Sunday, 27 September 2015

Rave Review: Peripera Summer Sunny Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner Kit!

Summer Sunny Pencil Gel Liner! Anyone who has issues with eyeliner lasting even an hour in their waterline will understand my problems with eyeliners! I love eyeliner in the waterline but I rarely wear any as my waterline tends to be super watery and I tear up all the time when on public transport or when I yawn. I'm not crying but my eyes just tear up so regularly...whether I'm wearing contact lenses or not, make up or eyes refuse to keep dry! Therefore I've had quite a tough time buying eyeliners, even Urban Decay's eyeliners don't last more than an hour in my waterline on good days without fading at least a third off!

The best luck I have with eyeliners have been from asian brands and are gel eyeliners, not just simply a regular pencil eyeliner. My holy grail eyeliner that actually lasts or fades off without any smudging is from Clio so I figured I'd give this set from the korean brand Peripera which I found online from my favorite seller Best Price Breezy at!

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Peripera Summer Sunny Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner Kit!
(champagne gold, jade green, glitz blue, night purple, sparkle black)

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Special: Second Beauty Blogger meet up with Pam from Jade in the Palace!

Beauty Blogger meet up! For all you guys who have been with me and my blog for a while you might have seen that a few years back Pam from Jade in the Palace came to visit Singapore and we managed to meet up! From before our first meet up till now, we both frequent each others blogs and I can say are beauty blogger buddies in person! She's a lovely person and actually the only other beauty blogger I've met in person!  (Check out our first meet up here!)

She had a very short trip yet again to Singapore just a few months back and we spent an evening together in town! I accompanied Pam to some shops and we went looking for some products she was keen on finding. Unfortunately we didn't find them all but she had already done most of her shopping earlier. We ended up having breakfast for dinner at Wild Honey restaurant which is a really popular spot in Orchard Road!

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Beauty Blogger meet up in Singapore with Pam from Jade in the Palace!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Summer Skincare 2015: Products I'm using right now!

Summertime skincare! Yes, I know..."summer" technically is way over and many of you may be living in places where you're currently enjoying fall or autumn weather! However over here in sunny little Singapore we experience hot, humid, sunny weather all year round. Currently temperatures are usually 27-36 C and humidity is above 50% so it usually feels warmer than the actual temperature! I will never stop complaining about how hot and humid it gets because that's literally the main reason why many ladies don't wear or don't wear much make up here as we perspire like crazy and tend to have oilier skin in this climate!

Here I have an overview of the skincare/hair care products that I've been using the last few months and am currently using! For the most part my skincare stays pretty much the same all year round. I don't have any major changes due to the climate and my skin needs being the same most of the time.

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Summer Skincare 2015: Products I'm using right now!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Review: Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!

Whip out that Cheek Stick! Today I'm bringing the first of several reviews I have on products from the Japanese brand Addiction by Ayako. It's a much lesser known brand which I have had the privilege of trying and owning thanks to my best friend who's living in Japan currently and she sent  items to me that I asked her to help me get! I'm really not a lipstick lover and neither have I tried more than 2 cream blushes so far however I was totally intrigued by the cheek stick product which is for both the lips and cheeks despite looking soley like a lipstick!

My best friend helped my order this item from a local japanese website, if you are keen on any Addiction products check out as they carry a great range of drugstore to high end products some of which are difficult to find outside of Japan. All prices include world wide shipping!

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Addiction by Ayako Cheek Stick in 07 Amazing!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Mini Haul: Innisfree and Anna Sui!

Mini K-beauty haul with Innisfree! After months of really having my beauty and skincare shopping under tight control the two months have seen some lovely hauls in the beauty/skincare department as there have been great summer time sales and my birthday was in August (and of course I was entitled to some shopping)! In this post I bring a small haul from the very affordable korean brand Innisfree which has multiple free standing stores here in Singapore.

I went into Innisfree with the goal of buying hydrogel masks if they had any and a new milky type of moisturizing lotion to replace the ones I've been using from Hada Labo and Aqua Label for years as I feel ready to try something different! Unfortunately (but actually NOT so unfortunately) I ended up getting a few more extra things, a nice freebie set and later in the day I finally bought something I've been lusting after for years!

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Mini Haul: Innisfree and Anna Sui! (hydro gel masks, mineral shadows, lotion, Anna Sui blush)

Friday, 11 September 2015

Holiday Special: Day 6 The Mulia & Rock Bar in Bali, Indonesia! (April 2015)

Sunday at The Mulia and Rock Bar by Ayana Resort! The next installment of my gorgeous vacation in Bali is here! Today I bring to my blog day 6 of my holiday which I took with my boyfriend at the end of April. Like any smart traveler, I did plenty of research and decided that I wanted us to indulge in a fancy hotel brunch since we had a Sunday on the island. Also after being told that I HAD TO visit the rock bar, I googled it and told my boyfriend it was on our 'must do' list whilst in Bali!

I have absolutely no regrets having to book a driver to bring us more than an hour and a half all the way to The Mulia Resort to have their famous Sunday brunch at the Soleil restaurant. Despite the variety of food being half the size of Sunday brunches at similar hotels in Singapore like the Ritz Carlton, the quality and most important level of service and attentiveness was beyond any experience back in Singapore! The Rock Bar too was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I wish we could be teleported back on days where I want somewhere to chill, think about life and having awesome cocktails and finger food. 

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Day 6 of my holiday in Bali Indonesia! Beautiful brunch at The Mulia Resort and an afternoon at the famous Rock Bar at Ayana Resort!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Rave Review: Catrice Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue!

Sunrose Avenue we go! Those who have read my blush reviews may know that I've reviewed quite a few of the single defining blushes from Catrice. This brand, a european drugstore brand became avalible a few years ago and sells such a wide and amazingly range of products for half of the price of regular drugstore names in Singapore like Maybelline, revlon and so on. I've fallen madly in love with these blushes given their price, colors and quality.

This shade was the last shade I added to my collection of a total of 5 single blushes from Catrice. The moment I swatched this shade I knew it was going to be to love! Those keen on seeing my Catrice blush collection (check out here!)

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Catrice Defining Blush in 080 Sunrose Avenue!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Food Post: Meals eaten for June 2015! (ox tail soup, mee rebus, BBQ)

Grilled prawns, mee rebus and soup buntut! June was not just an amazingly fruitful baking month when I managed to bake a few lovely cakes and cookies with my new stand mixer...I also got plenty of cooking done with my boyfriend! The majority of the meals I share tend to be ones that I've either made for the family or made with le boyfriend! June was a delicious month trying out some new dishes both at home and outside.

June was a month where my appetite for many favorites got satiated! From trying a new burger place, to a yummy fried katsu lunch, a meal at chinatown and some delicious home made meals!

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Meals eaten for June 2015! (ox tail soup, mee rebus, beef wraps, japanese tonkatsu, home BBQ)
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