Monday, 16 June 2014

Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Eyelash Serum!

Eyelash Serum time! In the past I have tried two different eyelash serum and I swore by one until it was no longer sold in Singapore as of 2 years ago. I tried one from L'oreal and one from DHC, both seemed to keep my lashes strong however because the L'oreal (my review) is no longer sold and the DHC irritated my eyes and is now $10 more I thought I'd try another brand!

I was in Sasa some time back when I saw this eyelash serum by Kiss me Heroine make up, the brand which produces my holy grail mascara of all time! I thought I'd give it a shot!

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Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Eyelash Serum!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Eyelash Serum!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Eyelash Serum!
Packaging & Product!

Super princess like with the gold motif and and writing on the navy blue tube! I am a fan of their simple and yet pretty packaging. This serum comes in a small slightly longer than a lipstick tube size tube like a mini mascara!

This eyelash serum is of a liquid texture, it's not a serum with thickness at all, it's like an oil that has no weight on the lashes when you apply this product. The serum coats the lashes a lot and tends to get all over the lid and under eye area but you almost can't feel it because the texture is so light and slightly greasy. The feeling wears off very quickly though and it does not irritate the skin around the eye or the eye at all!

Compared to the other eyelash serums I've tried from L'oreal and DHC this is my second favorite behind L'oreal. I quite like how the formula feels weightless unlike the gel textures of the other two. This one has no scent and does not irritate at all compared to the DHC. I love the brush but I find that although it's a beautiful mascara wand shape it holds more product than needed.

In terms of effects on my lashes, I do see that only one lash or even none comes out after make up removal which is good as in the past I had several lashes being loss in the process. I've had this for 3 months now but I can't tell that any length or thickness has improved, I will continue to use this to see how things go.

The brush is a lovely super dense clear bristle that soaks up a lot of the liquid serum!
My natural bare lashes! I'm lucky enough to have curled lashes without extra curling, they are very thin and basically invisible without any mascara! No visible improvements though!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Eyelash Serum!
Paid: $19.90 SGD or about $16 USD

Recommend: Yes, for those interested in an eyelash serum this is something worth check out and trying out but I think any long term results will need regular and long term use at night!

Repurchase: No, I really want to repurchase the L'oreal eyelash serum but it's no longer sold here! This has been fine but I wish there was more of a result.

Bottom line: Another eyelash serum worth a try if you're interested in one, this is by a make up brand though so in terms of how effective or reputable this would be I'm not as sure. I would much rather trust a brand like L'oreal that has skin care to make a more effective product!

Have you used any eyelash serums before?
Would you like to try one?
Let me know!

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  1. I've heard about these eyelash serum that promise you
    thick and luscious lashes, but I somewhere find it abit
    unnatural? I don't know :P but thanks for the review,
    it's a bummer that the L'Oreal is no longer for sale :c

  2. Interesting to read your experience. I really want to try some sort of eyelash serum but haven't gotten around to it. This one seems decent, though I think I would want something more for length. It's better than using nothing though!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. Sounds nice. I will probably inves in Latisse but it is quite expensive and needs prescriptions, so I'd try the over the counter options first. Thanks for sharing! :)




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