newer!

For anyone who doesn't know, Dior eyeshadow quints retail at between $80- $100 SGD depending on which ($64- 80 USD)

You get 8 dior eyeshadows of a variety of extremely wearble, blendable, high pigmented shades that are just stunning allow or used together! This is a treasure in my collection!

The woman who writes the Cosmetic Candy blog did a quick review on this palette! However I think it lacked a lot of information and the swatches weren't that great!

Continue below for the review, photos & beautiful swatches!

Dior Cannage Voyage Eyeshadow Collection!
Dior Cannage Voyage Eyeshadow Collection!   

Yes, I know! I had an 'accident' with it! I'm just so glad the shadows are okay! The metal Dior letter 'D' fell off! And it's happened on an older kit my mom got on board too!

EOTD: Light brown with purple gel liner!

A quick EOTD (eye of the day) look...I tend to default to some kind of variation of this eye look when I want something 'stronger' when I go out. I find it so easy to do and so I just switch up the eyeshadows and color of liner!

Continue below for more photos and products used!
EOTD: Light brown and purple gel liner
EOTD: Light brown and purple gel liner

Quick look: Wet n wild eyeshadows!

This should have been up earlier but it doesn't matter because I'm still in a trance that I've got these in my collection!

As part of a haul I got my brother to help my acquire when he was in the states a few months ago, I got three Wet n Wild palettes!

$3 for an eyeshadow palette?? No local girl here would believe or think it's good quality! We're too used to buying palettes from the drugstore that cost at least $15!

So happy to have these to use! Continue below for more photos!

Spotted @ Watsons: Maybelline Jelly Glow "Bouncy" Blushes! (Rachel K, DHC, ZA)

Just a bunch of photos of things I recently spotted at Watsons in takashimaya including the new 'Jelly Glow' blushes from Maybelline which is what's known as the 'Bouncy' blushes overseas! We have four shades avaliable of which two I'd be interested in if I were to buy any!

They retail at $15.90 SGD each! ($12.50 USD)

Continue below to see photos of Rachel K, DHC and ZA products!

Maybelline Jelly Glow blushes!

Look at how the blush on the left has been squished from testing! Eeks!

Maybelline Jelly Glow blushes!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Food: #1 March 2012 Chicken sandwich & salad and take out bits!

Food, oh food, glorious food! Just stuff that's been consumed at home! Enjoy the photos!

Sweet sauce mee goreng with kai lan, xiao bai cai and eggs!
Radish, carrot, pork rib soup!

Review: Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation in 2 shades! (OC2 & OC3)

Hi all! On a roll here! This is one of my favorite liquid foundation of all time. It's light, blendable and looks and feels like skin! They don't last very long but these two shades match me perfectly. It's just unfortunate that OC3 is the darkest shade available. Unbelievable isn't it?!

I believe this is meant to be the equivalent of their 'Dream liquid foundation'.....except in 5 very similar shades -_-

Hello Maybelline! We do have much darker skinned chinese, Indian and Malay populations in Singapore and south east asia!! Need more shades!

Continue below for the review and swatches!

Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation in OC2 and OC3 in the packaging!

Special: Too Faced Summertime sexy eyeshadow 2012 inspired LOOK!

Hello all beauty junkies and my followers! I've got a week off from school, so be prepared for lots of posts!

I was so impressed, excited and may I say 'seduced' when I saw Karen from Make up and Beauty blog's post on the Too Faced Summertime Sexy eyeshadow collection for this year! I love all the colors in the palette and will definitely buy it when it comes to Sephora in Singapore! $70 or $80 I must have it! I will use all the colors! LOVE!

Well I was inspired and here's a look I threw together on impulse last weekend when I was feeling sick.

Continue below for more photos and the products list!

Too Faced Summertime sexy eyeshadow 2012 inspired LOOK
Too Faced Summertime sexy eyeshadow 2012 inspired LOOK

Review: Covergirl Natureluxe mousse mascara! (before/after photos)

Woo hoo! I don't know why it took me this long to review this! Something I got late last year as part of haul of mostly mascara goodies from the States that aren't found locally in Singapore!

I heard so much about this mascara and loved the brush I saw! I wanted the waterproof formula as I don't trust non-water proof or smudge proof formulas at all! It's the only way to guarantee no smudging and a good curl but unfortunately my brother couldn't find the water resistant but I still had to try it!

Continue below for the review and before/after photos!

Covergirl natureluxe mousse mascara!

Quick look: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 732! (swatches)

Here's one of the few Dior Addict lipglosses I have! I love them all! Marketed to be filled with hyaluronic acid to keep the lips hydrated and filled with reflective particles these are really one of the fancy lipglosses that live up to the hype.

Continue below for a quick review and swatches!

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 732!
Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 732!
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