Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Food: May #4 (Home cooked Japanese Katsu & soba!)

More food pictures for the month of May!   

Pork katsu and soba all home-made! Enjoy the photos!

Home made pork katsu!
Soba with raddish and home made sauce!

Easy vegetable and ham soup to accompany!
Bull dog sauce for katsu, very sharp and tangy
Soba drowning in sauce!
Crumbs for katsu!
Coating those things in crumbs after a good egg yolk bath!
Fry in high heat for the best crispy coating!
Draining on paper towels
The finished product on a lacquer plate with some romaine lettuce!


  1. I think you did an awesome job - looks yum! My husband taiught me to make these cutlet when we were dating haha

    1. Thanks, they were delicious, my mom cooked most of them! That's lovely! I love guys who cook :)


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