Sunday, 18 March 2012

Special: 100th blog post featuring Too Faced Natural Eye Kit!

So happy to say this is my 100th blog post! To celebrate here's photos of something I attained a month ago which I am in love with!

This is just one of the things I got from the States through someone my brother knew.

It's avaliable here at Sephora but is more than double the price, although after seeing photos of the newest Summer 2012 palette I wouldn't mind paying full price!

No swatches sorry, Karla Sugar and many other blogs have excellent swatches of the all the shades and since there isn't much product in each smaller shadows I hope I don't hit pan too soon on any of these because they are amazing!

Continue below for more photos and a quick review!

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow gorgeous!

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Collection...comes in a cardboard packaging with the same design on the actual palette itself.

The smaller eye shadows are 0.9 g each with the larger ones at 2 g each...
The palette out of the box, really pretty and solid cardboard
Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Collection...

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow how the colors are sectioned off into "Day", "Classic" and "Fashion"...
Logo on the side, see the eyeshadow ideas card slid in on the pocket there?
Look at those Push-up and Erotica....

Love Silk Teddy for the lids, Nude Beach is FAB but the fall out is crazy!

Drool, drool, drool! Too Faced eyeshadows, so pigmented and soft!
The eyeshadow ideas cards slide out from the side, there are three in accordance to the three rows of shadows arranged in the palette....
The palette stays shut with a strong magnet and there's a little tab here to help open it up!

Just a quick review really, I love the niffty packaging, I like how it won't break if it's dropped or crack! The cardboard is really sturdy and it's a nice medium size, nothing too bulky.

The shadows are brilliant, I just wished the smaller ones were at least a gram each! The colors are so wearable, so easy to create lovely looks with, it's definitely something that's going to get lots of love. If you've yet to invest into a neutral palette, this is a really nice one to get!

I'll be posting FOTD soon using this but until then I've got lots of other posts lined up! Sorry for the lack of swatches but there are plenty of great swatches online and I can't bare to disturb these even for my blog! They are true to color that you see!

Paid: $36 USD ( $45 SGD) The palettes sell in Sephora in Singapore for $65 or $70 each.

Recommend: Yes, great quality, packaging and just so versatile and usable!

Repurchase: I've already got my eyes on their summer palette which is probably the only other one I MUST have!

Bottom line: All the shadows are pigmented, soft and very wearable. This is great for everyday looks or even special events, totally worth the price if you purchase it locally!

Have you got a neutral palette? Tried any Too Faced products? Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments and thanks!


  1. Ugh, how I wished I lived in the States sometimes :p Too Faced is ridiculously expensive here, one of these palettes is probably $60ish at least. I have swatched them in person at a local department store, they're really gorgeous shades, very nice pigmentation and texture. This palette looks so pretty and wearable. Definitely on my wishlist.

    1. Just for the make up I would too :p Yep, expensive as hell, I squeal when i hear youtubers in the states complaining about the prices! They are amazing! You won't be disappointed when you get it!:)

  2. This palette looks beeauuutiful. I've been feasting on my eyes on the shades...I'm such a sucker for neutrals. =w=

    1. The shadows are a dreeeaamm! I'd totally recommend it! They are a neutral lovers lust item! :p

  3. I love the look of this palette, so pretty xxx

  4. Woow love these colors :)I want it!kisses




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